10 WordPress Plug-ins for Every Business

WordPress is today one of the best tools that help you create websites for your business. WordPress is also one of the easiest and fastest content management systems available in the market today. With every business turning online, WordPress has turned into the most essential tool for everyone, along with reliable business management software (learn more about Advance Systems). Not only that, but WordPress gets its praise also due to a wide variety of plug-ins. Plug-ins enhance the performance and abilities of the tool, but with over 30,000 plug-ins listed on the site choosing the right and the best one can be a very difficult task.


Hence, to ease of the pressure, here is a list of best WordPress plug-ins that will work well for any business or personal use.

· WordPress SEO

Wordpress-SEO-pluginWordPress SEO by Yoast is a great search engine optimization tool that helps you in optimizing the website without any required technical knowledge. The plug-in offers options and tools to optimize the website. The tool provides up to eleven options for easy optimization; options cover sections like Dashboard, Internal links, RSS, Import & Export, Tiles & Metas, Social, bulk editor, Permalinks, Xml Sitemaps and many more.

· Better WP Security

better-wp-security-pluginWordPress has always been subject to hacking and illegal practices. Hackers can use your data on WordPress to bring you down. Better WP Security is the best tool to have to protect your WordPress from being misused. It protects you from a built in blacklist and also provides options for instances when the site is very vulnerable; other great options are, block IP addresses, regulate allowed login attempts, lock out logins during sleep hours and a necessary back-up system.

· Akismet


Akismet is a very essential tool due to its ability to work without human interference. The software tracks comments and removes inappropriate comments from your website. It also tracks spammers, comment factories and engineering tricks, for safe and good performance of the website. The plug-in creates a catalog of its work for you to observe and make changes if any necessary.

· Digg Digg


Displaying the Social Media buttons is very important in today’s business, due to the rising importance of social media websites in personal lives. Digg Digg offers an easy way of displaying the social media buttons on the website. Social Media buttons can be set for likes or easy login.

· BackWPup


BackWPup is a free tool for creating back up of your files on the website. It creates a back-up for your files and pushes them to external cloud storages such as Amazon S3, FTP, Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, etc. Automatic back-up options are also available to carry out timely back-ups.

· OptinMonster


Opt-in forms are very important for conversions on online business. Creating a correct and easy opt-in form can be a very difficult task if you don’t have enough technical knowledge. OptinMonster easily tackles with the technical aspects for you and creating a good opt-in form is made one of the easiest tasks on your website.

· Contact Form 7


Contact Form 7 is one of the easiest contact management tools available in the market today. The tool comes in with plenty of additional features like Captcha and Akismet spam filtering. Managing contact forms can never be easier than this.

· Image Widget


The Image Widget is a tool that helps you to easily upload images from your library. Instead of uploading by adding text link for the location of the image, you can now upload images like you do on social websites. The tool is easy and fast when it comes to Image management.

· HubSpot


HubSpot plug-in allows you to do the analytics right from your WordPress dashboard. Primarily targeting on content management, the plug-in adds an option of analysis in your dashboard to carry out blog post analytics. The HubSpot dashboard can also be accessed from your WordPress dashboard.

· NRelate Related Posts


nRelate is a third party plug-in that also supports thumbnail and textual posts. The tool is hosted to its own server and doesn’t use any of the user website resources. This has been one of the best features of the tool as most users love the function.

These are the ten most useful, cheap and essential plug-ins that everyone must attach to their WordPress for enhanced performance and attraction of your website. You can improve the work output and your personal performance and effectively decrease the man force as these tools fit perfectly and save a lot of time and effort which would otherwise be required along with some good technical knowledge to get the job done. With these tools of WordPress, creating a website will be easier than installing a video game.


Migrating Blog from Blogger to WordPress

The Blogger would have been the first platforms for the majority of new bloggers, but sometimes one might want an upgrade or a new environment to host the webpage.  It would be a Himalayan task to change archives of web pages from one platform to another if the platforms are not flexible and user friendly. Things are easier between the WordPress and several other platforms. WordPress allows importing of contents from other platforms like blogger etc.


Why switch from blogger to WordPress

  • Better design: WordPress provides with more number of designing options. This is because most of the designers prefer WordPress to Blogger, as WordPress is more famous when compared to Blogger. In WordPress we can design our site into any desired one, without worrying about anything.
  • Better SEO: No doubts that WordPress is best for SEO, as Blogger uses long pages which are filled with HTML (for doing things), making it less SEO friendly. WordPress is the better option to attract traffic and rank high on search engines.
  • Easy to manage: Compared to Blogger, WordPress is easier to handle. We can experience any change within seconds with a single click. One can also handle multiple sites from one dashboard in WordPress, which is really advantageous when compared to Blogger.
  • Full control: WordPress provides you with complete flexibility with no restrictions on the type of content and promotion strategies we use. Our blog won’t get deleted until we violate the rules (which are really flexible) of the hosting company.
  • Easy to sell: People prefer to buy WordPress blogs to blogs hosted at Blogger. This due to many reasons which prove that WordPress is better.
  • Faster loading: WordPress blogs load faster by default when compared to Blogger blogs. This is because Blogger uses one page of HTML. We can use different plugins provided by WordPress, if the blog’s loading time is more than the default time.
  •  Plugins: In WordPress we are provided with many plugins through which we can do everything and anything.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress has been made very simple. Once the WordPress domain name and hosting space ready all you need is a Blogger importer plug-in, which is a free tool developed by the open source community of the WordPress. This importer plug-in ensures that one keeps their subscribers, ranking and traffic intact after migrating to the new platform.

  • On the administration page of the personal WordPress site, select the import option from the Tools.
  • Select the “Blogger” option among the other platforms and click install on the new window. Activate the plug-in and run the importer.
  • The next step one has to access your blogger account from the new WordPress account. Once WordPress is authorized to access the blogger account, the link directly takes you to Google account.
  • After allowing access to WordPress, the next page will provide the details of the contents of the blogger web space. One can find import buttons for the posts, images, links separately and a status bar to indicate the progress.
  • After the completion of the import, the next level is author mapping. This enables the user to connect the contents to a particular author from the WordPress, which is your new username in the WordPress blog.
  • Once the author has been mapped and the changes are saved, the contents would have been migrated.

Managing the redirection

  • In order to retain the subscribers & rankings, one has to redirect the traffic to the new WordPress site. To achieve that,  use the “Blogger to WordPress” plugin in the admin page.
  • After the activating the plug-in go to blogger to WordPress redirection in Tools and start the configuration.
  • The imported Blogger page will be displayed here. On clicking the Get Code button, a code will be generated. Copy the code and login to your blogger.
  • Click Edit HTML, in the template menu on the theme which is currently being used.
  • After taking a backup of the present code, paste the generated code from the WordPress and save the template. The redirection should work fine after this step.
  • To redirect the RSS feed and subscribers a few changes have to be made in blogger settings. In the Other settings, in post feed redirect URL Link, add the current WordPress feed URL and save the changes.

Switch to WordPress without losing rankings

The very first thing that we need to do is to import our Blogger blog into WordPress. For this we can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on ‘Tools’ option provided on the left panel of WordPress, followed by choosing the ‘Import’ option.


  • By doing this a popup displaying a message to install blogger importer will appear.
  • Install this plugin and then click on ‘Activate Plugin and Run Impoter’ to continue.
  • Now another screen asking for our permission to authorize WordPress will appear. Click on ‘Authorize’ option. After this it will direct to Google Accounts page, click on ‘Allow Access’ option.
  • Now, we will be redirected to the WordPress page where we will find our blog name with ‘Import’ option next to it.
  • By clicking on this option, every post will be imported from Blogger to WordPress, asking us to assign an author for those posts. We can assign them to any one of the existing author.

The second thing that we need to do is to setup permalinks. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Select ‘Settings’ option followed by ‘Permalinks’ option.
  • Then choose ‘Month and Name’ option. By doing this we can set our permalink structure.

Now we need to redirect the feeds. This can be done by:

  • Going to settings in our Blogger account, followed by ‘Other’ option.
  •  Under the site feed, we need to click the add option beside ‘Post Feed Redirect URL’ and enter our  WordPress site’s feed address.

Following these steps ensure the contents are migrated and the traffic, rankings & subscribers are kept intact. If you have any queries or problems while migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress platform, then let us know below through comments. We will try our best to clarify your queries.

Top 10 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros

In today’s world where the communication is vastly virtual, social media plays an important role in our everyday life. But it’s very tricky to keep track of all the social networks at once since they are a handful. The attempt to balance your attention at all the networking site is not only scrumptious but also time consuming and at times scary. To save time and pay attention to all these sites, thankfully, there are a lot of software or social media tools which may be aid to you.


  1. Crowdbooster: Unlike the general social media tools this one doesn’t segregate all the social networks at one place. Crowdbooster rather is an analytical tool that helps you to determine social networking strategy so that you can achieve maximum number of views for a particular post. It provides you with recommendations to increase engagement and total reach and will analyze your impression too.
  2. Buffer: One of the most handy social media tool available which helps in scheduling your posts. Buffer helps you to maintain day long posting in a number of social media sites at just one click. It also helps in analyzing the engagement and reach of your posts. It acts like a queue which staggers the posts across the day according to the time you set and the sites that have been saved. It also allows you to keep two members in one account.
  3. HootSuite: HootSuit is like the king of all social media tools. This tool gains its popularity from the fact that it is an all in one package. Not only it allows you to maintain all your social networks but also helps in tracking chat, analyzing the campaign strength and scheduling the posts according to convenience which will guarantee maximum view of your post.
  4. Bitly: This social media tools can come handy in cases where you have to limit your posts to a certain number of characters. Bitly helps in shortening links that are to be shared on the sites. However apart from acting as a link shortening tool, it also helps in tracking and analyzing posts and clicks and helps in bookmarking the favorite posts.
  5. Spreadfast: If you are looking for something that will gather all the data you need from various social sites, Spreadfast is social media tool for you. Apart from that it also helps in detecting your target audience and helps you reach them. Spreadfast also helps you to maintain calendar which will optimize posting times so that it gains maximum popularity.
  6. Tweepi: Tweepi is the social media tool which aids in tidying up Twitter account. It helps in bulk following and unfollowing, filtering the inactive lot and also helps in following the interesting tweets. Another feature of this app is supercharging your followers.
  7. SocilaOomph: SocialOomph is the app which allows users to clump all the social networking site together for easy maintenance. It allows scheduling tweets for a whole day and also helps in auto-following of your follower to increase audience base and popularize.
  8. Sprout Social: Another handy social media tool which eases management of various social sites, Social Sprout allows you to post, monitor and manage several accounts through a single page. It also helps in monitoring messages through the inbox features. Critical analysis of posts is another feature which this app offers.
  9. Everypost: When it comes to posting at all the various sites at once, Everypost is the app to go to. It allows the users to just type the post, add pictures, videos and hash tags publish it on all the social sites at once. It is also helpful in shortening the posts in case of sites which are character number specific.
  10. IFTTT: IFTTT is not only a managing app; it also allows linking various social networks together. It gives you an update of your favorite magazines and sites. It also helps in posting updates automatically when you publish a blog. It connects about 90 channels together and the best part is it works well with other social media tools like Buffer and HootSuite.

These are the top Social Media tools (according to Caseo, a social media marketing agency) that you can use and also don’t forget to share the Social Media tools that you use.

How to download torrent file in IDM

Downloading a file could probably be one of the most annoying tasks over the internet. Even a rocket science can be mugged up easily, but since there is no “formulae” or fixed way to do it, even the “techies” find it annoying when they click on a “download” button and get hundreds of downloaded applications and plugins to be installed. The problem goes all easier when it comes to download over the torrent, never less than an ocean of stuffs. You wish to download any software, video, movie or any media file and you are just short of downloading the torrent file of your desired file to have the same in your download folder.


To download a file in the torrent you need to follow the below steps:

Following features of IDM makes it preferable:

  • Low system memory occupancy.
  • High speed (5 times of torrent)
  • Anonymous downloading
  • Ability to download torrents faster with low number of seeds.

Since the availability of any file in the torrent is better than any other option, the best way to download a file could be downloading a torrent file using IDM. Follow up the below steps and you can download a torrent with IDM.


  1. You should have Internet Download Manager application to be installed in your system.
  2. You should have the torrent file downloaded in your system.

Process to Download Torrent File in IDM

Using file stream:  You can download a torrent file with IDM with file stream. Here are the few simple steps to get it.

  1. Open your browser and go to file stream site by typing bit.ly/tor2idm to the URL bar. You will get a registration page. Fill up the sign up form with a valid email ID. Once you are done with the sign up process, you will receive a confirmation mail to your registered email ID. Finish the confirmation and log in to file stream.
  2. If you are already registered, directly go to log in page at https://filestream.me/ and sign in with proper credentials.Filestream.me
  3. Search for your desired file in the search bar. You will get a list of links to the file of your interest. Whichever file you want to download, look through the right panel of the same link. You will get an icon on magnet bar. Right click on the magnet bar icon and copy the link address.
  4. Come back to the file stream page and come to the text box and paste (press Ctrl+V). Once the magnet link is pasted, click on the download button to download the torrent file. This will take a few minutes.
  5. Once the downloading is finished, the status will be “queued” to “complete” you can see little icons under the “Move” tab at the right side top of the screen. Click on the first icon to download the file as a zip.
  6. You will get a pop up now. Click on “Copy to clipboard” and your IDM will automatically start. Click on “start download” and IDM will start downloading the file.

NOTE:  Files which are of below 1 GB in size can only be downloaded.

Let us know below in comments, if you face any kind of problem while downloading torrent files with IDM. We will try our best to help you out.


How to Hide Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends

Being a regular user of Twitter, you might have observed that there is one line mentioning ‘promoted by X’ (X is the name of the company or person who have promoted it) below few tweets, accounts and trends. These promoted accounts, tweets and trends are to promote their content or accounts.

Promoted Accounts

Accounts are promoted with the intention that they may get more number of followers. Interaction with people using the account is another intention behind the promotion of accounts. You can observe these promoted accounts in various places across the Twitter platform like home timelines, search results and who to follow.

Promoted Tweets

Tweets that are purchased by the advertisers to promote their upcoming product or something else, are called as promoted tweets. These promoted tweets are used to increase the awareness or to promote the product among the people. You can observe these promoted tweets in the search results, enhanced profile pages, home timelines, official twitter clients and third-party Twitter clients.

These promoted tweets are same as the regular ones; you can comment, retweet, favourite etc. to these promoted tweets.

Promoted Trends

Extension of promoting tweets is promoted trends. Users can see context, time and event-sensitive trends promoted by the advertisers with these promoted trends. These trends are exactly same as the trending topics. The only difference between them is that the promoted trends are purchased ones by the advertisers.


Hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends

These promoted tweets, accounts and trends are highlighted on Twitter to separate them with the regular content. Promoted things are not that disturbing unless you decide that the space in which these promoted tweets, accounts and trends are occurring can be used for better work.

There is no direct way or option to get rid of these promoted tweets, accounts and trends. So, in order to hide them, you need to install and use few extensions.Yes! Using extensions to hide promoted content from Twitter is the simplest and the best way.

For Google Chrome users ‘Remove Promotions for Twitter’ is the best and widely used extension.

For Firefox users ‘Bad Bird Blocker’ is one of the extensions that can be used to hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends on Twitter.

These add-ons do not offer any options, and work with ease without the interaction of users. Another point to be noted is that, these extensions are not only for the Chrome or Firefox users, but also the for the ones who are using other browsers that support these extensions.


These were the simple ways through which you can hide or remove promoted tweets, accounts and trends. So, hiding promoted things on Twitter will not be a tough task anymore. Share these tips to hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends with your friends and help them out. Even don’t forget to share your tricks, which you use to hide promoted things on Twitter.