Amazing Tips To Increase Your Pinterest Followers To Double

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Pinterest – The Latest craze of social media on the Internet that basically for pinning  and organizing pins.New to Pinterest? No worries,I recommended you to read our Basic Ultimate guide to Pinterest.According to a recent study Pinterest is giving great traffic to bloggers websites/blogs even more than Youtube,Google+ etc. by only just sharing and organizing pins,It can be the great source of direct awesome traffic to your blogs.So,Why don’t use it to get full output but for this you need awesome number of followers on Pinterest,so that your pins can be repined.And for that this awesome guide is waiting for you,just go into it.

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Today we are going to share some effective ways to increase your Pinterest Followers up to double extent.Yeah,you can easily increase your Pinterest followers by following our techniques/steps.So,without wasting any time,lets hit to them.

Amazing Tips Increase Your Pinterest Followers Up To Double

#Tip 1. Use Your Natural Pic As Profile Pic : First and foremost thing always keep in mind while joining any Social site  to get some reputation on the site (Followers) is to Upload a  great pic that shows your Interest in your field.Because,profile pic is the only way your followers get a idea about your’s,i don’t mean here that you customize the pic using Photoshop and then upload it,just comb your hair and get out with your PJ’s.

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#Tip 2.Use Impressive Tag -lines : Tag-line is the small brief introduction about yourself,better to use What you are,what specialty in you etc. just below your name in your Pinterest profile.

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#Tip 2. Follow Your Niche : If you wants to get reputation in your niche,then you must always follow great Active folks in your niche.It beneficial for an user in many ways first you will known among your niche,sometimes it also helpful in getting new content/ideas even from the folks from the same niche.So,try to follow your particular niche on every social sites.

#Tip 3. Pin Awesome Content Pins : Pinning awesome content also very helpful in Increasing Pinterest Followers,for that you must pin other website content too but only the content you think will be helpful to Pinterest users.I usually pins while surfing on the Internet as i found any good content with a good eye catching image with the correct caption and title of the content, i don’t hesitate to pin it and also got many likes and repin from the same.It’s also very important to keep  keep a ratio of your pins and pins from other blogs and websites.Pins such as of Latest Popular News and any other awesome content always repin by users and obviously the more repined the more chances of increasing your  followers.

Bonus Tip: To easily pin the content,you should add Pinterest Pinmarklet to your browser.To add Pinmarklet just go to Pinmarklet and drag the “Pin It” button to your bookmarks toolbar.To display bookmarks toolbar,just hit View > Toolbars > Bookmarks Toolbar.Now,you can pin a  web page right from your current window.To pin a current web page just hit Pin it button right from your bookmarks toolbar.

#Tip 4. Integrate Your Pinterest Account To Facebook And Twitter : This is the easiest way to get good followers as well as good traffic to your Blogs/websites.To integrate your Pinterest Account just go to Settings from drop down menu and enable linking your account to facebook and Twitter from there.

#Tip 5. Make A Network On Facebook : You need only make a good Network on facebook to increase your followers on other social sites.Because nearly all sites are using Facebook’s Friend Find Options and people used it to follow their Facebook friend on a particular site.

increase your pinterest followers

Facebook Friend Find

#Tip 6. Keep Consistency in Updating Pins : Consistency is also a very important thing in not keeping the followers followed.So,give some time for pinning awesome content pins with a gap of some time.So,that your followers not annoyed with you and you not loose them.

#Tip 7. Categories Your Boards To Appropriate Category : This mistake can stop your pins from reaching to Pinterest users,if you add your particular board to wrong category.Because people love to see the new content on different categories according to their Interest and Obviously if you add it to wrong,then you are a great looser !

#Tip 8.Make Boards Of your Interest : People loves to see the content/User interest divided into categories and that Boards in Pinterest means which topics are you covering.So,better to divide your pinning Topic/Interest in to Boards and cover topics for females,bloggers,Addicts as well.such as SEO for seo related pins,Funny for obviously funny pics 😉 etc. and pin content according to your boards.

Some folks have also have this mentality that they only will follow user that covering large number of topics  and activeness of the user on the sites from past days.So,keep in mind cover topic for each type of user,if really wants to rock on Pinterest.

#Tip 8. Use Pinterest As A Pro : Followers mean a devotee of a particular person due to his one more particular activity.So,always do something different to get large number for followers.Always use the full features of a social sites to show your interest,experience and impress your followers on the same.

Pinterest also having lost of features such as mentioning users,using hashtags etc.You can mention any Pinterest user by adding “@” symbol (Without Quotation) following the name of user and select the appropriate user from drop down menu.You can also use hashtags in your Pin titles by just adding “#” symbol that helps users to find your content/pins.For e.g. #SEO.You can also organize your boards according to your interest and most popular topics.To rearrange boards just hit the link after Edit profile in your Pinterest profile.

#Tip 9.Comment On Pins: Do comment on pins in that you interested to show your activeness on the site and that leads to increase the follower sometimes.

# Tip 10.Always follow some great folks : Also follow some power user,popular folks and the user who have large number of followers on any particular site to increase your followers because sometime it also matter that whom you following.

#Tip 11.Socialize your Pinterest Profile Link : Do add your Pinterest profile Link/username to different social sites to let them know that you are on Pinterest and that leads to increase your Pinterest followers.Such as the sites like Google Plus , Digg , Stumble upon etc. I suggest you to add your profile link to the every social sites that you are following.

Bloggers/Webmasters can add Follow Me On Pinterest below their names in About section etc.Such as you can see mine at bottom in about the author section and that really worked.Because normal user likes to follow Bloggers/webmasters to keep them updated.So,i recommend every bloggers to use it to increase Pinterest followers to great extent.

Paid Ways To Get Huge Pinterest Followers  !

Above are some free tips given to Increase Pinterest Followers and you can go for paid way too.Better to invest money in a smart way so that you can get good output from it.So,am sharing some ways to get paid Pinterest followers.

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Buy Pinterest Followers

We have received some mail regarding this service from our readers. And after this we recommend you not to use to Buy Pinterest Followers or anything, this is a spam portal created to cheat people. We apologize for the wrong direction.

So,these are my personal tips to Increase Pinterest Followers at a large extent.Hope,you liked them.Do you have any other tips that worked to increase followers on pinterest?Share with us in comments.And Don’t forget to Follow Me On Pinterest to get awesome pins of Latest Pinterest tips and other important stuff from me.

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  • Great tips. Since pinterest is constantly changing their algorithms, its smart for places that offer pinterest pins an dlikes for sale to keep abreast of the changes.

  • Mike Johnexus says:

    I liked tip #4 – I just linked my social sites via Pinterest. It makes it easier to feed the other social networks – really cuts down on the work required. I also used to get some repins & likes to boost my pins & boards – definitely boosted my traffic. I haven’t used their follower service but apparently they are US based in Cali & have solid heavy users of Pinterest.

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    • I’m glad this post helped you to understand how to make presence on social media sites.Thanks for passing by and your kind words! Stay connected for more awesome ultimate how-to guides on social media and web.

  • Hi Govind,
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