Send Free Unlimited fake sms with any Sender Id

Hey Guyss !! Today am going to  tell you about an interesting site which enables to send free unlimited fake sms with any sender id mean From Any Mobile Number.You just have to register to the site and you will get 25 free sms.Now you get an idea that after completion of 25 sms you can sign up with new E-mail ID and get 25 more 😀 Yeah,you are right you can do that.Its a great site with many features other than sending free sms to any number with fake  any id(Number) .And one of its important feature is that it sends messages/sms without any Advertisement in the message.As most of the sites do like ways2sms,160by2 etc.So,the receiver will get the sms as it sent from the mobile.Check the last image in this post to know how receiver will get your message.

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  • Enable sending of  free sms from Web to Mobile  and that’s easy in comparison of sending sms from mobile.
  • Enable use of any sender id instead of your’s  mobile number.[love this feature 🙂 Check below How to Send a sms from smsglobal.
  • Enable sending schedule sms .(now you will never forget to send messages to your loved ones).
  • It reports whether your message deliverd successfully or not.Its vey important for online services.
  • Enable sending of sms  with Email.Sms Global will forward it as message to your contact.
  • It have phonebook feature(can save contacts) and Group in which a user can make a group and send message with a click.
  • According a Sms Global FAQ page message normally delivered under  30 seconds.I tested it by sending few message ,they normally got sent within 10 seconds.
  • It also have a great feature of two way sms (You can also receive sms at this portal).
  • Keyword routing functionality, allowing you to configure specific email addresses and auto-reply SMS depending on the text of the sms.
  • Reporting capability of sent message, allowing you to export a list of all SMS sent to your number.

When the message received in mobile it will from the fake id(number)  and without any Advertisement as most sites do.Check this screenshot below-

Note:Don’t misuse this site in another ways Guysss…i think you got what i wanna say 😛
Link of site- Sms Global So,start fooling your friends by sending messages to others with their numbers.And don’t forget to share this trick with them..Enjoy 🙂 You also can Subscribe to us  by Email to get daily updates directly in your Inbox.
Update : According to our many readers SMSGlobal has stopped giving free credit,you have to purchase their credit to send free fake sms.We will update,if any similiar services found.Stay subscribed till 🙂

Turn off Facebook Group Chat Notifications

In my previous post How to remove and ban a member from Facebook Group i have written on how to remove and ban a member from Facebook Group permanent.Few dayss back one of ma friend asking how to Turn off the Facebook Group Chat Notifications as when a group member chat, a notificationscomes to all group members and this disturbs a lot in between doing the work.To Turn off the facebook group chat just follow the following steps.

  • Just go to the Group in which you wanna Turn off the Group Chat.
  • There click on the EDIT SETTINGS button.
  • A dialogue box appears(as shown in the image below).

  •  Now deselect the checkbox named Send me group chat messages.

Done !!
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How to remove and ban a member from Facebook Group

As we all know Facebook is the largest Social Networking site in the World.It holds more than  more than 500 million active users and people spends 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook.Recently, Facebook launches Groups  with great features such as sharing your ideas among all the members,Admin can create a doc and can be viewed or edited by members,share videos,links,can ask questions and great feature is Group chatting with all the members who online without being a friend(love this feature).Today,i am gonna tell how to remove and permanently ban a member from your group If you are a Admin of that group.As it is the prime responsibility of the Admin to keep the group clean.

Ban a Member Permanent 

Banning a member of the group is quite easy just follow the following steps.
Go to your Facebook Group and click on the SEE ALL  to see all members,find the member you wanna ban permanently and click at ‘x’ next to the member’s name and select ‘Ban Permanently’. checkbox.(As shown in  the below screenshot). 

Remove a Member 

Wanna remove but not banned permanent just deselect the box (BAN PERMANENT) and click on the Remove Button.

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How to recover deleted files

Have you accidently deleted important files  or you can’t acess the data due to  to the format or corruption of a hard drive, virus or Trojan infection, unexpected system shutdown or software failure,then you are at the right place.There are many softwares on the internet to recover data but these are not free of cost and you have to pay for this.I am gonna tell you about Recuva a free tool to do the same with lots of advance features.
It can recover deleted data from from emptied Recycle Bin, hard drive, camera card,i Pod, USB, Zip, floppy disk or other media.Features:

  • Undelete files from your Computer:Deleted all files by mistake or without realizing the necessity in future.Photographs, documents, music files,videos, even emails  you can get back by Recuva.How to recover deleted files from your PC
  • Recover from formatted or damaged  disks: Even after formatted the disk so that it looks blank,it can still find your files on it.
  • Restore Word documents:Did Microsoft Word crash or did you forget to save that important Word document. No problem with Recuva! As it can intelligently rebuild Word documents from their temporary files.
  • Recover deleted iPod music:Deleted music from your iPod or MP3 player? No problem, Recuva will get this back for you along with any additional track data.
  • Deep scan: Recuva can find most files within a minute. Or, set the Deep Scan to look for more deeply-buried results.
  • Securely delete files you want to erase forever:Want to protect your deleted files? Recuva also allows you to permanently erase any traces of deleted files. As  Anyone with access to your drives can run Recuva or a similar program to retrieve old files that may contain financial records, passwords, confidential documents, or other information you simply want to keep private.
  •  Full Windows OS support and many languages:Recuva has support for every modern version of Windows and 37+ languages.Its Platform Independent.
  • Easy to use:Just select  the drive and get started to recover your deleted files.

How to Use: 

  • Select the drive you from you want to recover data.
  • Selecting files to recover in tree view. A hierarchical approach to recovery.
  •  Thumbnail view allows you to visually browse deleted images for the specific file you need.
  •  Scanning drive for deleted files – showing the numbered of files found and the percentage completed.
  •  Results of a scan in a list view – sortable by column and searchable through a custom filter. There is also a preview of any images in the right panel.

You can download latest version of Recuva FREE (Version 1.40.525  (2,394 kb)) from HERE.

 Enjoy with me hv fun 🙂

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