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How to Set Up Google Analytics on Blogger full tutorial

By October 9, 20125 Comments
As i promise you in my previous post that after it soon, i will post on how to setup google analytics on Blogger platform Blog.So,today am ready to share that.As Its very important for Every Blogger to add Google Analytics to his/her Blog/website to track the Blog traffic,to know which referring sites send you best traffic,to know from which keywords Users find you(On Search Engine),from where users came to your blog and even how long they stayed,optimise the blog to get more traffic and much more.To read what it is and its features Read my previous post Google Analytics and  its awesome features just read my previous post.Now how to setup it into your Blogger Blog its too easy and doesn’t require Any technical skill.So,lets start and optimize your Blog.
Step 1: Set up Google Analytics Account 
First of all Go to Google Analytics and sign in using your Blogger Account info or can use a new account instead.
Now,click on ‘sign Up>>’ button and you will see a window in which you have to give General information such as Website URL, Account Name, Country, and Time Zone.

Continue this,and again a window appears asking for  Your First name,Last name and country just give all the info and press Continue.

After it,Your last step for sign up will ask you to accept the user agreement terms and conditions Just select the check box saying Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions.And hit Create New Account>>.

The next step is very important in this you have to copy the code which you have to paste in your Blogger template.Just select all the code(Very Careful while selecting,make sure any line doesn’t left,or just click in the box and press ctrl+A , the whole code will be selected)now copy it and paste in Notepad or MS Word Document for a while.As it will be used later.Now click on Save And Finish.

After this you will be taken to your Google Analytics Dashboard,there’s no data yet..As you haven’t add tracking code to your template yet.Now,you have to add Google Analytics tracking code to your Blogger template.

Step 2: Adding Google Analytics Code
This is not so difficult to add GA code.First of all go to your Blogger DashBoard,And click on Design Tab after it click on Edit HTML.This will show you code of your blogger template.I advice you to back up your template before proceed as if any mistake takes place while adding code,you can easily revert back to it.To download back up Just click on Download Full Template.Now the main part comes first just select the check box saying Expand Widget Templates And press Ctrl+f and search for It will be at the bottom of template code.Now open that Notepad file in which you Pasted Google Analytics Code and again copy and paste it just above in your template.Now save your page,you should not get any error.I assume that you have saved successfully your page.

You have Added Google Analytics Tracking code sucessfully.Now tells Google Analytics that You have Sucessfully Added the code in Blog Template.This all we will  do in Next Step.

Step:3 Confirm Google Analytics is Tracking

Go back into your Google Analytics account and look at your dashboard.You will see a little yellow exclamation mark under the “status” column .This shows that everything isn’t working properly yet which is fine because we are about to tell Google Analytics we just added the code.

After click on this link you will be taken in new window saying “Tracking Not Installed” following by link”Check Status”just click on the link to tell GA tht you have recently added tracking code to Blog template,So,that it can start  Tracking .

Now,in a new window you will see in Tracking “Waiting for data” that means Google Analytics code successfully added to your Blog

Just click on top left analytics logo and you will be taken to GA Dashboard and click on View Report and here only your blog related data will start appearing.Data can take a hour or more depend on the Blog traffic to appear.Now,you can check most popular posts,from where users comes and more and more related to your Blog.You can set Goals for Pagevies or Time spent by user on your blog,just give parameter and if parameter complete,GA will show you one Goal Completed.

Hope this post of mine will help you in installing Google Analytics to Blogger Blog.Do you like the post,then tell me by your comments,And yes don’t forget to  



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