How To Get Approved By Google Adsense [Ultimate Guide]

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Google Adsense is a program run by Google Inc. that gives an opportunity to Webmasters/Bloggers to get their content monetized through Text,Image,Video and rich media adverts and get paid on pay-per-click basis.No doubt Adsense is the best(My favorite :P) ad-network because it’s the highest paying ad-network,multiple Adsense products (monetize everything your website (even its search results),YouTube channel and your mobile site )full control on ads,easy earning tracking with lots of filters and options,easy reporting tool and most important it only shows the high quality relevant ads/targeted ads on your site.


Every blogger wants to earn huge money online and when we talks about Making Money online – Adsense is the best and easy way to earn if you have a blog or YouTube channel.Because in it we don’t have to pay extra efforts in earning except creating high quality content.But dreams of some newbies never completed because Google Adsense has a very strict approval rules  to reduce fake accounts,spam and fraud in the Network.That’s why only high quality blogs get Adsense approval but if you have a blog then i will teach you how to get Adsense approval fast with my working tips and experience.So,lets start!

Note: First I recommend you to read Google Adsense TOS  as it will solve your half of questions and queries such as Is your blog topic/niche adheres Adsense TOS and much more!

My Unforgettable Story Of Adsense!

My this blog(LatestOnNet.Com,Page Rank 1) was just 2 months old with around 10 posts.And i heard a lot about Adsense from my blogging fellows and their success.I thought to try it as soon as possible and i submitted my blog to Adsense.I was shocked to see the mail from them just after 2hr of submitting. It was fully approved within just 2hrs.I was so happy and you know what we do when we’re too happy or too sad.Yeah,you’re right we post it on the social sites like Facebook,twitter 😀


Posted in a Bloggers Group – “Bloggers Lounge”

And i also did the same and you know my blogging fellows were shocked to see this – “Fully Approved Adsense Account Within Just 2hrs”.Everyone asking, how man,give us some tips.I can’t write the post that time but today i am writing a full detailed concluded post to get your Adsense Account Approval fast.

How To Get Your Adsense Account Approved Fast

I assumes that you have a blog with custom domain(As Google stopped approving blogspot blogs nowadays.) and you have successfully submitted it to Google & Bing search engines with sitemap.

1. Grab an Awesome Template/Theme With Easy Navigation and Simple Layout – First of all your blog should look like a pro’s blog with easy navigation,eye catchy search box,social share buttons,google plus profile widget and links to your main pages like Privacy Policy,About,Disclaimer,Archives etc.

2. Write Quality Content – This is the ultimate thing to do,if you want to get success in your blogging life,if you dona it correctly your all dreams comes true i.e traffic,money,readership etc.One thing keep in mind while writing “Quality is always better than Quantity“.In long-term,How much articles/Post,don’t matter but how it’s matters.That’s why you can see my 10 post blog fully approved by Adsense within 2hrs.Writing post likes 5 tips to do this…that blah blah will not work anymore to earn money online in long-term as well as getting Adsense Approval.

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Adsense loves the blogs that updates unique informative post,how-to guides etc. with eye catchy titles.The articles should be in 500+ words as google does not like thin content sites looks like they’re created just for Adsense! Writing informative quality posts attracts visitors as well as reflects the quality of blog!You should have at least 30+ quality articles before applying for Adsense.

3. Create Privacy Policy Page – This is must thing to do before submitting blog to Adsense.Privacy policy discloses the way in which you can gather information from visitors and how their info can be used/managed.

You can use the site like – to create the privacy policy page by answering some questions related to cookies etc.

4. Set Up Social Media Account – Creating accounts/Pages on social media sites are very beneficial in many ways.First it increase traffic/readers of your   blog from these giant sites.Secondly these high ranked sites gives you a link back to your site.However,the link will be nofollow but it also matters a much to search engines.So,don’t forget to create your blog fan page on Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter,make board on Pinterest(Read our Ultimate Guide on Pinterest and how Bloggers can use it to get more traffic), Quora,Use stumble upon,make a YouTube channel etc.And put your site link in the starting of your description on these sites.

5. Check Your Blog Traffic From Search Engines – I have seen some newbie folks who’re so hurry to put Adsense ad code on their blogs and they keep submitting to Adsense every week.Let me clear one thing guys – If you’re not getting some traffic from search engines,your approved Adsense account can’t do nothing.As there will be no clicks,Will you do click on your own Ads 😛 (Never ever do this ,even to check,you can lose your a/c.) So,start writing quality content on some trending topics>>Use Social Media sites to drive traffic.And then try Adsense,you’ll be approved surely.

Even Google loves the quality Blogs that are getting nice traffic and having awesome user engagement!(They invites to use Adsense!)

6. Check & Grab Your Google AuthorshipGoogle authorship is awesome feature launched by Google some months back.It allows you to link your site content with Google+ profile.After successfully linked,it will show your G+ profile picture next to your content in the google searches.There’re more hidden benefit of it like – it will increase your google+ followers,increase your blog click-through rate (CPA),increase your industry authority.You can read this google page to set up Google Authorship and use this tool to check your authorship.


It will increase your chances to get Adsense Account Approved for sure.As it shows your ownership of your content and site.

7. Personal Information should be same as Domain WHOIS – Few days back i got a mail from newbie on the Adsense Blog Approval.He also send me the Adsense reply mail.And there one thing i noticed that the Adsense information we’re giving should match exactly as the Domain Registration Info(WHOIS).You can change Domain WHOIS before applying for Adsense and can change it after your application approved.Hope you got my point!


8. Write About Google Updates – If you have new blog then just write two-three posts on latest google updates and link the category to homepage.As Google loves the blog which spread their latest updates and news.Sometimes,it works to get Adsense account approved.

9. Keep Updating Blog During Adsense Approval  – Make sure your blog up to date before submitting and keep it updating till approval with quality posts.Because Google give priority to the blogs which are updating daily or once in two days with fresh quality content.If you can’t write just schedule the written posts with proper date!

10. Fill the Blank space of your Blog – Sometime we left our blogs sidebar empty that gives a bad  impression and shows that blog doesn’t have enough content to show.Just add some widgets like Social Media buttons with subscription form,Popular Posts,Recent Posts etc.Don’t add any fancy widgets.Just make it as Simple and professional way as you can!

11. Check For Broken Link Before Submitting– A broken link always gives a very bad impact.It shows the activeness of the webmaster to the blog.So,make sure you don’t have any broken link giving 404 errors,use plugins like Broken Link Checker (WordPress) OR hit to your Google Webmaster Tools >Health>Crawl Errors.

12. Double Check Your Blog URL & Personal Info While Submitting – Double check your blog link/URL if it have any typo as Adsense approve your application on the basis of your blog.Also check your personal info while submitting your blog to Adsense such as – Payee Name – Adsense payee name can’t be change later on once its given And payee should be at least 18 years old and have a bank account as Google will send you  cheque with the payee name you given.Address – Sometimes some folks enter their address in wrong format that leads to disapproval of their blog.The correct format of address is – Your House Number,street followed by your city name.

So,these are my views/experience on getting your adsense account approved!If you follow all these guidelines,I’m sure you’ll get your fully approved Adsense A/c.Did i miss anything OR you’ve anything something to share OR ask any query related to your blog then don’t hesitate to drop it in the below comment box! Stay subscribed to us and bookmark(Ctrl+D) this post as i will update it if i got any working Adsense approval tip,i’ll be back with some great informative post on Adsense like How to Resubmit your blog to Adsense,How to report a fraud click issue in Adsense and How to earn more with Adsense [Ultimate Guide].

Thanks for giving your precious time! Have a great Day!

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  • Ajay says:

    Can you help me my blog http://blog2u.tkis disapprove issue : site does not comply with google policies plz help

    • First Google do not approve any application with the extension/domain (.tk) , (.cc) etc.So,first grab any top level domain like .com,.in and put some informative content in it not the post like you writing “When to travel alone…” blah blah.You can’t monetize Personal Blog with Adsense.So,make the blog like pro,put an simple structured theme,write atleast 20 unique quality post and follow my above mentioned steps.And i’m sure you will get your blog approved from Adsense in first try.I hope you got my points 😉

  • I really liked your article. it’s really informative . thanks for sharing as getting adsense approval is not easy.

  • will be trying it on my site and next thing is that have any such tricks that if i have even some hacking tips in my blog ,,i can approve google adsense

    • Hey Abhishek,
      According to Google Tos ” Placement of Google ads is not permitted on websites that promote any form of hacking or cracking. Hacking and cracking content is content that provides users with instructions or equipment that tampers with or provides illegal access to software, servers, or websites.” So, make sure you’re not violting this TOS. You can read more about the Prohibited content in Adsense Application from here —>

  • Really informative but How will you justify my blog being rejected.

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