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How To Embed Twitter New Timeline On Your Website

The Micro Blogging site Twitter  launched a new tool that lets you embed the twitter interactive timeline of your twitter updates on any website/blogs.With this new embeddable twitter timeline widget you can easily delivery tweets,favorites,hash tags,list of any twitter account on your website.

This  new twitter tool is just awesome.With this interactive timeline widget any user can easily reply,retweet the tweet,favorite,reply,follow your account and tweet to you directly without leaving the site.User can easily expand any tweet to see the photos,favorite and retweet count on a particular tweet as like we do on twitter.com.This real-time updated twitter tool is optimized to the best so that it can load fast and it will definitely enhance your twitter audiences. Now,lets learn how to embed this new twitter timeline widget to your websites and blogs.


How To Embed Twitter Timeline Widget On Websites/Blogs?

  1. Just go to Twitter Widget Settings and hit the Create New button in the upper right corner.
  2. Choose User Timeline and complete the fields.Enter your preferred height of the widget,this widget is shrinkable so there is no need of width.
  3. Choose your preferred theme according to your website background,if it’s light and white the light theme is preferred otherwise you can choose dark if it fits with your site background.
  4. You can change the link color in the widget by using their color tool.
  5. In domains filed you have to enter the website/blog domain where you are embedding the twitter timeline widget.You can enter up to 5 domains in it separated with comma.
  6. Select the check box “Opt Out Of Tailoring Twitter” if you don’t wants twitter to give suggestions to you regarding following users and stop tracking you.
  7. Now,hit Create Widget and copy the code and paste the code to a new widget.If you are using wordpress then just go to Appearance>Widgets>Add new Text Widget and paste the code.In this way you can add it on blogger platform.That’s it.
Choose the Options according to your Preferences and Description above.

Bonus Tip : If you are using firefox browser then there is an option to stop tracking you by the websites.To enable it just click Tools from the Firefox menu bar then Options and then hit to Privacy Tab and select the checkbox saying “Tell Websites I do not want to Tracked“.

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