Gmail Login Page Updated – Now Sign-in in Multiple Gmail Accounts

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Google updated the login page for gmail that lets you sign-in in multiple accounts at a time.It was so important to manage multiple accounts at a time and there was no alternative instead of using another browser or check it by logging out from the current account.But now it much easy using this Google’s new Gmail feature.

How To  Sign-in in Gmail Multiple Accounts

According to a google support page – its new sign-in page will display the accounts that are previously used in a particular browser.

To using Gmail Multiple Sign-in page users have to Enable This Feature (Opt In Out Account Chooser) and have to sign-in using their google account.But don’t forget to click the checkbox says “Stay signed in while signing so that it remembers your gmail credentials and you have no need to type again and again thereafter.It will ask to confirm your PC to your account so that you can sign-in in it later without typing your passwords and username again.


Click Remember This Account to Confirm Multiple Sign-in

After enable Opt In Out Feature in any gmail account,you can sign-in it in future just by hitting the account entry which includes your name,email and photo (if you have).

To enable this feature in other gmail account which you used mostly just click the Add button at the bottom while signing in gmail.


Click Add Account to add other gmail account And Edit to remove Previous

Click Edit to remove any account from multiple sign-in (You must be signed in to do this).Be sure to hit Done after removing it.


Hit ‘X’ button to remove an account and click Done thereafter.

Bonus Tip: You can disable the account chooser by going to this link.

However,multiple sign-in in gmail is not recommended at public places and shared computer.In that case you can use different browser to login multiple account and can also use an awesome feature of browsers i.e Private Browsing.Because in Private Browsing your browser doesn’t store cookies,temp files,history etc.

You can use Private Browsing in Mozilla Firefox by going to Tools then select Start Private Browsing or by using this shortcut Ctrl+shift+P.

In chrome just click the wrench icon tools menu that is shown on the toolbar and select New Incognito Window.

In Internet Explorer (Hmm Do you use IE? :D) anyways its for the folks who still stick with it.To open an InPrivate Browsing window in IE  either use the Ctrl+Shift+P shortcut key, or just use click the Safety then select InPrivate Browsing item on the menu.

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