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Apex Minecraft Hosting Review 2023: Is this the best Minecraft Server?

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Getting started with Minecraft is one of the biggest opportunities that you can take advantage of. The challenges of playing the game are real. If you are looking for server hosting, then you can try the Apex server for Minecraft. With a different set of features and a whole array of functions, Apex hosting review is positive for gamers. Let’s find out more about apex hosting in this review.

Apex Minecraft server provides the best-dedicated service for improving your Minecraft gaming experience. Forget about slow speed and less space, as this server is there to assist you throughout.

This article is all about Apex Minecraft hosting review and how it is a boon for gamers. The significance and advantages are also discussed in detail. So, shall we start?

What is Apex Minecraft hosting all about?

Want to play Minecraft without any issues? Is your internet speed too slow to accommodate the same? With the help of the Apex Minecraft server, all your dreams of fast gaming come true. This server is a part of leading industry experts, as they provide incredible speed for all gamers out there. 

With full protection and easy-to-access functions, playing Minecraft on this server allows for an incredible gaming experience. But what are the elements that make this Apex server unique? How is it regarded as one of the best for Minecraft gaming

To answer all these frequent questions from gamers, let’s understand the significance and importance of Apex hosting!

The significance of Apex Minecraft Hosting!

Apex Minecraft Hosting review talks about the advantages of using this server for playing Minecraft. It is indeed a great choice if you are interested in creating your own Minecraft server. The accessibility is smooth, and you can quickly get started with the game within 5 minutes.

Because of all the positive feedback from gamers, here are a few points that describe the significance of Apex Minecraft hosting:

  • You get to play your game at the best possible speed. 
  • This server is relatively cheap and is one of the best that you can get to play Minecraft. All you have to do is to follow the simple login procedure and you are all set to exploit the server on your own.
  • One of the best things about Apex hosting for Minecraft is related to its reliability. You need not worry about sensitive data being stolen or external elements hindering your game. This server maintains clarity and flexibility and its certifications are for real.
  • As the best Minecraft host, Apex server comes with the reputation of being a friendly server. The operation is incredible.
  • Apex Minecraft hosting packages are also available on a monthly basis. You can choose them based on your own requirements.
  • Instant update of the Minecraft Apex server is possible. This allows you to understand the importance of speed and how it is essential for the whole game. 

The advantages of the Apex Hosting server for Minecraft

Now that you are clear with the significance, here are a few merits of using the Apex Minecraft hosting server:

Instant Installation

Installing this server is quite easy as you do not have to go through any special steps for the same. Buy Apex Minecraft Hosting and once you log in, you will receive instant access to mod packs as well. These mods can successfully take you to your Minecraft destiny. There are no limitations for the same. Gamers can start playing at the instant click of a single button itself. 

Extra protection

In case you are worried about data leakage or other privacy issues, you need not stress yourself with Apex server hosting. This service offers assistance and brings you the best experience always. Therefore, online protection guarantees 100% safety throughout.

24/7 Support

Apex Minecraft hosting

One of the biggest advantages of using the Apex server for Minecraft is related to 24/7 live chat customer support. For any queries, feel free to ping the experts as they are ready to help you out. The server administrators and the entire team work hard to improve the service on a daily basis. 

Automated Backups

Every package is an automated backup, which will ensure the safety of your Minecraft world.

A powerful experience

The experience of using this server is one of a kind. Since all gamers receive their own ‘’free web address’’ ([yourname], their chances of using it as a personal server are also advantageous. Plus, this server is genuinely powerful because of its speed. You will feel the accuracy once you start using it. Apex Hosting promises a 99.9% uptime and, as reported by UptimeRobot, it is very likely that you’ll be able to uphold it.

Simple controls

Finally, the controls attached to the Minecraft Apex hosting server are simple to operate. No hectic steps are involved here. Everything is customized from the beginning to the end. You can easily connect to the server and play your game either on a gaming PC or your smartphone. 

If you want to know more about how to use the apex server for Minecraft, a special video is also crafted for gamers. This video integrates the measures and the importance of the server when used for Minecraft. All information is listed for gamers to understand the same. 


The price of hosting a Minecraft server is calculated based on the amount of RAM you choose while signing up. It starts from $4 for a 1 GB RAM server. The most expensive one (and a new edition to the Apex collection) will get you 15GB of RAM for a price of $59.99 for the first month (regularly for $79.99), which is a good option for those who want additional plugins, advanced mod-packs and the option to add most of the people they know to their server. You can check more details about this plan here.

Although there is no free trial, Apex Hosting provides a 7-day money-back guarantee, which is always handy to have. As for payment methods, Apex Hosting accepts credit/debit cards, PayPal and Stripe.

Use the promo code ‘CAVES’ to get 25% OFF on the first invoice.

How much RAM do you need for your server?

So you’ve decided to set up a Minecraft server, but how much ram does a Minecraft server need? When you are trying to determine which Minecraft server hosting package to purchase, you may not know which package is right for you. The only difference between the packages is the amount of RAM available. The server requires ram to run all of the software and support all of the connected players. The greater the RAM, the more you can do with your server. The world size, player amount, and type of plugins or mods will affect the amount of ram you will need on your server. Check the below table for reference.

RamPlayer Slots*World Size*Plugin/Mods*
1GBUp to 5Up to 5GB0
2GBUp to 10Up to 8GBUp to 10
3GBUp to 15Up to 10GBUp to 25
4GBUp to 25Up to 15GBUp to 40
5GBUp to 30Up to 20GBUp to 45
6GBUp to 40Up to 30GBUp to 50
8GBUp to 90Up to 60GB50+
10GB150+Up to 100GB50+
15GB150+150+ GB50+

Why is it recommended for gamers?

The Apex Minecraft server is available in various locations of the world. After carefully addressing some of the Apex hosting reviews, most of the customers are highly positive about the service. With a five-star rating, this server is able to win the hearts of most Minecraft gamers out there. The experience with the Minecraft Apex server is one of its kind and there is simply no doubt.

In addition to that, the price of this server starts at as low as 4 dollars, which is quite reasonable, as compared to other servers. Although there are countless options available for gamers, Apex hosting definitely leaves an impression, and gamers know why!

The final thought

For the best Minecraft gaming experience, try the Apex server. With top-notch speed and instant access, this server is capable of true support with a good and stable performance.


1: Is Apex hosting free?

Hosting a Minecraft server is not free as it requires expensive hardware, bandwidth, and supervision.

2: Is Apex hosting any good?

Apex Hosting is one of the most convenient, if not the best, Minecraft hosting providers available in the market. With 100,000 users and counting, you can rest assured knowing the platform has the clout behind it to label it as reliable.

3: How to cancel Apex hosting?

If you would like to cancel your server please log into your billing area and select the service you would like to cancel. A cancellation can be induced at any point in time and executed immediately or at the end of the billing period.

4: Is there any apex hosting promo code?

Yes, Use the promo code ‘CAVES’ to get 25% OFF on the first invoice. If it doesn’t work please check the current promo codes here.

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