Do You Know Facebook Has Two Inboxes?

facebook other inbox hidden--latestonnet.com Do you Guys know that Facebook have two Inboxes?If not then am covering it today and I think Most of folks don’t know about this stuff.Generally we receives notifications of  messages that are sent by our Friends only.But what about the messages that a unknown person may be our friend sends us,Updates by the Pages that we liked?Where they goes?How can we see them?How can I get notified when an Unknown person[Not our friend On FB],any liked Page sends messages?Am going to cover all your question in this post.
There is an another inbox on Facebook other than the Main Inbox in which all the messages from unknown person and the pages are stored.Most of the  users can’t see it because the link is not direct as of the main Inbox on the Facebook Homepage.And they missed the important messages.The link for other inbox  is hidden and it only shown when we open our Facebook messages.Its just below the Main Messages link.
Which Message are stored in other Inbox?
The messages from Unknown Person means not our friend,updates from the pages that are being liked by us and mostly of the games updates are stored in Other Inbox of Facebook.
You will not be notified when any messages comes on Other Inbox.You have to check it manually only and by time to time.May Facebook update it in coming days to make it more  Users Comfortability.
Hope my small tip helped you.Do you miss any message that was so important to read at that time only and you don’t know about this inbox of Fb and missed that.Share with me and don’t forget to like us on Facebook  to get Our Updates directly to your Newsfeed.Stay connected with Us.
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