How to Lock And Unlock Widgets on Blogger

Some Default Widget on Blogger we don’t want to show on blog due to one or any reason such as it taking more time to load,not giving a professional  look to blog or the main reason decreasing the traffic on Blog,then we think of remove it from the blog but we can’t there is no Remove option is there when edit.Yeah,you are  right because the widget you want to deleting is locked and can’t be Remove from the blog.For example the header widget,this is by default Locked.So,today we will learn how to lock a widget as we want to think that this particular widget should be locked so that by mistake it can’t be removed and how to unlock a Locked widget.So,lets start.

How to Lock A Widget:
Login to Blogger Dashboard and go to Settings then Design.You can see there are all widget of your blog,just see the title of the widget you want to Lock..See below screenshot..
FireShot capture #050 - 'Blogger __ LatestOnNet __ Configure HTML_JavaScript' - draft_blogger_com_rearrange_blogID=9009517392689333198&action=editWidget&sectionId=col3&widgetType=null&widgetId=HTML5
In the Above screenshot you can see widget title ‘Add me on Google+’ is not locked that’s why we can see the Remove Button.Now how to lock this Widget so that it can’t be Removed directly follow the Steps Below:

  • Click on Edit HTML and select the check box named Expand Widget Templates.
  • Now Search for your title of widget.You can use Browser Search feature to use Just press ctrl+f and type title of widget.For example;I search for “Add me on Google Plus” and got like this .

FireShot capture #066 - 'Blogger __ Edit Template HTML' - draft_blogger_com_html_blogID=9009517392689333198&tpl=true
Just change locked=’true’ from false.Now your widget is Locked,You can’t remove it from your template directly.Now see the widget the Remove Button Will disappear from widget.As in the below screenshot.
FireShot capture #068 - 'Blogger __ LatestOnNet __ Configure HTML_JavaScript' - draft_blogger_com_rearrange_blogID=9009517392689333198&action=editWidget&sectionId=col3&widgetType=null&widgetId=HTML5
How to Unlock a Widget:
For unlock a widget Just Search for title of widget in Blog template as we done during lock a widget make ‘locked=false’ only.
Now,you can Remove any Widget from your Blog template and can lock any widget for prevent from unnecessary delete.
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  1. i have deleted widget on blog by edit html and by widget but you can visit my website and see reward button which i deleted by edit html but i still getting that button .please help .
    arun recently posted..How to hide your files and folder using WinMend Folder Hidden.

    • Govind Choudhary says:

      Buddy check code for it..It is still in your blog template..that’s y it’s showing.Check in your template by checking Expand Template check box there and search for the code and simply delete it..That’s it only :)

  2. Thank you very much man :)

  3. Thanks so much! Those annoying “tag” and “blog archive” widgets were really bugging me. I removed them now thanks to you!

  4. thanks mate, ive already hide one of my widget on my homepage.

  5. Hi, I have some widgets (Adsense and Feed) that are locked=’false’ and yet I can not remove them. The template I use is the “Maralesco Magazine” and even though I like it, it is very problematic. Could you help me with this particular problem? Thank you.

  6. Hello Joe,
    Just replied to your mail.Hope your query is solved now! :)

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