PD-Proxy Awesome VPN For Secure And Anonymous Browsing

Today i came across an awesome VPN service for secure and safe browsing.Yeah,am talking about PD-Proxy.So,i will share my experience and awesome features of PD-Proxy in this post.

What is a VPN?

VPN [Virtual Private Network] is service  that encrypts your Internet Connection via their Dedicated Servers and secure your browsing history,online passwords from hackers and other malicious intended people especially when you are connected to insecure networks such as Wifi, Hotel etc.

What is PD-Proxy?

PD-Proxy is a VPN software that enable you to secure your web-browsing,changing servers in different countries and lots of awesome feature.


Features Of PD-Proxy

  1. PD-Proxy enable to change the servers in different countries and make people believe that you are accessing the it in the same country.Beneficial in browsing services or TV sites dedicated to a country which are blocked for other countries.
  2. You can easily access any blocked website in your area using PD-Proxy.
  3. While connected to PD-Proxy,you don’t have to configure each application to work with it.It automatically tunneled through PD.
  4. Once you are connected to PD-proxy its hard to reveal your true identity,as it uses its own dedicated servers.

You can try PD-Proxy for free,they are giving 100 mb of usage per day.You just have to register here and verify the email sent by them.For free version,you can only access its demo server.You can purchase it for for unlimited bandwidth and to use all different servers.By purchasing its premium version,you can use it in your Android based smartphones too,just by downloading this Android App.For more questions and related queries visit their FAQ page.

Govind Choudhary

Govind Choudhary

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