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Top 5 Essential Accessories for MacBook that are available on Amazon.

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If you would like to believe that the MacBook Pro / Air is only the best professional laptop, you will accept that gadget restrictions can not use the computer entirely. The lack of ports can severely limit the use of MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, which is less professional than it could be. In this post, you can analyse those devices that not only enhance your computing performance but also increase your ability to overcome MacBook Pro and MacBook Air hardware limitations. If you want to boost your laptop’s power, here are the five best MacBook Pro and MacBook Air accessories you can buy for your personal use. 

Top five accessories for MacBook

Here are the best of five accessories for MacBook that you need to try out right now:

1. Aluminium Thunderbolt 3 Hub Adapter for Macbook Pro

The new obsession with MacBook Pro and MacBook Air from Apple renders it all slimmer and lighter. Things are costly, though a small laptop is compact.


  • With the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, Apple has unhappily removed both ports for all USB-C compatible devices. Although I believe that the USB-C is the future, the standard ports to connect still need to be our SD cards and flash drives and even iPhones.
  • The Satechi USB-C hub adapter is supported by an external computer linking computers, eGPU, SSD / HDD / Flash drives, mouse/ keyboard, etc.
  • As Apple makes its USB-C tops, they are wrong and cheap. In contrast, the aluminium frame compliant is the hub.
  • This adapter is extremely portable as of its compact, and robust design make it easy to get this USB-C hub anywhere with you. Just throw it in and go.
  • Connect the hub to your USB computer using a single cable to build the ultimate workstation. The center ensures faultless data delivery among your computer and connected devices for up to 5 Gbps of smooth operation and productivity transmission speed.

2. MOSISO Water Repellent Laptop Sleeve

This water repellent laptop sleeve is great if you’re looking for an extra protection cloth for your brand-new MacBook Air or Pro.


  • It doesn’t just fit your new MacBook Air and keeps it safe, and it also supports your iPad and iPhone.
  • If you want to take full advantage of these USB-C ports on MacBook Air, you can also hold the specific dongles you’re required to purchase.
  • The sleeve is quite well-built and features a three-layer construction despite being quite inexpensive. Do not bulk your laptop into your bundle, backpack, or other bag and can slide easily into it.
  • Top-loading sleeve zipper smoothly glides and enables easy access to your laptop.
  • The outermost layer has a waste-resistant polyester that can quickly repel a water splash while the center layer is a shock-resistant sponge that can withstand pressure if you drop it.
  • Finally, the inner soft foam coating not only improves the drop protection but also prevents scuffs from scratching the MacBook Air.

3. Logitech MX Anywhere 2S

If you work on your machine for long days, the mouse will improve your productivity significantly, whereas MacBooks are famous for their best trackpads in class.


  • With your mouse, you can be more productive than just your MacBook trackpad, I know some skeptics, but trust me. While Apple makes its mystical device, it is only because of the better product that I prefer Logitech MX Anywhere 2S.
  • The MX Anywhere 2S blends quality and efficiency. The mice have a shelf life of 50 days and can be monitored on any board.
  • This is available with one charge. But this isn’t all, not only the hardware you pay for with MX Anywhere 2S, but also software.
  • The mouse contains customisable buttons that can depend on the app you are using for any function.
  • For starters, during your Safari searching, you can use the buttons to go back and forth a tab or map them for copying and pasting functions.
  • The Logitech flow allows you to control multiple devices and even paste the content and documents between computers seamlessly, even on the glass, and to track them almost anywhere on the glass.
  • Use with a maximum of three Windows or Mac computers via Unifying or Bluetooth s included.

4. Samsung T5 SSDs

We like Apple’s quick SSDs on its macs. The faster SSD helps not only faster transfer speeds but also makes the application start faster.


  • Yet Apple has one flaw, namely that it pays a premium for any capacity expansion so that the majority of people finally buy 128 GB and 256 GB. But they realize sooner or later that storage is insufficient and that they are looking for an external storage option.
  • Samsung T5 SSDs are operating here. They are a way not only to increase the storage of your Mac but also to provide outstanding reading and writing speeds that can match your Mac’s native SSD speed. You won’t feel you use an external hard drive. That is how fast you are when using Samsung T5 SSD.
  • The SSDs are also highly compact and easy to transport. The USB-C interface is also included, so you’re a great backup buddy for your Mac.
  • All of these are good choices. Nevertheless, it offers not only faster speeds but a fingerprint lock for itself.
  • One of the main problems when using an external SSD is that your data is secure behind a password. Okay, Samsung T7 SSD fixes the issue. A few days ago, Samsung launched T7 SSD, and I am confident it will hit the market in the next few weeks.

5. Twelve South ParcSlope, Hybrid laptop stand and tablet desktop wedge.

When you spend long hours on MacBook Pro or Air, having a booth is a good investment if you want to make your body have the least tension. The use of the stand reduces your neck and hand strain. It’s beneficial not only for the longer term but also for productivity because you can work longer without feeling tired.


  • The one of a company called Twelve South is my favorite stand. This booth lifts the laptop to the height that is easiest to type and also reduces the pressure on the back.
  • The stand is also available in grey and silver style, which fits perfectly in your MacBook Pros and MacBook Air colors.
  • Most desktop stands can lift the whole MacBook in the air, and then require a separate external mouse and keyboard.
  • Parcslope is a new hybrid stand that increases your MacBook computer-while moving your keyboard to make it more convenient to write.
  • You get the extra height of your screen without leaving the MacBook keyboard or trackpad. You can then use the more relaxed laptop on your own or add a second wired screen display.
  • This versatile, modern stand has an integrated cable management system that allows your desktop connections to continue to operate.


These are some of the basic macbook accessories you can buy online to take the complete use of these powerful machines from Apple. Select an accessory according to your need. Some of these might be a bit expensive but it’s all worth considering the long term.

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