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Google Launches Schemer- An Activity Recommendation Online Tool .Grab Invitation Here

Google Schemer -Latestonnet.com Recently Google comes with an Activity Recommendation Engine called-Schemer.At present the Service is in Beta and can not be join without Invitation.Now different question coming in your mind like What is Schemer,How to join Schemer ,how to get Started with Schemer etc.Don’t worry am gonna covers all these question in this Post.So,let started.
What is Schemer??
Schemer is an online tool introduced by Google to Discover stuffs to do ,Schedule them and Sharing “Schemes” among Friends,and make the most of your day,whether checking out a friend’s movie recommendation, or just finding new activities for your weekends.The Service allows Users to Choose “Schemes”  and let other know they are interested in doing them.Schemer keeps the complete Records of it.Schemer lets you define goals and mark the things you’ve already accomplished. There are many predefined schemes as an Example to get Start And user can Create a New one, interested thing is that when Any user Wants to do your Created Scheme,you will be marked “Inspired people to him”.You can check this Video for more info about it Introducing Schemer Video.
What is Scheme?
As in Schemer User discover and share “Scheme” A Scheme can be any Activity that can be done.There’s no limit for a User in Sharing his/her schemes.
How to get Start in Creating Scheme?
To get start in Schemer,you can create a New Scheme by the following the Below Easy Steps.
  1. Login to your Schemer Account.
  2. Now,to create a scheme Just enter the activity you want to do in “I Want To” and hit New scheme.
  3. Schemer
  4. Now Choose the Audience of your Scheme i.e Public OR Limted.In public you can’t Select the Schemer Users to (Heads Up) invite to do the same if he/she interested.Schemer3-
  5. After giving Audience and Create your Scheme,now you can invite your Schemer Friends to Add your Scheme as they wants to Be A Six Blogger.If he/she also wants to do your Scheme you will be marked Inspired People to him/her.To invite just enter their name  and send. Schemer4
  6. Now just fill the Scheme info,category of scheme And location.Its not necessary to add.Schemer5
  7. Once you done your Activity or fulfilled your Goal you can mark it I have Done.
How to Get Schemer Invitation?
You can get Schemer invitation by following two ways:
1.Either you can add your email to the waiting list and get the invite while Google sends them to you.Add your email by going to Schemer Homepage And Add me to Waiting List.
2.You can get invitation from me [Limited] if you want to Use Schemer Just Now.To get invitation from me you have follow some steps and if you completed the all following Steps,then just go Get Schemer Invitation and enter your Gmail Email ID[Only Gmail] with your Name OR you can comment with Your Gmail ID.That’s it only.You will get mail just after it with Schemer Invitation.
 Steps to follow to Get Schemer Invitation:
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