Directory Of Google Products Pages On Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus

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Today,nearly all business or Blogs/websites has its Pages on popular Social Networking sites such as Facebook,Google Plus,Twitter and also setup their channel on YouTube to grab more attention in the Internet World.The existence of their pages on these social sites not only maximizes traffic to their blog/websites but also increases their visibility in the Internet World and maximizes your subscriber for the same.So,making the pages for your business,blogs is must.Read my guide on How to Setup Google+ Page for Your blog.

Directory of Google Product pages on facebook,Twittter,Google Plus

Today,there are many fake pages exists of many Google products on many social sites but today i will share the Official Google Pages on Facebook,Twitter and Google Plus,so that you can subscribe to them to get latest Updates from them directly whether on your Facebook news-feed ,Google Plus stream or Twitter stream.

Google Directory Of Pages On Google Plus

Here am giving you the Pages of all Google products on Google Plus.Click over the link to Add them to your Google+ circles.To read more about a particular product just go to its profile and hit ‘About’ tab.

  1. Android – A place for all Android fans to get ,share and all latest things on Android.
  2. Android Developers – beneficial for Android Developers to discuss the latest on Android.
  3. Blogger -The only place for latest tip,news direct from the Blogger Team.
  4. Gmail – Gives the latest news from Gmail team.
  5. Google – Latest news and all updates from Google products and much more.
  6. Google Chrome -Shares the latest updates from Chrome team and much more.
  7. Google Creative Sandbox -Creative ideas for ad agencies.
  8. Google Developers –Latest News & announcements for developers from the Google Developers team
  9. Google Earth -A place for News & tips for using Google Earth.
  10. Google in Education
  11. Google Enterprise -Google Apps and other web-based products for work.
  12. Google for Nonprofits -A place to discover, learn, and discuss the various ways nonprofits are using Google products
  13. Google Maps -Latest Google Maps news & updates from Google Map team.
  14. Google Students -Google news and updates especially for students from Google Students.
  15. Google+ – Latest updates,features,tips and tricks on Google+,A real life sharing from Google Plus team.
  16. Google+ Developers -Google+ Platform news, updates, community, and more
  17. Google+ Your Business -The official page for businesses using Google+ to connect with their customers.
  18. Life at Google -Join the conversation on our job opportunities, offices, culture and life at Google.
  19. YouTube -Latest Trends Videos,News & updates from giant Video site.
  20. ZAGAT -Latest Restaurant news, events, and reviews from Zagat.
  21. Think with Google -Official Google+ profile of Think with Google.
  22. Google Ventures -Latest updates from Google ventures team.

So,these are the Pages of Google Products on Google Plus,add them to your circle according to your interest and stay connected with the Internet World.

Google Directory Of Page On Facebook

Now,here the list of Google Products Pages on Facebook,just like them to get the latest updates directly in your Facebook Newsfeed.One thing i want to say here that most of Google Products Pages are not on Google plus and most of them are not on Facebook and twitter.So,add them according to your most usability of site that you use mostly and easy to get updates.Large number of Google Products pages depends on the site for ex. mostly all Google Products pages are on micro site Twitter because it have the large number of users.

  1. Chrome Experiments -For fans of Javascript, HTML5, and browser experiments.
  2. Earth Outreach -A place for News & tips for using Google Earth .
  3. Google -Google’s official Facebook page to get latest updates,announcements for google products.
  4. Google AdSense -Adsense updates,features for web Publishers.
  5. Google AdWords -News and tips on AdWords, Google’s online advertising program.
  6. Google Chrome -The official facebook page  for the Google Chrome browser, OS and Web Store.
  7. Google Cloud Print -Enables any app (web, mobile, desktop) on any device/OS/browser to print to any printer.
  8. Google Demo Slam -Show the world what you can do: the official Facebook page for Google Demo Slam.
  9. Google for Nonprofits -News and info on Google products for nonprofits.
  10. Google India Engineering -News from our India office[Recommended for Indian to stay connected]
  11. Google Maps -Latest Google Maps news & updates from Google Map team.
  12. Google Mobile -official facebook home for Google Mobile.
  13. Google Mobile Ads -Updates from Google Mobile Ads.
  14. Google News -Keep up to date with current news in your city, state, country, or around the world with Google News.
  15. Google SketchUp -Latest news from 3D modeling tool.
  16. Google Students -Google news and updates especially for students from Google Students.
  17. Google Translate -Updates on Google’s translation tools.
  18. Google TV -Google TV is a new experience made for television that combines the TV you know and love with the freedom and power of the Internet
  19. Google Ventures -Updates from the Google Ventures team.
  20. Google Voice -Latest news from Updates from the Google Voice team .
  21. iGoogle -Add news, games and more to the Google homepage.
  22. Life at Google -Facebook page about Googlers and  offices.
  23. Picasa -News from the Picasa and Picasa Web Albums team.
  24. Picnik -Updates from the team behind Picnik, the online photo editor.
  25. Your World in 3D -Learn how to geo-model and connect with other geo-modelers.
  26. YouTube –Latest Trends Videos,News & updates from giant Video site.

Google Directory Of Pages On Twitter

  1. A Google a DayA new daily puzzle that can be solved using your creativity and clever search skills on Google.
  2. AdSense API -The official place for info & updates from the AdSense API.
  3. AdWords -The official place for info & updates from the Google Adwords Team.
  4. AdWords API – It updates the latest Developer news and updates for the AdWords API
  5. Android -Latest news,tips,tricks from Android team.
  6. Android Developers -Latest News & announcements for developers from the Android team
  7. App Engine -Updates from the Google App Engine.
  8. Blogger -Follow blogger on Twitter  to stay connected to it.
  9. Blogger in Draft -For Blogger’s experimental feature.
  10. Chromium Developers -News and announcements for developers from the Google Chrome team
  11. Closure Tools -Latest updates from the Closure Tools team for JavaScript app developers.
  12. Data Liberation -Making it easier to back up Google data.
  13. DoubleClick -Updates on DoubleClick advertiser & publisher solutions.
  14. DoubleClick for Publishers -Latest Updates from the DFP team to help you manage your online advertising business.
  15. FeedBurner -Content Distribution beyond browser ,get the latest features news etc.
  16. Gmail -News & updates from Gmail team.
  17. Google -Latest News and announcements from across the company.
  18. Google Access -latest Information regarding accessibility of Google’s products.
  19. Google AdSense -Every Adsense publisher should follow it to get latest news,features,tips from Adsense Team.
  20. Google Affiliate Network -Latest News for publishers from the Google ads network.
  21. Google Analytics -Grab latest news,tips from Google Analytics team.
  22. Google APIs -Get updates from the Google APIs.
  23. Google Apps -Latest updates from Google Apps developers/partners.
  24. Google Apps Developers -Info from Google App Developers.
  25. Google Apps Updates -Real-time updates about the latest Google Apps.
  26. Google At Work -The official Twitter home of Google Enterprise.
  27. Google Books -Latest Popular passages, images and more from the Google Books team.
  28. Google Calendar -Follow Google Calendar on Twitter.
  29. Google Chat -Updates latest Google Chat features.
  30. Google Chrome -The official Twitter home for the Google Chrome browser, OS and Web Store.
  31. Google Cloud Print -The latest news from the Google Cloud Print team.
  32. Google Code -Google developer product updates.
  33. Google Contacts -Latest Info about Google Contacts.
  34. Google Creative Sandbox -Creative ideas for ad agencies.
  35. Google Custom Search -Google Custom Search Engine Feature updates.
  36. Google Docs – Latest News, tips and tricks from the Google Docs team.
  37. Google Doodles -Dedicated to all things related to Google doodles.
  38. Google Earth -A place for News & tips for using Google Earth .
  39. Google Finance -Latest News & notes from Google Finance.
  40. Google Fusion Tables -Get latest Tweets about Fusion Tables, a cloud-based management service.
  41. Google Game Developers -Updates from the Google Game Developer.
  42. Google Global Ads -Get Trends, tips & tricks to make your AdWords campaigns global.
  43. Google Grants -Official Twitter account for the Google Grants team.
  44. Google I/O -Latest News from Google’s largest annual developer event .
  45. Google Ideas -official place for Google Ideas.
  46. Google Images -Get latest News updats from Google Images Team.
  47. Google India -Get latest news update from Google India.Every Indian should follow it to stay connected with Google india.
  48. Google Jobs -Latest Information about jobs at Google .
  49. Google Maps -News,tips from Google Maps.
  50. Google Mobile -Tips, info and updates for Google products on mobile.
  51. Google Mobile Ads -Official Google Mobile Ads & AdMob Twitter Account.
  52.  Google Mobile App -Updates,Tech issues from Google Mobile App.
  53. Google News -Latest Headlines via Google News.
  54. Google Nexus -Latest Updates,news,tips from the Nexus S, the new Android phone from Google.
  55. Google NYC -News, tips and conversations about your favorite New York City place.
  56. Google Places -Latest News, tips and conversations about your favorite places, from the Google Places team.
  57. Google Politics Team -Twitter handle of the elections and politics team at Google.
  58. Google Public Policy -Updates from Google Public Policy.
  59. Google Reader -News, tips and tricks from the Google Reader team.
  60. Google Realtime Search -Latest Updates from Google Realtime Search.
  61. Google Research -Updates on the latest research from Google.
  62. Google Science Fair -Students 13-18 from around the world are invited to enter the world’s first online global science competition.
  63. Google SF -News, tips and conversations about your favorite San Francisco place.
  64. Google SketchUp – Latest news from 3D modeling tool.
  65. Google Sky Map -Latest News from Android app for viewing the night sky.
  66. Google SMB -Latest news,tools,and tips for small to medium-sized businesses.
  67. Google Students -Google news and updates especially for students from Google Students.
  68. Google Summer of Code -Student developers code for open source project.
  69. Google Talks -Latest updates from Google talks.
  70. Google Testing -Official twitter home for Google testing.
  71. Google Toolbar -Latest updates,features from Google Toolbar.
  72. Google TV -Google TV on twitter.
  73. Google TV Ads -Updates from Google TV Ads team.
  74. Google TV Developers -News and announcements for Gog developers
  75. Google Ventures -Updates from Google ventures team.
  76. Google Web Fonts -Official home for Google Web Fonts follow to get latest font announcements.
  77. Google Web Team -Updates from the Google Webmaster Team about projects, web standards, and advice for webmasters, web designers and web developers.
  78. Google Webmaster Central -Latest news updates for webmasters from Google Webmasters.
  79. iGoogle -News & notes from Google’s personalized homepag.
  80. Internet Bus -Explore the world of the Internet with Google’s Internet Bus Project (India)
  81. MyTracks -Latest Updates from Google MyTracks team.
  82. Panoramio -News & notes about the photo-sharing community.
  83. Picnik -Updates,Tweets from the photo editing team.
  84. Policy by the Numbers -Data for sound policymaking from Google and friends.
  85. Think with Google -Official account for Think with Google.
  86. Vertical: Google Auto -News for automotive advertiser.
  87. Vertical: Google Financial Services -News for financial services advertisers.
  88. Vertical: Google Media & Entertainment -News for media & entertainment advertisers.
  89. Vertical: Google Media & Entertainment, UK & Ireland -Official tweets from Media & Entertainment UK & Ireland AdWords Team.
  90. Vertical: Google Retail -Latest updates for retail advertisers .
  91. Vertical: Google Tech -News for tech advertisers.
  92. Vertical: Google Technology U.K. -News for U.K. tech advertisers.
  93. Vertical: Google Travel -News for travel advertisers.
  94. Vertical: Google Travel U.K. -News for U.K. travel advertisers.
  95. Vertical: Google U.K. Retail -News for U.K. retail advertisers.
  96. WebM Project -The latest from WebM, -an open web media project.
  97. Your World in 3D -Latest News & updates from 3D community.
  98. YouTube -Latest Trends Videos,News & updates from giant Video site.
  99. YouTube Dev -latest Info for Youtube Developers.
  100. YouTube India -Tweets about the world of videos, product updates, trends, insights and much more.
  101. YouTube Partners -Latest Updates & help for youtube partners.
  102. YouTube Politics -Latest Tweets,videos from Youtube politics.
  103. Zagat -Latest Restaurant news, events, and reviews from Zagat.

So,this is my Google Pages Directory on facebook,Twitter and Google Plus.Don’t forget to Add LatestOnNet.Com to your Google Plus circle to get our latest Updates directly in your Google+ stream.You can add me to your circles from here 😉

Hope you like my read.Did i miss any Google Product to include in this Directory?Which is your favorite Google Product?Share your thought via comments 🙂

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