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How To Copy Direct Link From Google Search Results

By November 6, 2014One Comment

Have you ever tried to copy a link from Google Search Results page? If yes, then you must be ended up with a long crappy link consisting of random letters, symbols and numbers, however the link you tried to copy is not that so long. It’s the Google link that redirects to the actual page of the search result that you’re copying. And Google uses these long redirecting links in searches to track who clicks on which searches that helps them to make search results better.


But if we see as a user side there are two issues here, First your Google search activities are being tracked by the search engine and secondly you can’t copy a direct link from Google search results page. Suppose, you stumbled upon a good informative article on the web, now you wants to share the link of the article with your friend, so you just Google it using some keywords and you got the article indexed in search results page but when you copy link of the article, there is a long ugly link copied instead the article direct URL. Of course, you can visit the destination address and copy the URL from the address bar but that will  be a longer process and will eat your both time as well as your internet bandwidth.
And if you’re a Blogger then you can easily understand the issue here. As i also came to know about it yesterday, when i was removing some indexed pages of LatestOnNet.Com using links from Google search results. So, either i had to type the full URL of page i want to deindex or had to copy link by visiting pages as deindexing those redirecting links from search results is of no use. So, after some surfing i came to know about a Firefox addon to hide those crappy links and it saved my one and half hour. Can you believe this? During surfing i came to know, most of the users are not aware of this, why no blog about it? And here’s the post.

How to Copy Direct Link From Google searches In Firefox Browser

If you’re a Firefox browser user, then just install Google Search Link Fix add-on and it will solve your both the above problems. Thanks to Wladimir for developing such a nice addd-on.

This add-on prevents Google, Yahoo and Yandex search pages from modifying search results link that enables user to copy destination address directly from search results and secondly it helps your privacy by preventing search engines from tracking your search activities as you’re not using Google redirecting links. Check out the below screenshots to understand this add-on better.

Before Installing Firefox Add-on


Can you see the redirecting link at the bottom?

In the above screenshot, as you can see the link to Mozilla Firefox website is something like this,,d.c2E

But take a look to the below screenshot. You’ve the non-redirecting original destination link of the web page. You can copy link by right clicking and selecting ‘Copy link location’.

After Installing Firefox Add-on


And here is the clean Link to Firefox Website without any Google redirecting link.

How to Copy Direct Link From Google searches In Chrome Browser

For Chrome browser, install Chrome extensions like Don’t Track me Google and Copy real URL that will hide the redirecting URL and enable you to copy direct URL from Google search results.

How to Copy Direct Link From Google searches In Opera Browser

For Opera Browser install No Google Search Redirect add-on for sorting out the same issue.

Hope you liked our tutorial to hide Google redirecting links from search results. If you have any type of query about it, drop it in the below comments section. And don’t forget to share this with your friends so that they never face such issue in future and they can easily send you any link copying from search results 😉

Top Image Credit: Lifehacker
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    Awesome tutorial.

    Until now, I wasn’t aware of this – especially the addon for the Chrome browser.

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