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DNSChanger Malware : Is Your Computer Infected And How To Remove It

By July 8, 2012August 11th, 20122 Comments

If the DNSChanger has infected your PC,you will probably lose access to Internet Connection On Monday.Read our guide about What is DNSChanger?Is your computer infected by it And how to remove it from your PC?

Nearly 5 years old DNSChanger malware going to show its deleterious effects on Monday,if the Malware is not removed from your infected computer.According to Cnet around 330,000 people were still infected by DNSChanger with 77,000 in US.Lets get more info on DNSChanger and how to fix/remove it.

What Is DNSChanger?

DNSChanger is a trojan horse malware .It basically changes your Computers DNS (Domain Name Settings) without your permission and redirects your legitimate Web surfing to malicious Web sites  hosted by the defendants.Their main motive is to steal your personal information and generate revenue by placing Ads on these sites.

Is Your Computer Infected?

To check if your Computer is infected by DNSChanger,visit Or the parent site – will be shown an image which either have a green background (means your PC is clean) or red (means your computer is infected).

You should also check manually if your computer is infected with this malware or not.

Manually Check DNSChanger in Windows 7

To check manually in windows 7,just open your start menu and click on run and type cmd for Command Prompt application.Once your command prompt open just type ipconfig /allcompartments /all and hit enter.Now you will be shown a big block of text,now scroll it untill you shown “DNS Servers” and copy down these numbers.There might be two or more numbers listed there.

After copy down the DNS servers,just hit to FBI DNSChanger and enter them in the search box and hit the big blue button saying “Check Your DNS” and the FBI soft will tell you whether your PC is infected by it and using rogue DNS servers to access the Internet.

How To Fix/Remove DNSChanger?

The DCWG has a list of free tools to download and instructions on how to clean a computer infected with DNSChanger. This pdf by FBI is also very useful in fixing/removing DNSC from mac as well as PC.

Govind Choudhary

Govind Choudhary

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