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How to Hide Promoted Tweets, Accounts and Trends

Being a regular user of Twitter, you might have observed that there is one line mentioning ‘promoted by X’ (X is the name of the company or person who have promoted it) below few tweets, accounts and trends. These promoted accounts, tweets and trends are to promote their content or accounts.

Promoted Accounts

Accounts are promoted with the intention that they may get more number of followers. Interaction with people using the account is another intention behind the promotion of accounts. You can observe these promoted accounts in various places across the Twitter platform like home timelines, search results and who to follow.

Promoted Tweets

Tweets that are purchased by the advertisers to promote their upcoming product or something else, are called as promoted tweets. These promoted tweets are used to increase the awareness or to promote the product among the people. You can observe these promoted tweets in the search results, enhanced profile pages, home timelines, official twitter clients and third-party Twitter clients.

These promoted tweets are same as the regular ones; you can comment, retweet, favourite etc. to these promoted tweets.

Promoted Trends

Extension of promoting tweets is promoted trends. Users can see context, time and event-sensitive trends promoted by the advertisers with these promoted trends. These trends are exactly same as the trending topics. The only difference between them is that the promoted trends are purchased ones by the advertisers.


Hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends

These promoted tweets, accounts and trends are highlighted on Twitter to separate them with the regular content. Promoted things are not that disturbing unless you decide that the space in which these promoted tweets, accounts and trends are occurring can be used for better work.

There is no direct way or option to get rid of these promoted tweets, accounts and trends. So, in order to hide them, you need to install and use few extensions.Yes! Using extensions to hide promoted content from Twitter is the simplest and the best way.

For Google Chrome users ‘Remove Promotions for Twitter’ is the best and widely used extension.

For Firefox users ‘Bad Bird Blocker’ is one of the extensions that can be used to hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends on Twitter.

These add-ons do not offer any options, and work with ease without the interaction of users. Another point to be noted is that, these extensions are not only for the Chrome or Firefox users, but also the for the ones who are using other browsers that support these extensions.


These were the simple ways through which you can hide or remove promoted tweets, accounts and trends. So, hiding promoted things on Twitter will not be a tough task anymore. Share these tips to hide promoted tweets, accounts and trends with your friends and help them out. Even don’t forget to share your tricks, which you use to hide promoted things on Twitter.


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