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The Man Behind

Govind ChoudharyThis Blog is founded by Govind Choudhary during his school days in July 2011. This is the first Blog of Govind and there are a lot of awesome memories behind this. During that time obviously, no one knew What’s is Blogging? In fact, it was very difficult to purchase a domain name in India at that time as there was no payment gateway except one or two International ones that used to accept only Credit Cards and PayPal.

My Story: How did I get to know about Blogging?

I was a computer Geek since my school days, I was so passionate about computers and learning new Internet stuff. You’ll be surprised to know, I was the first person from my school to join Orkut and Facebook at that time. Facebook was my new medium to learn and connect with all like-minded people. And then I connected with a Gujarati Guy name “Jigar Patel” he was running one blog on where he used to share tricks to browse the Internet free using some loophole or glitch in Network providers like Airtel and MTS. I remember we had used MTS dongle to browse the internet totally free due to some loophole for many months. I visited his blog and then found a link at the bottom of the page with the anchor text “Create a blog”. I simply clicked and followed all the onscreen steps and this is how I started Blogging with where I used to share all my daily learnings with the world. After a couple of months, I switched to a custom domain name and is my first domain registered on 27 July 2011 and the rest is history.

Now, I’m running numerous Blogs, Web sites, and Social Channels in various domains and also provides affordable digital marketing services to new startups and small businesses from Bangalore.

From those old days in 2011 to today, it was a great journey. The memories of receiving Google Adsense Cheques from the US, affiliates cheques and showing off in college was great fun.

What’s Govind doing now?

Other than managing a portfolio of Blogs and Websites. I’m currently exploring Blockchain and cryptocurrency trading. Yes, I’ve invested in Bitcoin 😉 Also, working on the portal through which you can earn free cryptocurrency and tokens. It would be live very soon.

How Can I work with Govind?

Just send me the mail with your resume and most recent work at [email protected]

I want to Hire Govind Choudhary for Digital Marketing for my Startup or Small Business.

Just email with your business details along with your contact info and he would be in touch with you shortly.

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Thanks for reading. Have a nice day!

Govind Choudhary

Founder, Editor-in-Chief