Ultimate List Of Powerful Firefox Addons For Bloggers [Best Of]

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Obviously No doubt Mozilla Firefox is the best browser today with due to availability of lots of addons/Extensions available for it.User can use these addons according to their need of features.Today i was just surfing on the WWW and got to know some powerful Firefox addons especially for Bloggers.Some of them are new to me and i have tried them,they are very useful.So,i thought to be shared among my readers.This Ultimate List of Powerful Firefox Addons For Bloggers contains lots of Firefox addon that will help you to increase your productivity,visibility on the web,track SEO competition,maximizing traffic,increasing Web experience and increasing backlinks etc.To get the collection of these powerful Firefox addon,i had to research a bit.Hope you guys Will enjoy it 🙂

Powerful firefox addons for bloggers -

Ultimate List Of Powerful Firefox AddOns for Bloggers

Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus – If you are a blogger/web enthusiast then this is the first Firefox addon you should have to be bookmarked the web pages for further access.Multirow Bookmarks Toolbar Plus allows you to bookmarked web pages and displayed in rows and that easily can organize.

Multirow Bookmarks Firefox addon

Pingler:Hope,you know this site,if not let me tell you it’s very useful site for pinging the blog/websites.Pinging here mean to tell the search engines that your blog has been updated and your recent post indexed soon.They are giving premium services but their addons on different browsers are free.So,try it for better pinging and for the saving of time.

Pingler Firefox Addon

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SEOQuake: It’s a recommended Firefox addons for bloggers and webmasters that show the quick rank of all google search results.The addon also having lots of features to analysis a webpage,blog.For ex.We all know commenting on High PR [Page Rank] leads to increase our blog reputation/Backlinks.So,this is the best way to know a webpage rank.Don’t forget to try Search Status again its great addon for firefox that show the PR,Alexa,Moz Rank,Compete Rank etc. with lost of options like no follow,do follow check of current web page.I recommended you to read my post on Search Status Firefox Addon for better understanding of this Addon.

SEOquoke firefox addonRainbow (Colour Tool) :Its again the great addon especially for Web Developer and i must say Adsense Publishers that enable to show hex code of current webpage colour and with other amazing options like Colour library etc.It’s very helpful in all respect from design and colour whether customizing of Affilate banner or matching the Adsense code with the current theme and that obviously leads to great CTR [Click Through Rate].So,i must say,it’s a recommended plugin for Bloggers and it should be in every Blogger’s browser.

rainbow firefox addon

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HootBar (by HootSuite) : This is really superb Firefox Addon for Twitter Fans.With hootbar,you can easily tweet your current Browser page with your customized message.To tweet current page just delete the URL and your message in place of that,the link of that page will be shortened and placed at the end of message automatically.The best part of this Firefox addon is comes now that it enables to tweet from multiple twitter account.It you have added more than one twitter account in Hootbar settings options,then it will make confirm from which twitter account you want to tweet.This is great feature.Isn’t it?

Hootbar By hootsuite Firefox Addon

It also have another great feature from which you can easily share you current tweet to many other platforms including some social networking sites sites.It includes Linkedin,Ping.Fm,FourSquare,Wordpress,My space,Mixi,Facebook and in facebook it supports facebook pages,group and profiles.You can also track the stats of your link.To do this,you need Hootsuite account.

EasyComment :Obviously,the name suggest.Easy comment Firefox addon Automatically fill out the Blog Comment Forms.Easy comment also support multiple profiles to comment with short cut key for the same.

EasyComment Firefox addon

DownThemAlll :Oh i am forgetting this powerful firefox addon that lets you download links/images and other stuffs all at once in current page.The best part of this firefox addon is that,it have the filtering option from where an user can download the stuff that he/she really wants.For ex.i want only jpeg format images from the current page,in that case this is very helpful.It also boots you’re downloading speed by great extent and also have the option of resume/pause capabilities.To use it just right on the page and hit DownloadThemAll.

DownloadThemAll Firefox Addon

QuickNote : Bloggers need to write down some important stuff during surfing on the Web.Now,they can’t write the same on Notepad as have to switch in between.So,QuickNote will help you lot in that case,it enables user to take notes while surfing without leaving the current web page.It also enable to save whole tab and can be placed in sidebar/float with Customizing options and auto save.

QuickNote Firefox addon

Awesome Screenshot Capture :This is the superb free firefox addons for taking Screenshot of web pages with lots of options like capture whole page,annotate it with rectangles,arrows,lines and circle.Also have the option of blur some sensitive info and one click upload and share.If your browser version doesn’t support it,then i recommended to use Fireshot for capturing web pages and editing them.

Awesome Sreenshot firefox addonScribeFire Next :This blog editor Addon for firefox make blogging easy.User can drag and drop the text,images,links from the web pages and can easily post on multiple blogs.

Scribefire next firefox addon
Tab Mix Plus :It enhances Firefox’s tab browsing capabilities by adding some awesome features like duplicating tabs,tab clicking options, controlling tab focus, undo closed tabs and windows and many more features.Tab mix plus also have a session manager features that restore to earlier opened tab and windows.

Tab Mix PLus firefox addon

Google Shortcuts : This is my favorite Firefox addon that lets me add small shortcuts of google products and any other custom links to easily navigate to it without typing in the URL (Lazy in typing again and again :P) anywhere on the browser even drop down option is also available.Uset cn select which google service shortcuts he/she wants and just have to drag them and can also make shortcut of any link to easy access it.One of the best thing i found in this firefox addon is one of the google service that let me shorten the current Url in the browser and automatically copied to cache.So,don’t forget to add this service in your custom shortcut toolbar.

Google Shortcuts firefox addon

Read It Later: As the name suggests allows to read a page later .It bookmark the page and it can be read offline and also have the option of synchronize the bookmarks with other devices.

Adblock Plus : Web is full of advertisements and banners every blogger added some ads on his/her blog to earn some bucks from it.No harm in it but don’t you get annoyed again and again by seeing this ads even some of them are pop ads that automatically open in a new tab/window.So,its time to install Adblock Plus and enjoy the web without these annoying ads.This addon also have some more advanced filter options to view the web in way we want.

Its very helpful for Adsense publishers because sometime we clicked on our own Ads and that may lead to obviously ban from Adsense.So,every blogger should keep this powerful firefox addon.

Adblock plus firefox addon

Update 23-03-2012 : I have come across with an another useful firefox addon for Bloggers to add in my Ultimate List of Powerful Firefox Addon for Bloggers .Today while surfing on Lifehacker.LeechBlock firefox addon that enable to block all time wasting sites and keep your focus on your goal.Becuase many times we Bloggers lost out focus and buzy in another activity that is not useful for us,so in that case this firefox addon will remind you to be focused to your goal while passing through that activity.

LeechBlock firefox addons

LeechBlock have many options like fully blocking a particular sites and unblocking a particular site at a particular time ,or much duration the site should be unblocked and many other advanced options.User just have to enter the domain name in the addon preferences and can also use the Advanced options.

Now Its Your Turn !!

So,this my list of some powerful addons/extensions for Firefox especially for bloggers.Hope you like them and also shared with our fellow bloggers.Do,let us know any of your favourite firefox addons that i missed,So that i can update it.If i find any good firefox addons,i will update it on the same post.So,don’t forget to subscribe us to via Email to get out latest updates directly in your inbox.And sorry for my frequency of updating this Blog,as am a student my exams are on the head.Hope,you all got this.I will update it daily after my exams for sure.Enjoy Life,Enjoy Blogging 🙂

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