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Google Input Tools – Now Type In 80+ Languages And More

By July 20, 2012August 14th, 20124 Comments

Google Introduced their Input tools,allows to type in more than 80 languages and much more.available for selected Google services,chrome,Android Devices and Windows.

Have you ever need of sending an email in English as well as Arabic or any other language?Or need to communicate with Foreign Friends in their language?Now,you have the power to do all this using Google Input tools.

Google Input Tools lets you type in 80+ language across multiple platforms using your most familiar language with a Virtual Keyboard (Very helpful in case of using a Foreign keyboard as the layout of these keyboard is different from the keyboard you are used to and its very difficult to work or browse the web),IME (input method editor) or even with Google transliteration tool.Now,you can search,personalized the web in a way you wants.Google Input Tools is available everywhere online as well as offline,windows as well as Android devices.Google Input tools made our life simpler and easy,whether you wants to send an email in Chinese or want to talk with your friends in unknown language.

Download Google Input Tools

Download Google Input Tools for Windows | Chrome (Extension Via Chrome Store) | Android Devices (Via Google Play)

How To Use Google Input Tools On Chrome?

Google Input tools have an extension for chrome users that lets you type using 90 different Onscreen keyboard and browse the web using your most familiar language and keyboard layout.To start using it on Chrome,users have to install this extension and have to add languages to access their onscreen keyboard from the extension options.


Select Your Most Familiar Languages To Input

Now,just select the language and then the available keyboard layout for it.A double-click on any keyboard layout will add it to available keyboard schemes.Once it added,onscreen keyboard can be accessed with a left-click on the extension and choosing one of  the appropriate language keyboard layout from it.

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To Switch Between Other Keyboard layout,Just Choose From Extension Menu

The Onscreen keyboard works exactly like your connected keyboard.You can even use your physical keyboard to type Or can hit button from onscreen keyboard,As the  layout have been changed.You can also switch between other keyboard layouts just by hitting the extension again,selecting the other layouts and it will be displayed in the right corner of your browser.

You can disable the onscreen keyboard just by clicking on “Turn Off” from the extension menu.

The Onscreen keyboard is not working on the all sites right now.Even Google’s Docs is not fully compatible with the extension.Hope,they are working on it and it will start working on all sites and services like a charm Smile What you say about Google Input Tools? Isn’t its the time to replace Desktop Input tools With this amazing Google’s gift?

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