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How to Setup Firefox Profiles In Windows and Mac

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Mozilla Firefox has always been a very user-friendly internet browser. Most of its features concentrate mainly on simplicity and speed. Similar is the case with its profile manager. Firefox simply saves your personal information, bookmarks, passwords and user preferences in a different location. You can also save multiple profiles and switch between them according to your requirements. All this can be done with the Profile Manager and you don’t need any third party applications to set up your profile. Let us check how you can set up a profile on Firefox.


What’s Profiles in Browser and What’s the actual use of them?

Profiles in the browser it’s like user accounts on your computer. Each user account is having a single browser profile but you can keep more than one browser profile in a user account. Each browser profile keeps its own cookies, passwords, browser extension, history, preferences and everything else.

Profiles in firefox browser is useful in many ways like:

  • You can setup the different profile for personal use, work, any testing of extension or for secure browsing. I personally use, two different Firefox profile one for my SEO and Blogging thing and one for my personal use. So, all the SEO extension, Blogging Resources bookmarks and all other things I require for my work are in this profile and for my personal use, I use my personal browser profile. Every social or online account of my blogs are signed-in in work profile while my personal account and social channels I manage from my personal account.
  • If you don’t want to go with the separate user account on your computer and also want to keep the browsing data and personal things safe and separate then you can go and create a separate firefox browser profile. For example, your brother uses your computer sometimes only for browsing and online stuff then you can go ahead and create a different browser profile for him so that your browser history and personal information are safe and separate as well as his.

Now, lets learn how to setup Firefox profile in Windows and Mac.

Firefox Profile Setup for Windows

Setting up a new profile on Windows is a very easy task. Let us take a step by step walk-through to understand how to set up a new profile for windows.

  • Close Firefox completely. You can restart the system to ensure that Firefox is completely closed and not running in the background.
  • Click ‘Start’ and then select the ‘Run’ option. On systems using Windows 8 you can simply press windows button + R to access the run command. In the run command, type firefox.exe -p and press enter. OR just paste this line in your search bar at the bottom > C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” -p and hit enter.
  • This will open up the profile manager. By default, you’ll see a single profile name “Default”.  In the profile manager, select ‘New’, to create a new profile and then enter a name for the new profile. If you don’t want a profile simply, open this Profile manager and click delete profile that will delete all your personal information, passwords, cookies, and cache.
  • If you don’t want to see the profile manager at startup, select the default profile to use and check “Use the selected profile without asking at startup”.


  • Once, you created your secondary browser profile, select the profile to use and click start firefox.

Accessing Firefox Browser Profile In Windows

To access the firefox profiles, all you need to do is again, paste this address in your search bar > C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -p -no-remote

It will open the same Firefox Profile Manager window from where you can manage your profiles and select the profile you want to use now. Follow the same procedure to jump into another profile while one is still running.

Create Shortcut for Different Firefox Profile

To access or switch between different firefox browser profile you can also setup custom shortcut on your desktop. All you need to do is, just copy existing firefox icon and right click the newly icon, go to properties and paste this line in target field > C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe -p -no-remote 


Firefox Profile Setup For Mac

Mac users can also access the profile manager to create a new profile for Firefox. Let us go, through the process for better understanding.

  • Close the Firefox browser completely. The program should not be running or the process won’t work.
  • You need to launch Terminal to gain access to the profile manager. You need to select Applications, the select Utilities and finally choose Terminal OR you can directly search for terminal and follow the next step.
  • In the Terminal prompt, paste this >/Applications/ -P
    If you are facing problems with this command you can try including ‘bin’ in the command. For example, /Applications/ – profilemanager.


  • Hit Create profile and give a name to it as shown in the below screenshot. You can also choose a different folder to store the profile data by clicking on Choose folder.


  • Once you done with creating the profile, it will take you to the Firefox Profile Manager from where you can select which profile to use and set additional settings.
  • To use another profile, just search for terminal and paste the same address for Profile Manager > /Applications/ -P

With this simple process, you can also set up and manage Firefox Profile in Macintosh systems. Facing any kind of issue or want to ask anything? Just drop in the below comments.


> Mozilla Firefox Support

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