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New Iphone Vulnerability Lets Anyone Bypass Passcode With Esoteric Steps

There is a new bug found in the Latest iOS update i.e  iOS6.1,allows anyone to bypass passcode/lock-screen and access Iphone contacts,photo,voicemail,apps etc. The vulnerability was first discovered by a YoutTube user –videosdebarraquito.


However,the method for bypassing iOS devices passcode is little bit complicated.According to The Verge,just by making an emergency call(and immediately cancelling it)and holding down the power button twice will bypass iOS device passcode.Below is the video from The Verge,explaining how the iOS6.1 vulnerability lets you bypass Iphone passcode.

Fortunately,Apple Guys are aware of the issue and in a Statement to AllThingD,An Apple Spokesperson said “We’re aware of this latest iOS bug and will deliver a fix in Future software update” Hope they guys will come up with a fix soon ASAP.

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One comment
  1. Kayla

    I love reading up on anything like this when it comes out, its so interesting. I am not sure how much of a problem something like this could ever really be as most people just like to use the lock as a casual layer of protection but I would definitely want it fixed if i was an owner.

    Anything that shows apple up (even a little) is also a enjoyable read in my book!

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