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When we hear ‘Amazon‘, most of us imagine the major e-commerce store, but from now on, when talking about Amazon, most of us will remind of their Amazon Echo, the stylish speaker with voice control feature. CNET has stated that ‘The Echo may be the closest thing you will have to star Trek computer at home’.


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Are you impressed with its attractive look and wish to learn more about this great gadget, here is the Amazon Echo Review to keep you informed about the features, before actually spending your hard-earned money:

What is Amazon Echo?

The great thing about this uniquely designed speaker is that it is designed around your voice. It might be hard to believe that this is completely a hands-free speaker and wherever you are in your room, the speaker can get your command and can follow the same hands raised. With beam-forming technology and seven microphones, Amazon Echo can listen to you even when music is playing. Your family will be impressed with the high quality sound.

In short Amazon Echo is the voice activated device that is 24×7 connected to cloud and wakes up when it hear its name ‘Alexa’ (It can be changed later) and then responds to your query. Here are some of the commands we’ve given to echo:

  • “Alexa, play my music”.
  • “Alexa, set a timer for 3 minutes”.
  • “Alexa, set up a Taylor Swift playlist”.
  • “Alexa, tell me a joke.”
  • and amazon echo commands list goes on…

Image : Amazon

Have you heard about Alexa?

Alexa is nothing, but a cloud-based voice service and Amazon Echo, connects to this service to help you out, regardless of whether you wish to know the weather report, latest news updates, play music to relax yourself or you need answers to some of your questions. Just ask whatever doubts you have, Alexa will answer you. The system will begin to work immediately it identifies the wake word from your voice and the convenience here is that you can choose either Amazon or Alexa as your wake word. An Amazon Echo Amazon review, posted in USA Today reads that ‘Echo could hear my voice even when music was playing aloud’. Thanks to the far-field voice recognition feature. Want to learn more about the excellent features of this enthralling speaker, read on:

Far-field Voice Recognition


Sensors use beam forming technology

Seven microphones are attached attractively under the light ring and these sensors make use of beam-forming technology to hear you from any direction. Even when the speaker is playing your favorite music, it can listen to your questions, with enhanced noise cancellation feature.

amazon echo technology

Image: Amazon

Just get answers to your queries:

Do you believe that keywords are associated with search engines alone? No, Amazon echo user reviews state that this speaker uses on-device keyword recognizing for identifying the wake word used. Once the wake word is identified, it just lights up and streams audio to the Cloud. Once this happens, the requests are responded with the Alexa Voice Service. What is the technology behind? Let us find here:

Technology behind Amazon Echo?

All you have to do to bring Amazon Echo to life is to say the wake word or just press the action button on the top of the speaker. Even, you can press and hold the talk button on the remote that is sold separately and then you can just ask any question like ‘Will it rain today?’ or you can also direct the speaker to add some items to your shopping list. Even, you can ask her to play your favorite song as well. As soon as the order is received, it will be processed in the Cloud to satisfy your requirement. The device can also share your exchange information with third party services to satisfy your requirements.

More you use better will be the features!

Yes, the brain behind Echo, The Alexa is built in the Cloud. So, it will get smarter and smarter when you continue to use it. The reason is that the more you use, the more will it get adapted to your speech patterns and your slang and of course, your personal preferences. Can you imagine such an assistant with you, who can rightly understand and satisfy your requests?

New skills are added every now and then

New capabilities are getting added to Echo then and there. Yes, recently many new features were added like Google Calendar Access, Audiobooks from Audible, Traffic reports and many more worth to mention features.

How about quality of sound?

Without any doubt, you can get crisp vocals with dynamic bass response. Do you wish to fill your room with relaxing music? This is the right purchase. Yes, the dual downward-firing speakers can produce 3600 omni-direction audio and so you will get the music pouring to your ears and your nerves regardless of the corner of the room you are in. The hands-free voice control will get you out of the hassle of searching for the remote control every time you wish to change the playlist. You can just order it and your Echo will take care of the rest. Now, your question would be ‘Is Amazon Echo worthy? Let us find here:

Is it a worthy investment?

It is true that voice assistants are not new to the market. But, so far Cortana, Google Now and Siri are restricted to devices on Microsoft, Google and Apple platforms respectively. It is true that Amazon does not have its own, but let us never forget that Amazon is in the mobile device business for long. In addition, having a gadget that can listen to your commands inside your house is something exciting, isn’t? So, it is worth an investment.

Furthermore, using Echo is easy and you can almost use it immediately without the requirement of any technical knowledge. You just need not have to learn a set of clunky commands and when you start speaking to the Echo in a natural language, you will get what you are looking for.  Many Amazon echo user reviews, clearly explain the excellent working of microphones in listening to the commands, even when music is playing at a huge volume. Click here to read echo users review on amazon.


When talking about the worth of the gadget, you will be interested in knowing Amazon Echo price and it costs $199 at For the members of Amazon Prime, it is available at the cost of just $99. When you are looking for Amazon Echo Price India, you can get it at the same cost but it’s not launched in India till.

Can you imagine a well-connected home?

You will surely be surprised to know that not just for some virtual things like adding items to your shopping list and selecting song lists, you can also use your Echo to switch on the lamp before you wake up at night. When you are simply reading your favorite novel, you can ask the speaker to turn on the fan or space heater or even you can dim the lights when you want to watch a movie. All these things can be done without even raising your hands. The reason is that Echo can work with devices like switches and fans from Philips Hue and Belkin WeMo. You can get starter kits for easy set up to get all these things done.

What does Echo constitutes?

review of amazon echo

Image: Amazon

It is made up of the following components:

  • Volume ring at the top
  • Reflex port for enhancing the woofer output, so that the users can get deeper sounds without any distractions
  • The 2.5 inch woofer will deliver deep bass response
  • The 2.0 inch tweeter will crisply hit the hit notes

With just a height of 9.25 inches and breath of 3.27 inches, you can just place the Echo on the center table in your living room and can control the device from any corner of your house.

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What do expert reviews state?

Cnet states that ‘the feature 360-degree sound is highly likeable’, while Business Insider calls it ‘Pretty good’. GigaOm calls it ‘elegant’. When it comes to Critic Reviews, it has scored 7.7 out of 10, while Amazon Echo Review India done by users have given it a score 8.1 out of 10. According to Steve Beck, “voice-command shopping with Echo could be the future”.
This is a good rating given both by technicians and normal users. For those looking for home use, user reviews can be more valuable as compared to critic reviews, which will be essential for Tech-savvies. So, the decision is yours now. You can read all user reviews on this amazon echo page.

How does it work?

The Echo comes pre-registered to the account of the individual placing order for it. So, as soon as the owner connects the speaker to the Wi-Fi, he can gain access to the Amazon’s Prime Music Service with the music stored in his music account. The great thing here is that it will have digital copies of any CDs that might have been ordered by the owner in the past with Amazon.

Even, it can dray the TuneIn and iHeartRadio for content, but for using these services, you will have to enter account information in the Echo App .

To conclude, it is true that you cannot carry Echo, wherever you go and can just use it only in your home, just because it does not come with any battery and you will have to plugin to use it, it is an excellent device that can listen to your commands. It can work as your personal assistant, meeting all your requirements and can also be placed in a small space in your house due to its tiny design. The hands-free operation will impress you like it had done so far, to many users. Click here to by Amazon echo for $179.99 today with some great offers.

The below Amazon echo video will give you a better idea and for all user reviews, latest price and offers available on echo, check out this amazon echo page.

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