How to set up a Domain name using Bigrock full tutorial

Update: Google has make some recent changes in setting a domain with Blogger platform.Now,we have to add  two extra Cname records in order to use Google’s Blogger platform and to verify the ownership of the domain/blog.Otherwise you get an error saying something like – We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain.Error 12.Please follow the setting instructions.

I have written a full detailed post explaining Google’s recent changes in setting a domain with blogger blog and How to setup a domain with blogger blog now.You can read it for more information on creating two extra cname records and setting your domain with blogger.

Hey Guyss !! As you are seeing . . last day i purchased .com domain for ma Blog from Bigrock,I have faced many problems in setting up the Domain and the with the help of Bigrock customer care service and Live chat with them, i setup that then i thought this to be shared among blogger friends and among dearest readers.As i wanna   share the knowlege that i have  with ma blog.So,following are the steps to setup the domain for your Blogspot/Blogger Blog.Steps to Follow:

  • Firstly you have to purchase your domain in keeping in mind the availabilty of it ,If its available you can go further otherwise you have to choose another.For example: if you search latestonnet with .com extension on any domain providers,you never gonna get that because its already taken ,then you have to go other extension such as .info,.in,.org,.net etc.To purchase you have to first Sign Up for it and then login with your info to purchase.Almost all domain providers prefer credit card for payment of Domain but Bigrock is the only for Indian which supports online bank account,and ATM card(Debit Card) also.
  •  After purchase it just Login to your Account.
  • Now click on “Domains”(from Navigation Menu) and then click on “List All Orders”.
    A list showing all your domains will be displayed (That are purchased).

  • Now click on the domain which you wanna setup.
  • Click on “DNS”(from Navigation Menu),after it just click on “Manage DNS”
  • A new window opened,click on CNAME Records and then Add CNAME Record.Now the main thing comes,we have to just add two CNAME Records,one with Host Namewww” and one without “www”.Adding two CNAME Records would allow us to point both and to your blogspot blog. Thus even if someone does not type in the www prefix, he would be able to access your blog.
  • Now add CNAME Records firstly with “www” as the Host Name and in the Value type “”(In second field typing in a fully qualified domain name) and hit on Save button ,you don’t need to change the TTL.
  •  Now you have to add one more CNAME Record to add just click on Add CNAME Record and leave blank the Host Name and in Value type the same “” and hit the save button.
  • Now the final step comes to link the domain to your custom domain.T do the same just click on Blogspot dashboard and click on settings tab and then click onPublishingNext Click on “switch to custom domain” and then on “advanced settings” Here enter your domain with www prefix as and hit the save button. Click on the Publishing tab again and select Redirect to

 You are done !!
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  1. says

    @Shiva Just follow my Above Steps you can easily setup Your Domain…Although Bigrock has changed its interface but you can setup domain just search the Names and add Records…And No need to add AAA Records just Add CName Records in that.That's it :)

  2. Arvind says

    Nice your this post helped me a lot… bro can u tell me how much do these ads help you earn a month. you r indian right?

    • Govind Choudhary says

      Am happy it helped you.Secondly am not running any ads currently on this blog and you can earn lot by advertising programs,it depends on many factors.Will try advertising programs after ma exams.

  3. says

    I have bought a domain,then i followed the following steps.Can you say me whether these steps are correct?

    1. I have added the CNAME Records with my site name.
    2.Then in the Domain Forwarding i forwarded it to my blogspot address and saved.
    3.In my blogspot settings,i have redirected my current address to the new one which i made with bigrock and saved it.

    Then i wanna know one more thing,How long does it take for these actions to get activate?Plz kindly reply…

    • Govind Choudhary says

      Hey Buddy,
      These all the above steps are correct.Don’t worry it will take 24 hrs to change the effect and fully activate your domain.Enjoy Blogging :)

  4. jahul says

    look mr admin i i have some issue with the steps i followed the steps i added a cname record with www and same as and then for second record i added it without www and same but i got an error and second record is not adding it show the error “the same cname record is already there check for record conflicts” error tell me how can i add second record without www prefix

    • Govind Choudhary says

      Hey buddy,The Cname Record without WWW mean,that your blog should open when user doesn’t enter www before the domain.You can forward your domain to non www version in domain forwarding option.That also will work here.After the changes made wait for 24 hours to activate it.

  5. says

    i face some problem with when i put my domain in blogger error
    We have not been able to verify your authority to this domain. Error 12. Please follow the settings instructions

    plzz help me

  6. says

    my site is not opening without www and when i try to add this cname record in first field = www and in 2nd = it show me this message “Error Message: A,NS,MX,AAAA record Exists having same name. Please Check For Record Conflicts.” help me bro ?


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