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Top 10 Social Media Tools Recommended by the Pros


In today’s world where the communication is vastly virtual, social media plays an important role in our everyday life. But it’s very tricky to keep track of all the social networks at once since they are a handful. The attempt to balance your attention at all the networking site is not only scrumptious but also time consuming and at times scary. To save time and pay attention to all these sites, thankfully, there are a lot of software or social media tools which may be aid to you.


  1. Crowdbooster: Unlike the general social media tools this one doesn’t segregate all the social networks at one place. Crowdbooster rather is an analytical tool that helps you to determine social networking strategy so that you can achieve maximum number of views for a particular post. It provides you with recommendations to increase engagement and total reach and will analyze your impression too.
  2. Buffer: One of the most handy social media tool available which helps in scheduling your posts. Buffer helps you to maintain day long posting in a number of social media sites at just one click. It also helps in analyzing the engagement and reach of your posts. It acts like a queue which staggers the posts across the day according to the time you set and the sites that have been saved. It also allows you to keep two members in one account.
  3. HootSuite: HootSuit is like the king of all social media tools. This tool gains its popularity from the fact that it is an all in one package. Not only it allows you to maintain all your social networks but also helps in tracking chat, analyzing the campaign strength and scheduling the posts according to convenience which will guarantee maximum view of your post.
  4. Bitly: This social media tools can come handy in cases where you have to limit your posts to a certain number of characters. Bitly helps in shortening links that are to be shared on the sites. However apart from acting as a link shortening tool, it also helps in tracking and analyzing posts and clicks and helps in bookmarking the favorite posts.
  5. Spreadfast: If you are looking for something that will gather all the data you need from various social sites, Spreadfast is social media tool for you. Apart from that it also helps in detecting your target audience and helps you reach them. Spreadfast also helps you to maintain calendar which will optimize posting times so that it gains maximum popularity.
  6. Tweepi: Tweepi is the social media tool which aids in tidying up Twitter account. It helps in bulk following and unfollowing, filtering the inactive lot and also helps in following the interesting tweets. Another feature of this app is supercharging your followers.
  7. SocilaOomph: SocialOomph is the app which allows users to clump all the social networking site together for easy maintenance. It allows scheduling tweets for a whole day and also helps in auto-following of your follower to increase audience base and popularize.
  8. Sprout Social: Another handy social media tool which eases management of various social sites, Social Sprout allows you to post, monitor and manage several accounts through a single page. It also helps in monitoring messages through the inbox features. Critical analysis of posts is another feature which this app offers.
  9. Everypost: When it comes to posting at all the various sites at once, Everypost is the app to go to. It allows the users to just type the post, add pictures, videos and hash tags publish it on all the social sites at once. It is also helpful in shortening the posts in case of sites which are character number specific.
  10. IFTTT: IFTTT is not only a managing app; it also allows linking various social networks together. It gives you an update of your favorite magazines and sites. It also helps in posting updates automatically when you publish a blog. It connects about 90 channels together and the best part is it works well with other social media tools like Buffer and HootSuite.

These are the top Social Media tools (according to Caseo, a social media marketing agency) that you can use and also don’t forget to share the Social Media tools that you use.

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