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How to Register iPhone 7 and 7 Plus Online for Warranty?



Since you have pre-booked your new iPhone 7, which is now about to rule the market as the beast, you need to make sure that whether the iPhone you are about to get is registered for the warranty or not. Unless bought from an unauthorized seller, every Apple product bought is automatically registered for warranty; the only thing you need to do is check for the warranty period. So you need not register your Apple iPhone 7 manually to receive technical assistance. Since the iPhone 7 is a high-end device, making sure that you iPhone 7 is registered for warranty or not is advisable.


First and the foremost thing you need to do is avoid buying your iPhone 7 through any seller that hasn’t received any authorization to sell Apple products. It not only makes your warranty null and void but also makes you liable for legal jurisdiction. To make sure you are buying from an authorized seller, look up for certificates or paperwork for authorization in an offline transaction or go for trusted sites like Amazon or from the official Apple site itself if you are buying online. As long as you buy the properly authorized product, your iPhone 7 is automatically registered for a single year of manufacturer warranty.

The next step is to check whether your iPhone 7 is registered for warranty or not or wants to check how much of warranty period is left if you want to extend your warranty on iPhone 7.

How to Check iPhone 7 Warranty Online?

The best and most effective way to check your warranty is through the official Apple site here. This site directly takes you to the page where you will be asked to enter you iPhone 7 serial number.

You can get this product serial number from the invoice or you can access it by Going to Settings > General > About and get your serial number along with other details.


Enter the serial number in the “enter your hardware serial number” dialogue box and input the captcha. Your total device details including date of purchase and total warranty period remaining will show up.

Valid Purchase Date – This confirms your purchase of the iPhone 7

Telephone Technical Support – This will show active and the date of expiration if validity exists or else will show expired and whether you are eligible to get Applecare protection plan extended the warranty.

Repairs and Service Coverage – If your repair and service coverage is active, the expiration details will show up. If expired, then your eligibility for Applecare protection plan will show up.

Covered by the AppleCare Protection Plan – This tab will only show up if you have activated your Applecare protection plan.

This is the same way to check iPhone 7 Plus warranty online.

In general, all Apple products come with a limited warranty of one year. You can extend them up to 3 years through the Applecare protection plan. In short, you need not register your iPhone 7 online for warranty, since all warranty are registered on your legal purchase.

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