How to Access iTunes Links in Chrome for iOS

The default web browser for iOS that is Safari, has got an extremely good alternative web browser for competition. This competitive browser is none other than the Google Chrome. And many of us don’t like Safari much due to less extensions & features and we use Google Chrome as the Primary browser.

Yes! Google Chrome proves to be a good option for iOS. But there is one minute problem related to Google Chrome, keeping all the other features aside. This problem of Chrome is that it cannot handle the iTunes URLs properly when you open them in  iPhone or iPad.

For example, if we try to open a link that leads to an iPhone app using the Chrome browser then? The expected result is to be the iTunes Apps Store, but for our surprise the link will open up showing the HTML source page.


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How to solve this problem?

Here we have mentioned two simple tricks to overcome this problem of opening of the iTunes links in Chrome.

Trick 1

In this trick, you just need to copy the link (Eg.….) that appears in the Chrome browser and paste it in the Safari browser. The link will automatically open without causing any trouble. This seems to be silly trick, but is really useful and easy to perform.

Trick 2

This trick does not involve switching of browsers, like in the previous trick.

  • Here you need to click on the Hamburger menu button, which is provided on the top right corner.
  • Now, you have to choose the option mentioning ‘Request Desktop Site’.
  • The normal or regular iTunes page will now open. At last, select the ‘View in iTunes’ option to view that app in the iTunes App Store.


Being an iOS user, use these tricks to open iTunes links in Google Chrome. Now you can easily open any App, music and movies listed in the App Store on iTunes using the Google Chrome browser. Hope that you are able to solve your problem using the above mentioned tricks. Share your experience in using these tricks to solve Chrome related problems in opening the iTunes links, below in comments.

Top 10 Hollywood Hacking Movies – Updated 2015

When it comes to movies on hacking, Hollywood gives a huge library to pick and choose from and picking out the top 10 Hollywood movies on hacking from that is a tough job. Most of the movies have given us a cutting edge insight on hacking, though some are far from realistic. Let’s take a look at the top 10 Hollywood movies on hacking of all times.


1. Hackers (1995) : Imdb

When it comes to hacking movies, Hackers is one of the best among the hacking movie list. Made in the ‘90s, this movie considered as a cult classic has ventured into a world which was not very known at that moment. Starring Johnny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie among others, the movie deals with a group of talented high school hackers and their mission to extort corporate money.

2. Live Free or Die Hard (2007): Imdb

The fourth film of the series Die Hard, Live Free or Die Hard is based on the article “A Farewell to Arms” published in Wired in 1997. This Bruce Wills starrer revolves around the efforts of FBI to prevent a group of cyber criminals who are trying to cause an outrage by initiating a “fire sale” of assets.

3. WarGames (1983) : Imdb

Said to be one of the best hacking movies, WarGames is made on the backdrop of World War 2 where a young hacker, David Lightman, played by Matthew Broderick accidentally hacks into the WORP which is used by the US military to detect possible nuclear warfare. This sci-fi shows how Lightman uses the WORP to play a nuclear simulation game which nearly commences the 3rd World War.

4. Track Down (2000) : Imdb

Skeet Ulrich & Russell Wong starrer Track Down deals with two super geniuses operating from two sides of the law. Kevin Mitnick (Skeet Ulrich) is a hacker who uses the latest technologies to hack the super computers to exhort important information. But when he hacks into the computer of Shimomura, a cyber chase begins.

5. Swordfish (2001) : Imdb

American crime thriller Swordfish, brings together Halle Berry, John Travolta & Hugh Jackman to depict a plot circling around how an ex-con and indomitable hacker is seduced into a case of bank robbery for his incomparable skills with the computer.

6. Sneakers (1992) : Imdb

As the name suggests, Sneakers deals with two friends who sneaks into computers to play virtual Robin Hood. However one of them is arrested and the other becomes a fugitive. In present days the fugitive is asked to assist the CIA to recover a certain “black box” developed for the Russian government and capable of breaking into any computer of the world. However the plot thickens when the fugitive gets kidnapped for the same.

7. Blackhat (2015): Imdb

When it comes to the best hacking movies of 2015 till date, Blackhat definitely tops the list. It deals with how Hathaway and Lien played by Chris Hemsworth & Tang Wei respectively, tracks down a hacker and his gang, plans to blow up the tin mines of Malaysia to get on top of the share market.

8. Hackers Are People Too (2008) : Imdb

This documentary brings to the front how hackers are normal people. It questions normal view towards a hacker and shows us how they are just like us, how they are fond of thing liked by normal people and could be anyone surrounding us. It tries to break our idea that hackers are a taboo.

9. The Secret History of Hacking (2001) : Imdb

Yet another documentary, the film deals with the history phreaking from 1970 to the 1990. One of the best hacking and computer geeks movies, it includes footages from archive with an audio commentary.

10. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011) : Imdb

Dealing with how a journalist played by Daniel Craig appoints a super hacker Lisbeth Salander played by Rooney Mara to investigate the sudden disappearance of a wealthy socialite 40 years ago.

Which is your favorite among these top 10 Hollywood movies on computer hacking? Share with us in the comments. We didn’t mention some of the evergreen Hacking movies on this list like The Matrix, The Social Network, Pirates of Silicon Valley, The Net etc. These all are worth watching movies on Hacking and computers. Let us know if we have missed any movie on hacking except these, which are worth watching.

How To Undo Sent Email In Gmail?

Surprisingly, Gmail provides its users with an undo option through which they can recall the sent email if acted quickly. This feature is really useful, when you realize that the email sent contains few errors like wrong content, a typo or wrong attachment or wrong recipient. So, instead of feeling tensed for these wrong sent mails you can solve this problem by activating the ‘Undo Send’ option (Also known as Recall Email Feature in Gmail) which will allow you to undo (recall) the sent mail. It is very simple to activate this feature, you can follow the below mentioned steps in order to activate it.


Undo Sent Mail In Gmail

Step 1: Login to your Gmail account as usual.

Step 2: Now you will find a gear symbol  mail-gear-iconon the right top corner of the screen. This button is provided below the notification, Google+ Share and account options. Click on this gear like button.

Step 3: You will come across many options after clicking on the gear button. Select ‘Settings’ option among them.

Step 4: Among these options you will find an option named ‘Labs’. Click on this link to proceed further.


Step 5: Now, find ‘Undo Send’ in the page or just search ‘Undo Send’ you’ll get it at the top automatically. Enable this option.

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Step 6: Now scroll down and click the ‘Save Changes’ option to activate this smart feature provided by Google.

Gmail ‘Undo Feature’ or ‘recalling sent email’ is activated in your Gmail account. To try this feature you can send any email to anyone, after mail is sent, you will find  ‘Undo’ option there just after ‘Your Message has been Sent’ at the top of any Gmail window.  If you think there’s any error, typo or you’ve sent to the wrong person, just hit the ‘Undo’ link in the yellow box.

And once you undo any sent mail, it’ll return to your draft and it becomes unsent. Note, that it will not be deleted. You can find it your draft section and once you remove all typos and error, again sent it.

Now you may experience that ‘Undo option’ disappears after a few seconds of sent the email. So, there are chances that you may miss to Undo the email as this yellow box disappears very fast. To overcome this problem, you are provided with another option which will increase the visibility time of the yellow box. You can follow the below mentioned steps to increase the visibility time of the Undo option.

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Step 1: Again select the gear icon from any Gmail window and select settings from the drop down.

Step 2: Now by default, you will be in the general page, if not, then select ‘General’ button.

Step 3: Scroll down and find the Undo Send option. Here you will find the option which will increase the visibility time of the box. You can select any one option from ‘Send Cancellation period’. These options include 5, 10, 20 and 30 seconds visibility period of undo option after sending of any Gmail. We recommend select 20-30 seconds for better visibility and error-free email conversation.

Step 4: Further scroll down and click on ‘Save Changes’ option.

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So, this is how you can undo sent mail in Gmail or recall sent mail. This is very useful feature for those, who use Gmail as the primary email service. In the Gmail tips series, we are coming up with some more articles in Gmail tips, pro tools & more. So, don’t forget to subscribe to our email newsletter. And in case, if you have any query about Gmail Undo feature, you can drop in the below comment section.

Don’t forget to share this quick tutorial with your office friends, social mates so that they also can be Gmail expert like you.

How to Create RSS Feeds For Twitter?

Twitter has permanently disabled the Twitter RSS Feeds, but thanks to Amit Agarwal from Labnol, he has come up with an alternate way to create Twitter RSS Feed using a Google Script and Twitter widgets.


Using this method you can use generate RSS feed for accessing all Twitter data like Twitter timelines including media, favorites, search results and even Twitter lists and you can use them anywhere like on your blog etc.

As we mentioned earlier, the Twitter RSS Feed consists of all the details related to the tweet. These details include: the contained text in the tweet, posted date of that tweet, profile picture and username of the Twitter.

The basic idea behind the development of Twitter RSS Feed is — the usage of Widget ID with Google Script URL.

In order to create more Twitter RSS Feeds, you just need to add more widgets and use the Widget ID’s with Google Script URL. Lets learn, how to create RSS feed for your Twitter handle.

Creating a Twitter RSS Feed

Creating a RSS Feed in Twitter is simple. As RSS Feeds are now dropped by Twitter, you can develop them by transforming the Twitter widgets using a Google Script. This transformation can be done by following the below mentioned steps:

Step1: Select settings in your Twitter homepage, followed by creating a new widget (direct link)

Step2: After publishing the widget, note down the widget ID. Widget ID consists of string of numbers (Eg. 3622429656592).

Step3: Now, go to Labnol’s Google script, Click ‘File’ and then make a copy. After making a copy of script, click ‘Run’ and select ‘Twitter RSS’. You need to authorize and initialize the script only once.

Step4: Now select the ‘Publish’ option followed by ‘Deploy as web app’. After this click the ‘Save New Version’ button. Click ‘Deploy’ after setting ‘Anyone, including Anonymous’ under ‘Who has access to the app’.


A unique URL will be created for your RSS web app by Google Script. You’ll not be able to add the Twitter Widget ID to Google script in that text field, so just copy the whole Google Script from the text box and paste somewhere, now just add the Twitter widget ID at the last of the script. So, you final RSS feed will be something like this :

Your Twitter handle RSS Feed is now created and ready to use.

Bonus Tip: You can use this method to automate Tweets from other Twitter handles to your Twitter account. Just create a secret Twitter list, add the twitter accounts from you wants to post auto tweets on your handle, use the same script to create RSS feed for your list and use the RSS feed feature of services like, hootsuite.

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How To Copy Direct Link From Google Search Results

Have you ever tried to copy a link from Google Search Results page? If yes, then you must be ended up with a long crappy link consisting of random letters, symbols and numbers, however the link you tried to copy is not that so long. It’s the Google link that redirects to the actual page of the search result that you’re copying. And Google uses these long redirecting links in searches to track who clicks on which searches that helps them to make search results better.


But if we see as a user side there are two issues here, First your Google search activities are being tracked by the search engine and secondly you can’t copy a direct link from Google search results page. Suppose, you stumbled upon a good informative article on the web, now you wants to share the link of the article with your friend, so you just Google it using some keywords and you got the article indexed in search results page but when you copy link of the article, there is a long ugly link copied instead the article direct URL. Of course, you can visit the destination address and copy the URL from the address bar but that will  be a longer process and will eat your both time as well as your internet bandwidth.
And if you’re a Blogger then you can easily understand the issue here. As i also came to know about it yesterday, when i was removing some indexed pages of LatestOnNet.Com using links from Google search results. So, either i had to type the full URL of page i want to deindex or had to copy link by visiting pages as deindexing those redirecting links from search results is of no use. So, after some surfing i came to know about a Firefox addon to hide those crappy links and it saved my one and half hour. Can you believe this? During surfing i came to know, most of the users are not aware of this, why no blog about it? And here’s the post.

How to Copy Direct Link From Google searches In Firefox Browser

If you’re a Firefox browser user, then just install Google Search Link Fix add-on and it will solve your both the above problems. Thanks to Wladimir for developing such a nice addd-on.

This add-on prevents Google, Yahoo and Yandex search pages from modifying search results link that enables user to copy destination address directly from search results and secondly it helps your privacy by preventing search engines from tracking your search activities as you’re not using Google redirecting links. Check out the below screenshots to understand this add-on better.

Before Installing Firefox Add-on

Can you see the redirecting link at the bottom?

In the above screenshot, as you can see the link to Mozilla Firefox website is something like this,,d.c2E

But take a look to the below screenshot. You’ve the non-redirecting original destination link of the web page. You can copy link by right clicking and selecting ‘Copy link location’.

After Installing Firefox Add-on

And here is the clean Link to Firefox Website without any Google redirecting link.

How to Copy Direct Link From Google searches In Chrome Browser

For Chrome browser, install Chrome extensions like Don’t Track me Google and Copy real URL that will hide the redirecting URL and enable you to copy direct URL from Google search results.

How to Copy Direct Link From Google searches In Opera Browser

For Opera Browser install No Google Search Redirect add-on for sorting out the same issue.

Hope you liked our tutorial to hide Google redirecting links from search results. If you have any type of query about it, drop it in the below comments section. And don’t forget to share this with your friends so that they never face such issue in future and they can easily send you any link copying from search results 😉

Top Image Credit: Lifehacker