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What Is Pinterest And How It Can be Beneficial for Bloggers?

By November 4, 2012December 6th, 201212 Comments

You may heard  OR read about Pinterest craze here and there on the giant Internet And people sharing their Pinterest profile link on many social Networking sites such as Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus etc.Now many question arising in your mind such as what Pinterest it? Should i join it?How it can be beneficial especially for Bloggers?How can i join Pinterest? etc.Don’t worry am going to covers your all these questions in this post.So lets start!

What is Pinterest?

Well,Pinterest is a Social Networking sites which allows users to organise and share the *Pin from the Web and can repin others users Pin and links.Pinterest is very useful in browsing **Pinboards according to their interest and can take inspiration from users who share your interest.

*Pin: Pin here means to any image added to Pinterest. A pin can be added from a website using the Pin button and by giving the URL for pin OR can be uploaded from your Computer. Each pin added using the Pin button links back to the site it came from.

**Pinboards:A Pinboard here means to a set of Pins.It can be on any topic such as Cool posters,recipes etc.A Pinterest user can create unlimited Pinboards.Here Bloggers can add their Website/Blog as Pinboard and later can add pins to it.I will explain it further.

Why You Should Join Pinterest?

I think you should join Pinterest because it allows you to follow new people based on your interest.You are able to get new information based on your interest and it enables to share content in a whole new way.

Pinterest can be used as a way to browse and pass time.It can also helpful for collecting information,ideas,decorating homes, and share their favorite recipes.And if you are a Blogger/website owner you must join it due to following reasons in this post.

How Pinterest is useful for Bloggers?

Yeah ! Pinterest is beneficial for Bloggers/Website Owners if its being use in a right way.You can drive a lot traffic from it.Now you will say How?Let me explain this first you have to create a Pinboard for your site/Blog in your Pinterest Profile.To create a new pinboard just click Add+ at the top and choose create a board.Pinterest-A New Social Networking crazeNow,you will be asking for Board name here enter your Blog name,in category choose your appropriate category that fits your blog and select the Just me in Who can Pin,you can also choose Me+ contributors and have to add contributors name if he/she already on Pinterest or email to invite him/her to contribute your Pinboard in adding pins to it.

Pinterest-A New Social network craze

How to Add a Pin

To add a Pin first of all click Add+ again at the top of your Pinterest homepage and select Add a pin.After that you will be shown a window saying Add a pin just enter your Blog post URL in that and proceed with find images.After it select your Pinboard from drop down menu and enter your post description.Now it will fetch the image and it will show to your followers and in Pins tab in your profile.And now Pinterest user can like,comment and re-pin your pin if they find it interesting or helpful.In this way,Pinterest generates traffic to your Blog.Clicking on the Pin will take users to the website from where the image is pinned.

What is pinterest?

I have linked my Pinterest account to my Twitter profile,you also can do this by going to settings in drop down menu just below your profile pic.

Conclusion:Use a eye catching pic for your post on that Pinterest users interested in clicking over that and that lands to your website.

How Can You Join Pinterest?

Till the Website can be joined by invitation only .Either you grab it from any Friend that is already on Pinterest or Request an invite from them [this can take time].After receiving of invitation you can sign up from facebook as well as Twitter.If you want to get immediate invitation for Pinterest,then follow the following easy Steps and We will send you an invitation for Pinterest As soon as possible.

Steps to follow to get a Pinterest Invitation.

  1. Tweet and Like the post.
  2. Like Our Fan Page On Facebook.
  3. Add Us to Your Google Plus Circles.
  4. Subscribe to Our free Email Newsletter.

After doing all above steps just submit your email id via Contact Us Page.You will receive invitation within 5 minutes.

Hope you enjoy the post.Do you like Pinterest and how is your experience about it,tell us in below comments.Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest 😉



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  • Ahsan says:

    wow…another social network. I love to join it too. Thanks for share

  • Isabelle Ewers says:

    Pinterest is the most happening thing currently in the social network market and is also attracting lot of new people. To be honest I learned something new in this post even if its my first time to know.

    • Govind Choudhary says:

      Great !! Am Happy my post helped you in getting some info about the same.Stay connected,you will get something new here After ma exams.Thanks for passing by 🙂

  • I got the invitation from my friend yesterday. Will take time to join it. Thanks for sharing information about it.

  • Hi Govind
    I have heard this word often from my friends circle and I was very eager to know about this Pinterest. After reading your post I got an idea about it. Thanks.

  • George says:

    I agree with you, pinterest is good source of traffic, every blogger should require to join pinterest and update the post image regularly. Especially for fashion blog pinterest is best source.

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