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Twitter Added ‘Simpler Search’ With Autocomplete And Related Results [More]


Microblogging site Twitter added some improvements in their search.This update given name “Simpler Search” by the site in their official Blog post.Simpler search lets you search within the tweets of  folks you follow (Awaited feature),spell check,autocomplete  and its best part is showing related results of your query including hash tags and twitter handles.These Twitter updates are also live on Twitter for Android and Iphone.


In this twitter development “Simpler Search”,the most interesting feature for twitter addicts  is that which allowing them to search tweets from the people they follow.You can try searching ‘Jeremy Lin‘ that return his real name with couples of suggestions and filter for tweets from people you follow and top tweets.So,overall they updated the following improvements in Twitter Search results.

  1. Spelling corrections : If you made any mistake in typing ,they will automatically show the results for your intended query.
  2. Related suggestions : If you search for a topic for which people use multiple terms, twitter will provide relevant suggestions for terms where the majority of that conversation is happening on the microblogging site.
  3. Results with real names and twitter handle : When you search for a name like ‘Jeremy Lin,’ you will see results mentioning that person’s real name and their Twitter account username.
  4. Results from people you follow : Now,you can also see the tweets about a given topic from the folks you follow by hitting the ‘People you follow‘ link,as its a great way to find useful  information about a topic from your followers and join the discussion .
Changes in Twitter's Search Results
Changes in Twitter’s Search Results

 Readers: What do you say about these Twitter’s  ‘Simpler Search‘ updates.Do you like these changes in the site search results.I personally like the sites search results showing the tweets from my followers circle.As it makes very to easy to find information on any topic from my followers.Don’t forget to follow me on twitter to get my latest tweets.

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