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10Web – Best WordPress all-in-one Solution for managing multiple Websites?

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No doubt, WordPress is the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS). According to the recent stats, WordPress is now powering 28% of the Web and if you talk about the CMS market share WordPress is used by 59.6% of all the websites on the Web. WP is the preferred choice of everyone to build out their online presence right from Personal Blogs, Small businesses to Fortune 500 Companies like Microsoft, Target, Forbes Blog, and Sony Music.

Now, it’s quite hectic for managing a number of websites and blogs and that’s where the All-in-one WordPress Solutions comes in the picture. In all-in-one WordPress solutions, you don’t need to separately buy WordPress themes, Plugins, third-party services etc. In short, they’ll take care of all your WordPress needs right from Hosting, themes, plugins, Image Optimization, Security to backup and SEO. It’s really easy, fast and efficient to manage multiple websites right from one dashboard.

Recently, I stumbled upon 10Web.io, one of the emerging all-in-one WordPress Solution provider which take care of all your WordPress needs — from cloud hosting to page builder, 60+ premium plugins, themes and a lot more.


Image Source: Screenshot – 10web DashBoard

Whether you’re a blogger, photographer, businessman or just someone in need of a professional website, 10Web 10 component website building and managing platform is for you. 

Let’s briefly discuss each of the 10 components:

1. WordPress Cloud Hosting

A website starts with a hosting and 10Web hosting has all you’ve ever dreamt about:

Speed-focused architecture: All the best technologies work for your website’s speed and data protection to assure elasticity and support of more visitors.

Highly secure network: HTTPS activation, protection from attacks and monitorings work for assuring your website security.

Next-generation infrastructure: 10Web offers the most up-to-date technologies for your website.

Google Cloud: Being powered by speedy and protected Google Cloud, 10Web hosting makes use of 3 data centers around the globe, hence performing better.

Automatic migration: Migrating to 10Web is quick as an eye blink.

Premium DNS: 10Web enhances user experience with its premium Domain Name Servers.

Staging area: To test your website changes before going live – you can have clones of your website.

2. Effortless Site Builder

The big goal is to make the process of website building easy, fast and enjoyable. How?

Elementor page builder: Open source Elementor site builder has the back of our super fast website creating the platform.

Elementor premium widget bundle: 10Web builder is more than Elementor – you get a surplus of 20+ premium widgets, thus much stronger control over your website.

3. Stunning Design

For all of us who judge books by the cover  – 10Web helps assure website elegance by its:  

Themes: An overall of 6 amazingly functional and beautiful themes from 10Web and they’re adding more Premium WordPress themes.

Page templates: 10Web ready-made templates could still be fully customized but Page templates are in beta right now, they’ll launch them very soon.

4. Powerful Plugins


10Web Plugins

10Web offers 60 amazing plugins and extensions, with more than 20 million overall downloads already. You get all these plugins totally FREE with the 10Web package.

  • With its 2M downloads, the Form Maker plugin makes form creation easier and faster.
  • The best Photo Gallery plugin has over 7M downloads.  
  • The Slider plugin, making multi-layered sliders, has over 1.5M downloads.     
  • 600k people manage their events with Event Calendar plugin.
  • The Instagram Feed responsive plugin is one of the most popular among Insta-plugins, with its 1.4M downloads.
  • Over 300k use the Google Maps plugin, to mark their geographical location.

5. Backup Solution

It’s hard to imagine proper website maintenance without a quality backup service, considering all the risks – from hackers to misconfiguration and tech issues. 10Web backup service contains all the components you can think of:

Scheduling: Easy automation of your backup with a schedule comfier for you-you can even pick Real-Time backup and your content changes are backed up every hour!

Differential backup: Only the latest changes after the last backup are saved – a total win-win with time and space.

Amazon S3: The backups are stored in Amazon S3 store with possible drive alternatives.

One-click restore: With a single mouse click you return the latest version of your website.

6.High-Class Security

10Web Security Service assures throughout protection.

Vulnerability scanning: The “weaknesses” of your core and plugins are easily discovered with the careful scanning process.

File Changes scanning: Performs a comparison of files with the original ones in WordPress.org and lists the differences.

Original File Restore: If you don’t wanna keep the changes made to the file – you can get the original one back with a click.

Unlimited scans: Scan as much as you like, regardless of your plan.

Scheduled scans: For scan automation – you can just schedule them.  

7. Website Speed

10Web knows how important website speed is, and specifically for the matter, speed optimization is implemented in a series of ways:

Performance Service: Careful scan of your website is performed and as a result, you get a list of records as well as tips on performance improvement.

Image Optimization Service: An easy and high-quality image compression with no or minor visual loss.

Caching: Powered by Nginx FastCGI Page caching,10Web performs incredibly fastening caching.

CDN (coming soon!): CDN is used to ease the loading process, by storing website content in a global server network and loading it from the closest one for the client.

8. SEO

10Web took care of your ranking as well and that’s why the SEO Service was created.

Search Analytics: Provides an analysis of your ranking, queries, and clicks, geographically sorted.

Technical Analysis: After scanning for technical issues, the service gives tips on SEO improvement.

Search Console page: This honest service directly tells your SEO errors.

Canonicalization and Redirects: Performs link redirects and assures avoidance of duplicate content.

Keyword rankings: Makes keyword searches and tracking easy.

9. Analytics

Powered by Google Analytics, 10Web’s analytics service is made for detailed performance reports of your website, including all the details you might be interested in –  reading time, visitor number, etc. The characteristics are:

Various reports: Visitor reports are classified by different criteria.

Frontend reports: Easily accessible post statistics.                                                                                                        

E-commerce tracking: Special tracking and analytics are offered for online shops.  Goal management: Adding new goals and chasing them directly from the WP dashboard. Custom Reports: Gather and customize data corresponding to your desired criteria.

10. Best Technical Support

The 10Web Customer Care team is a league of professionals devoted to helping you solve WordPress issues.   

Emailing: Both chatbox and emails working 24/7 make sure your questions get satisfying answers.

Response time: A maximum of 5 minutes of wait time for a professional get in touch with you.  

Resolution time (coming soon!): Your problem is solved in a maximum of 24 hours.

NPS: Net promoter score is measured  – 10Web cares of your opinion!

Pricing & Support

10Web offers three plans in monthly and annual formats. Each plan offers the same set of features with a few differences here and there. It mainly has to do with the number of websites you’re allowed to manage, the amount of storage you’re allowed for backups and the number of images you can optimize per month.


Note: These prices are current as of December 2018.Exclusive Bonus Offer:

Just for LatestOnNet.com readers, you can avail 1 Month Free & 65% Lifetime Discount For Any 10web Subscription Plan by going to this link and using coupon code “latestonnetCC“.

If you’re someone who manages a lot of WordPress Websites, I’ll recommend you to give 10Web a try. It’s totally FREE.

Govind Choudhary

Govind Choudhary

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