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Green Monday 2018: What, When, and Best Deals?


Christmas is almost here and other than decorations, shoppers are excited about the upcoming sale. Just 10 days before Christmas is the Green Monday sale. Yeah, you can surely save a lot of money on a Monday before Christmas.  This shopping holiday is greatly attractive for the millennial, who save up for the best deals on gadgets and clothing. Also. with the big day just a couple of weeks away, it’s also one of the last days that shoppers can ensure their online deliveries will arrive in time.

How did Green Monday start?

So, what is Green Monday? Green Monday is the second Monday of December which is considered to be the best sales day in December in the retail industry. The term was created by eBay in 2007. It is another shopping holiday similar to the Black Friday, only the name of this holiday is symbolic to the American Dollar and for eco-friendly shopping through online websites.  The power of the second Monday of December had a huge bandwagon effect on the retailers, hence, the Green Monday is the third biggest shopping holiday of the year. It is the busiest day for retailing companies and the revenue it produces for them.

Online retail spending on Green Monday in the United States from 2005 to 2016 (in million U.S. dollars)

This shopping holiday generates one-fifth of the annual revenue and profits for local retail and jewelry stores in America. The Green Monday results in the profit of the retail industry. In 2016, the retail industry has sales of 1.6 billion dollars while in 2011 it was just 1.1 billion dollars in a sale.

When is Green Monday in 2018?

This year, the Green Monday falls on the 10th of December 2018.  Green Monday boost the sales of the retail industry through online sales and this year trade analysts have predicted that online sales will boost the revenues of retail conglomerates by 18%.

As consumers, you shop from the biggest retailers in the market on Green Monday. Some like Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Target, BestBuy, and GameStop are the biggest stores with great discount offers.

How to get your hands on the best deals?

Step one, be prepared with the sale and the rush both online and in the stores. The best deals are the first to be sold out. The lesson is to be first in the queue. Run when the timer starts. Be a bit of a detective and keep your hands dirty. Bookmark the web pages which always have great deals. Walmart released the Green Monday ad, check to know what kind of deals would be there on coming Monday.

Save time on your shopping details. Before you put things on the cart, do update your shipping address on the retailer website. This gives an edge to grab the best deals. Also, remember not to rush with the first great deal you see. There is always a huge difference between quality and quantity. Compare the offers at different online stores. This helps you in extra savings and get you the genuine product.

Amazon Green Monday

If you have a membership at retailer websites, you have an edge as retailers like Amazon with its Prime Membership feature, allows the customers to have an exclusive access to the deals and gives an early heads up in the shopping line. This year, Amazon has great deals on television to electronic tablets. Also, note there’s Amazon is offering Free Shipping this holiday season. Browse all Amazon Green Monday Sale here.

Walmart Green Monday

The biggest retail conglomerate, Walmart, is also on a competitive edge with its free shipping offers and incredible deals. You can save a lot with its offers on sports items and home products. For customers who wish to buy video game gadgets or a new laptop, check out the Walmart Green Monday page for the best deals and discount offers.

To gift your loved ones, browse and take a look at its huge collections and discounts. You can avail great offers on tech toys and kitchen products here. Lastly, do check EBay’s offer on everything as it is celebrating its 10th year of Green Monday. It is has great deals on cameras, Go-Pro, and drones.

BestBuy Green Monday

If you’ve something to buy in Tech, Gadgets, and Electronics don’t forget to check out BestBuy’s Green Monday Sale where you can save huge on Laptops, Tablets, Smart 4K TVs, Headphones, Smartphones, Camera, Video Games and more.

GameStop Green Monday

If you’re looking for Gaming deals then you must don’t forget GameStop. GameStop is offering FREE Shipping on order over $35 this Green Monday along with great deals on Video Games, Hardware consoles, accessories and lot more. Browse GameStop Green Monday Sale here.

Also, don’t miss Green Monday deals on and, and other retail websites, as well.

Green Monday is a huge rush. People dit in front of the websites to grab their hands on the best offers. Keep your credit card ready for swiping. The items you could not buy during the other shopping holidays can be in your shelf on the Green Monday sale. Save up and shop smartly this Green Monday.


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