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Migrating Blog from Blogger to WordPress

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The Blogger would have been the first platforms for the majority of new bloggers, but sometimes one might want an upgrade or a new environment to host the webpage.  It would be a Himalayan task to change archives of web pages from one platform to another if the platforms are not flexible and user friendly. Things are easier between the WordPress and several other platforms. WordPress allows importing of contents from other platforms like blogger etc.


Why switch from blogger to WordPress

  • Better design: WordPress provides with more number of designing options. This is because most of the designers prefer WordPress to Blogger, as WordPress is more famous when compared to Blogger. In WordPress we can design our site into any desired one, without worrying about anything.
  • Better SEO: No doubts that WordPress is best for SEO, as Blogger uses long pages which are filled with HTML (for doing things), making it less SEO friendly. WordPress is the better option to attract traffic and rank high on search engines.
  • Easy to manage: Compared to Blogger, WordPress is easier to handle. We can experience any change within seconds with a single click. One can also handle multiple sites from one dashboard in WordPress, which is really advantageous when compared to Blogger.
  • Full control: WordPress provides you with complete flexibility with no restrictions on the type of content and promotion strategies we use. Our blog won’t get deleted until we violate the rules (which are really flexible) of the hosting company.
  • Easy to sell: People prefer to buy WordPress blogs to blogs hosted at Blogger. This due to many reasons which prove that WordPress is better.
  • Faster loading: WordPress blogs load faster by default when compared to Blogger blogs. This is because Blogger uses one page of HTML. We can use different plugins provided by WordPress, if the blog’s loading time is more than the default time.
  •  Plugins: In WordPress we are provided with many plugins through which we can do everything and anything.

Moving from Blogger to WordPress

Migrating from Blogger to WordPress has been made very simple. Once the WordPress domain name and hosting space ready all you need is a Blogger importer plug-in, which is a free tool developed by the open source community of the WordPress. This importer plug-in ensures that one keeps their subscribers, ranking and traffic intact after migrating to the new platform.

  • On the administration page of the personal WordPress site, select the import option from the Tools.
  • Select the “Blogger” option among the other platforms and click install on the new window. Activate the plug-in and run the importer.
  • The next step one has to access your blogger account from the new WordPress account. Once WordPress is authorized to access the blogger account, the link directly takes you to Google account.
  • After allowing access to WordPress, the next page will provide the details of the contents of the blogger web space. One can find import buttons for the posts, images, links separately and a status bar to indicate the progress.
  • After the completion of the import, the next level is author mapping. This enables the user to connect the contents to a particular author from the WordPress, which is your new username in the WordPress blog.
  • Once the author has been mapped and the changes are saved, the contents would have been migrated.

Managing the redirection

  • In order to retain the subscribers & rankings, one has to redirect the traffic to the new WordPress site. To achieve that,  use the “Blogger to WordPress” plugin in the admin page.
  • After the activating the plug-in go to blogger to WordPress redirection in Tools and start the configuration.
  • The imported Blogger page will be displayed here. On clicking the Get Code button, a code will be generated. Copy the code and login to your blogger.
  • Click Edit HTML, in the template menu on the theme which is currently being used.
  • After taking a backup of the present code, paste the generated code from the WordPress and save the template. The redirection should work fine after this step.
  • To redirect the RSS feed and subscribers a few changes have to be made in blogger settings. In the Other settings, in post feed redirect URL Link, add the current WordPress feed URL and save the changes.

Switch to WordPress without losing rankings

The very first thing that we need to do is to import our Blogger blog into WordPress. For this we can follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Click on ‘Tools’ option provided on the left panel of WordPress, followed by choosing the ‘Import’ option.


  • By doing this a popup displaying a message to install blogger importer will appear.
  • Install this plugin and then click on ‘Activate Plugin and Run Impoter’ to continue.
  • Now another screen asking for our permission to authorize WordPress will appear. Click on ‘Authorize’ option. After this it will direct to Google Accounts page, click on ‘Allow Access’ option.
  • Now, we will be redirected to the WordPress page where we will find our blog name with ‘Import’ option next to it.
  • By clicking on this option, every post will be imported from Blogger to WordPress, asking us to assign an author for those posts. We can assign them to any one of the existing author.

The second thing that we need to do is to setup permalinks. This can be done by following these steps:

  • Select ‘Settings’ option followed by ‘Permalinks’ option.
  • Then choose ‘Month and Name’ option. By doing this we can set our permalink structure.

Now we need to redirect the feeds. This can be done by:

  • Going to settings in our Blogger account, followed by ‘Other’ option.
  •  Under the site feed, we need to click the add option beside ‘Post Feed Redirect URL’ and enter our  WordPress site’s feed address.

Following these steps ensure the contents are migrated and the traffic, rankings & subscribers are kept intact. If you have any queries or problems while migrating your blog from Blogger to WordPress platform, then let us know below through comments. We will try our best to clarify your queries.

Govind Choudhary

Govind Choudhary

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