Earn.com – A Legit Way to Earn Free Bitcoin? [Honest Review]


Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency on a technology called Blockchain. For those who have no idea what this word means, you have been living under a rock! Bitcoin is basically a type of electronic cash which can be sent from one person to another without any intermediary. You can then exchange these bitcoins for other goods and services.

Another reason for so much interest in bitcoin is its price, Bitcoin aka BTC was just $967.67 in January 2017 and it reached the maximum of $19492.40 on 17 Dec 2017. So, you can guess if you had 1 bitcoin even in starting of the year, how much money you would have made by the end of the year. Though, while writing this article the current price of Bitcoin is $6729 on 21st June 2018 😉

After seeing this price people started looking out for ways to earn bitcoin. One way is, exchange your fiat currency with BTC. Second, is by mining bitcoin. Now, people started looking for ways to earn bitcoin without mining. And in that era, so many websites and portals launched which claim to give free bitcoin obviously most of those often turn out to be a scam. The best and legit way to get free bitcoin is by using a platform called Earn.com, the same which we’re going to discuss today.

Update: Earn.com is acquired by Coinbase now (A US Based Cryptocurrency Exchange). The platform is now redirect to Coinbase but still you can earn free cryptocurrencies on Coinbase using their ‘Earn Crypto’ initiative where you’ve to watch some videos about Crypto Projects and you would be rewarded with free Crypto currencies. Go to coinbase.com/earn to start earning free cryptocurrencies now.

Is Earn.com a legit way to earn Bitcoin?

As mentioned before, most of these sites turn out to be fake, so how can you make sure that is earn.com legit or scam? You can be very well assured that Earn.com is a legitimate site with a magnitude of users. Formerly known as 21.co, this company renamed to earn.com in 2017. Earn.com is recently acquired by Coinbase (US largest Bitcoin exchange) for $100 million. Earn.com is founded by Balaji S. Srinivas, a former partner of the renown venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), and have a number of top investors like Naval Ravikant, Blake Masters and other tech giants like Cisco, Qualcomm and many more. To know more, check out their angel.co page here.

I’m personally active on the platform at > earn.com/govindchoudhary and earned a decent amount of bitcoin. Sent that bitcoin to Binance exchange and purchased some altcoins of my favorite projects that now worth good. If you want to explore Cryptocurrency, trading etc. I would recommend you to go this way and learn everything and earn without investing a single penny.

How Earn.com Works?

Earn.com is a different kind of social network which allows you to earn bitcoin in exchange for completing small tasks and answering emails. It’s something like Linkedin Inmail where if you want to send a message to someone whom you’re not connected then you need to buy a package or upgrade your account whereas on Earn.com you’ve to pay a price that’s being set by the user for answering the email. Remember, you only pay when you get a reply.

Now, this is for Influencers, Advisors, ICO Marketers, Venture Capitalist Guys etc. How can one earn bitcoin on earn.com without being a popular person? Well, you can complete the tasks like joining new Cryptocurrency project airdrop and completing surveys etc. The best thing here’s Cryptocurrency airdrops tasks where not only you rewarded $1 worth BTC but you also get free airdropped tokens on your ERC20 wallet. I’ve covered more about crypto airdrops in the last section of this article. 

Let’s get started?


To start earning your free bitcoin today, follow these steps:

  • First, sign up at Earn.com using this link by with your email id or your Facebook account.
  • You will need to verify your email account. Once you verify email, your account will be manually verified by earn.com and you’ll be notified in a day or two.
  • Join lists based on your skills and interests.
  • Earn free bitcoin by answering paid emails and completing micro tasks.
  • Furthermore, you can complete your profile and link your social media or LinkedIn accounts to increase your chances of getting more tasks and email. The social accounts you’re linking should be active.

After your profile is complete you can start accepting emails and you can even decide your price between $1 and $100 by going to settings. I would recommend you to keep it $1 at the initial time to get more tasks. 

My Earn.com Profile! Click the image to see my all earn.com lists.

There is even an option to link your Gmail account. By doing so you can send auto-responses to many people outside your network which will encourage people to message back to you for a paid reply.

Recently Earn.com also started partnering with cryptocurrency companies to offer crypto airdrops. So, basically, you get free crypto airdropped tokens + $1 as a reward in bitcoin for completing the task. To do the airdrops you just need is an ERC20 compatible Ethereum wallet like MyEtherWallet (an exchange address won’t work), an active email and a telegram account. To receive crypto airdrops tasks enable them by going to Earn.com settings > Airdrops.

How to Cash-out Bitcoin from Earn.com?

You can cash-out your bitcoin earnings anytime from the earn.com platform, there’s no threshold amount and no fee, however, there will be a nominal network fee (in cents) on Bitcoin transaction. You can send your bitcoin to any bitcoin wallet or crypto exchange like Coinbase and Binance.

Enter your BTC destination address, select the amount and click Next to cash-out bitcoin from earn.com

Bitcoin and Crypto era is just started and definitely is going to stay here. Using earn.com not only you can earn bitcoin but can also get the free airdrop tokens actually without doing anything that who knows can worth a lot sometime in future. If you’re more interested in getting free cryptocurrency tokes and coins through airdrops, visit airdroply.com. Airdroply is a crypto airdrops aggregator through which you can stay updated with the latest crypto airdrops and claim your free tokens by doing micro tasks. 

Do you know?
The first Bitcoin purchase was for a pizza. On 22nd May 2010, Laszlo Hanyecz purchased two Papa John’s Pizzas for 10,000 BTC (Quoted $41) at that time and now at the time of writing it’s worth near $68 million where BTC price is ($6,742).

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