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How To:Back Up Your Google Plus Data

By February 5, 2012April 1st, 20124 Comments

So,You are searching for How to Back up your Google Plus Data,then you are at the right place.Today i will share how to back up your Google plus contacts,circles,links,important threads and even Google Voice data and stay safe in case you have lost your Google Account.

The Data Liberation Front brought its First Google Product Google Takeout.Google Takeout is an superb service which enable  to download data from your Google products with just one click.The service allows user to download data from Google Buzz, Picasa Web Albums,Google+ Plus Circles and Contacts, Google Profile as well as content from your Google Buzz and Plus One (+1s) if you have these enabled on your Google account.

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back up your google+ data

How to Back Up Google Plus

1. Go to and login with your gmail credentials.

2. Now choose “All Your Data” from the Top Navigation.

3.Click on Create Archive.Now after taking some time as it depends on the amount of data,you will be shown Download button just hit it to Download Your Google+ Data Back up.

That’s it.Hope you like the read on How to Back Up Google Plus Data and sorry for my frequency of updating LatestOnNet,As i am busy in preparing for my exam.Hope you got this.I will update it with gap of two or three days.Enjoy 🙂

Govind Choudhary

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