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Extend Your Google+ Share To Many Social Sites With One Click

By January 22, 2012April 1st, 201213 Comments

Today am with an Amazing extension for Google Chrome which improve your Google Plus experience by  sharing  your Google+ post to nearly all giant Social Networking sites with one click.

Mohamed Mansour done our job easy by creating Extended Share for Google Plus Extension to share the post to other social networking sites without leaving the Google Plus and even without login to different sites to share the post.

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The Extended Share for Google Plus extension is available presently only for Google Chrome.After installation it will open a window to choose the sites to share posts and this will save your preferences for later sharing posts.

Extended Share for Google Plus extension for google chrome

The Extended Share for Google Plus addon supports Twitter,LinkedIn,Facebook ,Tumblr ,Identi ,Posterous ,Reddit , Hyves ,Digg,Blogger ,Google ,Yahoo,StumbleUpon,Technorati,Netvibes ,AddThis  and Livejournal to share the particular post. The extension will add a link below the post saying “Share On..” just after the Share link.

Extended Share for Google Plus extensionTo share the post on particular Network just click over that and new window will open asking to share on that site.This is what you never lose track of any of the sites that you have not logged on to.You can install it by visiting following link.

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