Top 13 Best Motivational Movies and Biographies for Entrepreneurs

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Those who dare to put their dreams into reality are known as Entrepreneurs. The life of an entrepreneur is never easy, to begin with. Everyone thinks it’s a life of money and fame. No one looks behind the curtain to see the hundreds of hours of work put together. The struggles, low money, and adversities are part and parcel of an entrepreneur’s life.

The idea of making something of your own can come from anywhere. From the everyday struggle of someone to even watching motivational business movies, the spark of an idea can burst forth. Watching some of the best movies for entrepreneurs will surely get your brain cells running. 

Without further ado let’s look at 13 of the best entrepreneurial movies:

Wall Street (1987)

A story about a young and ambitious stockbroker who does not think twice to lay his hands on the money. Bud Fox driven by his greed ends up making the wrong decisions to be more like Gekko, a corporate raider. The powerful performances by Charlie Sheen and Michael Douglas along with the inspiring and enthralling story make this a great movie for budding entrepreneurs.

Pirates of the Silicon Valley

A story about the lives of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. Do you need to know anything else? Two of the greatest entrepreneurs of our time founding two of the most successful companies. This movie perfectly showcases the lives of both the greats and the struggles they went through to build two billion-dollar companies.

The Social Network

The story of the guy who created Facebook while sitting in his college. One of the true motivational movies that appeal to the young of our society. From being a student at Harvard, Mark Zuckerberg became the world’s youngest billionaire. You can learn a lot by watching this excellent movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street

The true story of Jordan Belfort showcasing his rise and fall on Wall Street. Although this movie can be a lesson to a young entrepreneur of what not to do, Wolf of Wall Street is a must-see. Belfort uses his guile and swindles many out of money before his inevitable fall.

The Pursuit of Happiness

One of the best motivational movies, this film will make you go through a roller coaster of emotions. The life of a single parent Chris Gardener and his undying attitude to transform the life of his son. From being homeless, the salesman worked hard and faced innumerable challenges to make his dream come true finally.

Boiler Room

Another must-watch, this movie leaves an important message for young entrepreneurs. The story of a college dropout and the decisions he takes on his path to success. This movie will make you realize the struggle and the morality of life.


This timeless biography of the man who revolutionized the world of technology is worth your time. The time and thought that went behind making Apple will truly inspire you to follow your dreams.

Glengarry Glen Ross

The story of the hard lives of the real estate salespeople. This is a movie that should be high on your watch list as this gives the perfect example of sales management.


Being an entrepreneur does not mean you have to watch only the business and sales movies. This sports drama teaches you how to think outside the box when you do not have options. A coach with a limited budget transforms and overhauls the entire team with his unconventional ideas.

Office Space

A satirical comedy about three employees that hate their jobs. This movie truly offers a fresh look outside the 9-5 desk job. If you are looking to quit your boring job to get on the path of an entrepreneur this is the movie for you.

Jerry Maguire

The story is about the good guy who gets fired for telling the truth. Jerry faces a life of hardship after getting fired and starting his own agency. This is a movie for the budding entrepreneurs.

The Aviator

One of the best biographies that show how an entrepreneur should be. Howard Hughes took the world by storm with his ideas and innovations but it came at a cost. No matter how dark your life seems you should never give up hope.

The Call of the Entrepreneur

This is a documentary that shows the lives and hardships of various entrepreneurs from all around the world. Hard work is the only way to success regardless of where you are, what color, or race you belong to.

That’s it, folks. Which is your favorite from this list of best movies and biographies for entrepreneurs? Did we miss any movie that you think should be added here? Do let us know in the comments.

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Govind Choudhary

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