How Microsoft Has Impacted my Life? What are my future Plans as MSA?

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Update –  20 August 2014:  I’ve selected as the Microsoft Student Associate for the year 2014-15. Thank you Microsoft and readers without your blesssing, it wasn’t possible. If anyone need any type of help, information about Microsoft programs for students like MSA and MSP(Microsoft Student Partner) do comment in the comment section or you can reach to me via mail ([email protected]).


Microsoft Student Associate Program 2014-15

Microsoft – The word, the brand, the company and Tech giant, i don’t think it needs some introduction. But, we’ll take a depth tour to Microsoft products and its innovative technologies and i will also share how the Tech giant impacted my life and What is Microsoft Student Associate program and what are my plans as MSA.

Microsoft not only impacted the person individually but it impacted the World, it revolutionized the computing era. Microsoft is everywhere and in everyone lives be it through innovative operating system windows from MS-DOS to Window 8 with stunning features, Microsoft office bundle makes the life of corporate and normal user so easier and comfortable that they can edit and customise the document on a go, Microsoft Windows Devices – Nokia Lumia, surface pro etc. to extend the platform of windows , Microsoft Xbox – A dream product of every hard-core gamer, Microsoft Skype keeps everyone stay connected from any part of the world, Microsoft Virtual Academy – most helpful and favorite online learning platform for students to increase their skills in creating web apps and development, Microsoft Bing – the best clean search engine ever made and much more.


Microsoft Student Associate

How Microsoft Has Impacted my life?

Being a Tech Enthusiast and passionate towards Technology and computing since my Childhood, Microsoft has given a lot to me from my childhood to now. I had my personal computer in my class 6th and since then I’m using Microsoft Products and services. And sometimes, i think it wasn’t possible without the Tech giant – Microsoft. The first my Microsoft product obviously was its Operating system – Windows, without it i don’t think i was able to start it 😛 Microsoft has given to me everything according to my need and requirements. As soon as i got my first PC i used to use Microsoft Paints for drawing and editing pics. And as soon as my teachers started giving assignments and projects to me, i got my Office for cheap and started to use Powerpoint and Word to take notes from web ; and making, designing projects file. Even at that time Microsoft captured the online era and i used to MSN Search engine for searching the web.

I entered my senior secondary class using these Microsoft Products. And in my secondary class, i came to know about the World of Blogging from my online friend. And from there, i started Blogging! My requirements increased ; so there’s Microsoft product. I used to and even now use Microsoft Live Writer to write posts easily and publish on the web. I always prefer MLW in comparison to other writing software as it was smooth with lots of features and options. And now when i need to share a file to my readers i used Microsoft One Drive to store and easy sharing with users. When i need to create a Video, i always use and prefer Microsoft’s Windows Movie Maker. And as a student  i uses Microsoft Virtual Academy to learn more about Microsoft Products and to grow my skills in the computing era like developing apps and much more. 

And now I’m very happy to see Microsoft is capturing the computing and Tech era. It acquired Nokia, so i can see the growth of Nokia devices. It acquired the instant calling and messaging service – Skype to be the pioneer in social messaging and corporate world. And Microsoft, doesn’t stopped till, they’re working hard to creating new milestones and amazing products and services for the people.


Microsoft Student Associate Program

 What is Microsoft Student Associate Program? And What are my future plans as MSA?

Microsoft Student Associate Program is a bridge for the technology passionate students and geeks to share knowledge and solve problems of the society using the innovative products and services of giant Microsoft. So,if you are Tech enthusiast and a Microsoft Geek, and wants to bring your talent to the front, then MSA is a great opportunity for you. Just apply for MSA, by filling this online application form and enjoy the awesome journey with the tech giant.

My Future Plans As Microsoft Student Associate.

#1 . Being a Tech blogger, coder, Microsoft Geek and a Social Media Expert user, i will share the words about the Microsoft Products and its latest Technology with the online world and my readers through my blogs – – A popular Tech Blog and FacebookFever.Com –  Leading unofficial Facebook Blog and my social media circles. Wait!, I‘ve already a separate section for Microsoft for its Latest Product Updates and How-to’s on, you can check out all the articles from here.

#2. I will organize campaign and events in my campus to promote MS products, services and will create their interest in MS. I also own a Facebook page and group of my college, that i used to and will use to keep my collegeouses about Microsoft’s Latest Updates and Products. I will motivate them to register for MSA (Microsoft Student Associate), MSP (Microsoft Student Partner) according to their skills and ability ; those who like coding with creativity, will suggest them to join MSP and who like to learn more about the courses and want to develop their skills; will suggest them to join Microsoft Virtual Academy.

#3. As a blogger and a Microsoft Geek, i will also try to  solve the problems of my surroundings people and friends using Microsoft products ; and will guide them to ” how can they utilize a particular MS product / service in a better way.

#4. I will discuss among the Tech savvier and will work on creating Windows apps to make the life easier using the Technology provided by the Microsoft like creating apps on women safety and health.

#5: I will motivate the students to get benefits by participating in different Microsoft Student Program and how these can help them in boost up their job opportunity.

Thanks for reading! Wish me the luck for Microsoft Student Associate!


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