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Glorify App Vs Canva – Which is Best Graphic Design tool for you?

Glorify App Vs Canva
I've already covered an in-depth review of Glorify App. In this article, I will compare this new Graphic Designing app with the unicorn Canva. Glorify App Vs Canva, which one is better for you to use? Before starting onto the analogy, let us understand...

White Friday 2019 Sale: Here are the Best Deals.

What is white Friday, and why is everyone going so bonkers over it? Well, White Friday is practically known as the Middle Eastern Black Friday, which happens in the United States. It usually takes place at the end of November, and a lot of...

Black Friday 2019: History, Last Year Stats and 2019 Prediction.

What is Black Friday? The day after Thanksgiving has been named Black Friday. This marks the start of the shopping season officially or unofficially. This day is one of the busiest shopping days in the World. This is the time when almost all the stores...

How to get DigitalOcean Free $100 Credit?

Who doesn’t know Digital Ocean? One of the best affordable Cloud VPS Hosting Service in the world. It lets developers deploy and scale as they grow. If you want to host your blog on DigitalOcean then simply choose the $5 (~$0.007/hr) droplet and you’re good...

Glorify App Review 2020- Best E-commerce Designing tool? Best Canva Alternative?

You all must have heard about Canva - the Graphic Designing tool for everything. But, do you know any e-commerce focussed designing tool? You'll say No, because there isn't any.  Now, you may find some baseline tools which offers basic features like add...

Top 5 Web Hosting for High Traffic WordPress Websites

In the early days, creating a website was quite a challenging task. One should have to have the knowledge and skills that require developing a website from scratch and then have to look for Web hosting that used to charge a lot. But, as...

What are Crypto Airdrops? How Can You Get Free Crypto tokens and Coins?

What are Crypto Airdrops? How to Find Legit Crypto Airdrops to Get Free Tokens and Coins? Since the Bitcoin mining and trading phase, cryptocurrency has become the buzz word. For those who do not know, cryptocurrency is an online currency that can be exchanged for...

How to Write Highly Effective SEO Article for Your Website

Not all SEO articles have good performance in the search engine. Some SEO articles will perform excellently in the search engine, while some other SEO articles will perform poorly. So, what is the requirement of an effective SEO article? Here are 7 tips to...

Payoneer Philippines : Everything You Need to Know!

If you're a Philippines Digital Marketer, Affiliate, freelancer or seller on International marketplaces then I've got a good news for you. Payoneer, the global payment service now available in the Philippines. Here I've mostly covered everything that you need to know before start using Payoneer...

Earn.com – A Legit Way to Earn Free Bitcoin? [Honest Review]

Bitcoin is the world’s first cryptocurrency on a technology called Blockchain. For those who have no idea what this word means, you have been living under a rock! Bitcoin is basically a type of electronic cash which can be sent from...