How to Write Highly Effective SEO Article for Your Website

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Not all SEO articles have good performance in the search engine. Some SEO articles will perform excellently in the search engine, while some other SEO articles will perform poorly. So, what is the requirement of an effective SEO article? Here are 7 tips to write highly effective SEO article for your website:


1. Regard your keyword as a topic

Most people usually think of their keyword as some words that need to be inserted into their article. Actually, they are wrong. This is what will make their article sound weird. That’s because there will be many unnatural placements of keyword that will disrupt the flow of the article. Search engines will recognize this, and they will usually regard your article as spam content since you’re putting your keyword excessively and unnaturally. It is better for you to regard your keyword as a topic to write. In this way, you will not focus on placing your keyword inside the article. Instead, you are focusing to keep your article relevant with your keyword.

2. Do not target more than two keywords

Targeting more than two keywords will make your article sound very strange. It is funny how people are trying to mix several keywords into their article and keeping their article readable at the same time. Most of the time, you will only become confused if you write your article like this. Therefore, you should not target more than two keywords in one article. You should target only one main keyword and one relevant keyword. It is enough to make your article search engine friendly.

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3. Do not try to insert your keyword unnaturally

Be sure to make your keyword placement as natural as possible. Do not try to force your keyword to appear on certain paragraph in your article. Let it flow. Let your keyword be inserted naturally along with your writing. When you try to force your keyword into your article, the result will be an unhealthy keyword density that will make search engines to ignore your article completely.

4. Focus on your readers

Google encourages webmasters to focus on their readers when they write their content. It doesn’t mean to neglect your keyword altogether. It means that you have to make your readers like your first priority. When you write your article, you have to focus on delivering your information to your readers. If you don’t focus on your readers, who will read your articles? Search engines are always improving their service in order to increase their users’ satisfaction. If you want to achieve higher placement in the search engine result, you have to help them to increase their users’ satisfaction. So, when writing your article, you need to focus on your readers.

5. Your article must be relevant with your website topic

Search engines are constantly removing duplicate, spammy, and irrelevant content from their search result. That’s why many of your articles will not get indexed in the search engines if they are irrelevant with your website. How many websites lost their traffic due to Google’s algorithm update? Most of those websites have duplicate and irrelevant content in them. Yes, in the past, irrelevant content may get a high search engine ranking, but not now.

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6. Link to reputable websites only

Your link will also affect your rank. The link that you insert in your article will affect your search engine position. This is because if you link to a non-reputable website, search engines will regard your website as non-reputable as well. You need to make sure that you link only to reputable websites. This is also true for the incoming link. If you put some backlinks to your article, you better make sure that those backlinks come from reputable and popular websites. That’s because quality links are what the search engine will regard as valid links, which will help to improve your rank – one can get such with the help of Stellar SEO link building.

7. Preserve high-quality content

Lastly, you need to make sure that your content is of high quality. Make sure that your content can deliver good information to your readers. And also, make sure that it is fresh and unique. You don’t want to fool your readers into reading content that is full of spammy links and keywords without any value at all. High-quality content is what search engines will love.

Those are some tips to write highly effective SEO article for your website. Those tips will help you to create articles that will get indexed quickly by the search engines. Also, those articles will help you to attract more traffic to your website.

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