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Microsoft Launches Bing Translator App For Windows


Microsoft today launched its Bing Translator App for windows including windows RT. This Bing  translator app is only available for windows Modern UI/Metro mode, which supports 40 languages, also allows users to download  languages packs for offline use and most awesome feature — camera-based translations.Lets know more about the feature of Bing Translator App.

Amazing Features Of Bing Translator App for Windows

  1. Text Translation – Microsoft’s Bing Translator App allows you to type and translate into 40+ languages.
  2. Camera translation – Bing Translator App is only having the feature that allows you to Translate signs, menus, newspapers, or any printed text with your device’s camera in an instant without taking any photo.Isn’t it amazing?

Camera Translation Using Bing Translator App (Click to Enlarge)

Offline Translation – Wants to translate any text in offline mode? Just download the Translator’s Offline languages pack and you  can trasnlate anything at any time without connecting to Internet.

Automatic Language Detection – Don’t know the  language you  are translating from? The Bing Translator Automatic Language detection  check the source of language from the text you’re viewing.

Text To Speech –  Hear your translations spoken with a native speaker’s accent.This feature of Bing Translator App need Internet.So,before trying make sure having an active internet connection.

Languages Supported By Bing Translator App

However, this is not a big hit of Microsoft as Google’s Android Translate App have all these features with 70 languages to type and translate.

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Readers : Do you like Bing Translator App? Whom you prefer to use Google Translate OR Bing Translator App? Share with us in the below comments.

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