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How to: Create Facebook Subscribe button for Blogs

facebook subscribe button for websites and blogs -latestonnet.comFinally Facebook launched Subscribe button for Blogs and Websites too.Its a social plugin that site owner can add to his/her blog to provide visitors the option to Subscribe to his/her Facebook Updates.To do this first we have to enable the Subscribe button in your Facebook Account and have to add the Subscribe button to my Blog.
You can enable readers to subscribe to you by going to the Subscriptions tab on the left-hand side of your profile, or by going to Subscribe Page.Simply click Allow Subscribers to enable your readers and viewers to subscribe to your public updates.
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How this Will benefit to Bloggers?
  1. Expand Public Audience Directly from Website:It works as the Subscribe button on Facebook profile once the user Subscribed,he will begin seeing all the public posts in his News feed.In this way we can Expand our public audience on our profile (timeline)…directly from your web site.
  2. Increase Traffic to Profile:When someone subscribes to your Profile (timeline), this action is shared in their News Feed with their friends. Their friends can also subscribe to your profile (timeline).And ultimately it increases Traffic to your Blog too.
Now,I come to the point How to Add the Subscribe button to your Blog/Website.Its too easy as the Facebook Like And Send button to add  just follow the following simple Steps.
How to Add the Subscribe Button?
Just go to Subscribe Button Page and change the URL with your Facebook Username at the end of URL.If you haven’t grab your Facebook Username till then just grab it by going to Facebook Username.For ex.My Facebook Profile URL is http://www.facebook.com/GvndChoudhary and in this my Username is GvndChoudhary

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You can change the Layout Style,Specify whether to display Profile Photo of the Subscribers below the Button (only in Standard layout) , Colour Scheme,Font and the width of the widget by seeing the Preview at Right side.Now hit Get code and copy the code in Iframe and paste in your Blog where you want to show Subscribe button.That’s all.
For some profiles it giving some error, hope Facebook will fixe it soon.If you like this Post then Like Us too on Facebook And don’t forget to Subscribe to Email Newsletter to don’t miss any Post of this Blog.

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