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How To:Get All Updates From A Facebook Friend As Notifications[New Way]

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Did this happened with you that someone closer of yours updates something on Facebook and you didn’t get it and after you have to listen something from him/her that you didn’t like,comment on my status,photo,link blah blah.Now you will say how i come to know about this.Now many of you will say you can subscribe to his/her updates but these updates will be seen in your News feed and for this you have to constantly check in it and if you have large number of friends then it’s not possible and you didn’t going to notify at the real time means when he/she updates something.How it will be if we get Notification from a particular user when they update status,link,photo etc.?Isn’t a great idea?So,am going to tell how to do this?

In last year i think Facebook updated Friends Smart lists in which friends are categorized automatically based on college,work,family etc.They did an another awesome job by creating some more lists such As ‘Close Friends‘, ‘Acquaintances‘.

By Adding a user to ‘Close Friends List you will be notify about his/her status,link,picture and event updates directly to your Notifications page.You can add 10-15 people to this list.People you know, but you don’t want to see their updates,are good to add to Acquaintances list.

How to Add Friends to these list?

To add friends to this list Just go to Friends profile and mouse over the ‘Friends’ you will be shown all lists Just select ‘Close Friends’ from it.That’s it Smile

how to get all updates from a facebook friend as notification - Latestonnet.com

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  1. Peter Lee @ Computer How To Guide

    It’s somewhat annoying everyday when I login to my FB account only to know that my wall is full of news/updates. Some are from people that I rarely known. I’m not really a FB kind of guy that’s why not really into their features and all that. But this post had given me the simple tip to do what I should and was looking for. Nice article Govind!
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