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How to Update Facebook Status via Any Device without having it.

Today am gonna tell you an interesting funny Trick about Updating the Facebook Status Via Any Device without Actually having it.Yeah,you can do this and fool your Friends that you have Blackberry,iPad etc.As when we update a status from  mobile or from any device then facebook detect your device and the device name/platform  is there below the status (as in the below screenshot of mine status)
Statusvia is the website that enables to to update facebook status via any device without actually having it.Such as via iPod,iPhone,Blackberry,Android,Windows mobile and lots more..
It supports more than 50 devices to update facebook status And You can creat your own custom platfrom/device to update the facebook status such as via Facebook for BlackBerry, via Facebook for Public Telephone, via Hosting, via Dedicated Server, via Loan collector, via Lawyers Car, via Car Insurance office, via Mortgage Agent, via Mesothelioma Hospital, via Life Insurance, via Apple iPad, etc. and lot more.
To do this all you have to just go to website and select your device to update the status and you will see the device/platfrom name below your status.
You are done!!
So,start updating your status from your favorite device or via a unique device and play a prank with your friends. I hope you will enjoy this short trick.And don’t forget to subscribe to our Email  Newsletter to get Email Updates.And Do let me know what did you upload as a status and its response if you can via your comments.Enjoy ♥

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