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Hide WordPress Posts,Pages From Homepage And Feed

Many times we wants to hide some posts/page from several part of our blog,while still visible in other part.But how to do that,Can i hide specific post/page from Homepage,category page etc.Don’t worry,i have an amazing WordPress Plugin for this.Lets get detailed into it.

This WordPress Plugin lets you hide particular post from homepage,pages,feed, blog search, archives, category pages and author pages.This plugin doesn’t prevent the search bots from indexing your posts/pages.

If you large number of unnecessary posts on your blog,you can hide those posts from homepage and make your homepage clean with beneficiary posts for your visitors.

Introducing :- WP Hide Posts

WP Hide posts allows you to control the visibility of Post in different ways as following:

This wordpress plugin also allows  you to control the visibility with two options:

Closup showing the Visibility Attributes for pages.

Do you using any other tweak,plugin for hiding the  posts/pages at some part of blog.Do share with us in the comments 🙂

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