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How To Set Up Namecheap Domain In Blogger

By September 26, 2012October 25th, 20122 Comments

Yesterday i was configuring a Namecheap (Excellent Domain Provider) domain on my Di’s new blog (Being a Social Media Expert,she will write mainly on the Social Media Marketing and How To Use SM To Grow Your Business) but it wasted my few hours in setting up the domain.It’s because of the some recent changes by the Google that require two extra Cname records to use Google’s Blogger platform and to verify the ownership of the domain/blog.I am sure the newbie who are setting Domain from any domain Registrar will face the same issue (See screenshot).So,I sharing this post with you so that your new Blogger blog will be live within few minutes.If you are using Bigrock for setting domain you can read our bigrock full guide to set up the domain on blogger blog.


How To Setup Namecheap Domain In Blogger Platform?

  1. First of all, go to Google Webmaster Tools OR Verification Page to verify that you are the owner of this domain and to use blogger platform.Now,click on Add Site and enter your new domain.
  2. Now,choose Alternate Methods to verify your domain from the new window and click the radio button at the last saying “Domain Name provider”,Now select other the drop down menu.We can also select the Our domain registrar also but that will not give us the CNAME Label and CNAME Destination that we require but it only gives the code for verifying the domain to use Google Webmaster Tools and that you can verify it later on by just adding a small code to your blogger template.When you select other,there is a link at the bottom saying Add a Cname record,just click over it.Now it will give you the info we want and now we have to add this as a CName record.setup-namecheap-domain-in-blogger-blog
  3. Go to your Namecheap Account  and click Manage Domains from the My Account drop down menu.And click on the domain you want to set up (Click on the domain link NOT the checkbox near it)
  4. A new window will appear showing your address and other info.Now,click on “All Host Records” from the left side menu in Host Management tab.Enter that Cname Label/Host that we got in step 3 in the Host Name in Subdomain Settings,paste the CNAME Destination in IP Address/URL field and choose Cname Aliasfrom the Record type drop down menu.Hit save changes now.We have successfully verified our new domain to use Google Blogger.setup-namecheap-domain-in-blogger-blog
  5. Now,you can see two more fields above Subdomain settings.So,just fill them too.In the first  @ field ,type your full address of your domain including http://www. (So that when any user don’t type www. OR http:// he/she redirects to your blog.) in IP Address/URL and choose URL Redirect from the Record  Type drop down menu.setup-namecheap-domain-in-blogger-blog
  6. One more record we have to create in second field.In the  www field type “” in the IP address and Select Cname/Alias from the drop down menu.
  7. Now,go to your blogger account and click on Settings >Publishing>click Add a Custom Domain and enter your full domain name including www. And hit Save changes.


Congratulation! You have successfully setup your Namecheap Account With your blogger Blog.Have any query?Drop it in the below comments section.

Govind Choudhary

Govind Choudhary

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