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Email marketing is one of the oldest and most effective methods for lead generation and sales conversion. Businesses have used marketing tools to automate important tasks like email campaigns over the years. is among the modern tools that will help you find and validate your leads. This is an article on the review that will elaborate on its functionality, features, and benefits.

What is is an all-in-one email and sales automation tool for individuals, corporations, and businesses. It is primarily used to search and verify email addresses from LinkedIn and other websites. In addition, offers plenty of email marketing tools and allows integration with multiple software. review Homepage

And what’s more? offers a free trial account with responsive features if you are starting with email marketing. This review explores each element and its features to aid your email marketing needs.

Key Features of primarily offers email marketing solutions. However, it has multiple additional tools to aid the sales automation process. In this section, we will look at the critical features of and how to use each.

Here is what we going to cover today in this article:

Email Marketing tools

Email Drip Campaign Tool CRM



★ Conclusion – Is it worth buying today? will provide you with an excellent experience at any stage of your email marketing or sales automation process. Whether you want to generate new leads or nurture your existing prospects, is your tool.

Let’s look at these tools and their functions:

Email Marketing tools is one of the most effective email marketing tools I’ve come across. The email marketing tool offers exciting tools, including:

  • Email finder
  • Email Verification tool
  • Email warm-up (New Feature)
  • Email Drip Campaign tool

Let’s look at these features individually: Email Finder

The email tracker tool allows you to search emails from social URLs, domains, and even company profiles. I recommend this tool for individuals or businesses looking to generate new leads. email tracker Email tracker

And what’s more? You can look up bulk email addresses through the Bulk Email Search feature. 

If you are a B2B business, allows you to filter your email search based on company size, location, or name. For instance, you can generate valid email addresses by searching the prospect name and company domain.

The email finder tool also comes with a Boolean search option (often referred to as Linker). This feature is critical when you are looking for more specific prospects. I love that the Boolean search feature allows you to filter your prospect search based on their position at a company, skills, and even location. 

How to find email addresses using the email finder tool

The email finder tool allows you to use different features from the user-friendly interface. In this section, I will show you how to achieve your lead generation goals through the email finder. single email search single email Search

You do not have to pay to access services. Their free account gives you limited but valuable access to all its features. Once you log into the dashboard, you can access the email finder tool. Click on the search icon and select your preferred option. You can either look up individual email addresses or go for a bulk search when you want to create an email list.

In addition, the search icon also allows you to choose between different types of searches. This will include the following:

  • Domain Search
  • Company profile search
  • File upload

So, if you already have prospects’ Social URLs in a spreadsheet list, you can use the email finder tool to search for their email addresses.

While at it, you can always download the Email finder tool extension for easy access on your browser.

I love that the Emai Finder tool is powerful and allows you to find email addresses easily. Even more powerful is that they also have an email verification tool.

Email Verification

By now, you already have access to the dashboard. From there, click on the third icon from the left sidebar. It gives you two options—one to verify individual emails and the other one for bulk email addresses.

The email verification tool ensures that each email address on your list is valid. After all, you want to reduce your email bounce rate when running campaigns. The email verification tool prides itself in a 7-tier process. I tried it and was surprised, in a good way, by how fast the tool is. email verification tool
Email verification tool. provides email verification with a 98% accuracy rate. Try it here.

Email Warm-up Tool

The Email Warm-Up tool is relatively new for However, I have had a chance to use it, which only increases your chances of closing. I’m sure you have received various emails from companies at some point in your life. It is often annoying when you receive a bunch of sales emails every other time. email warm-up tool warm-up tool

Email warm-up allows businesses like yours to build trust with their prospects gradually. It is a fact that no one will buy or subscribe from you unless they trust you. email warm-up tool allows you to build your credibility. It reduces the chances of your emails going into the prospect’s spam box or in the promotional emails category.

PS: Most users don’t care about emails in the Promotional Category.

Focus on building credibility through email warm-ups to reduce your email bounce rate. This allows you to prepare your audience before you can start on more serious email campaigns. The email warm-up tool will enable you to build your reputation and credibility, increasing your overall conversion rates. Review: Email Drip Campaign tool offers an effective email drip campaign management tool for sales automation. Email drip campaigns will boost your sales and conversion rate by keeping track of individual customer journeys.

The drip campaign tool allows you to track the customer journey through a series of emails. It is one of the most effective sales conversion tricks in email marketing. It ensures that each customer gets a personalized experience throughout the leads or sales funnel. drip campaign tool also comes with plenty of templates. email Drip campaign template email Drip campaign template

And what’s more, you can automate your emails using the schedule option.

The email finder tool has a lot more actions to offer. You can also access the Technology Checker tool. This allows you to track what technology your prospects are using, and thus, you understand what they need. A technology checker is an effective tool for B2B businesses. email drip campaign email drip campaign

You can also download Chrome or any browser extension from the dashboard for easier lead generation.

I loved because it offers a forever free account. So you do not need to subscribe and pay to access all these tools. CRM software

Besides offering excellent tools for email marketing, also comes with CRM software that allows you to organize your prospects from the same dashboard. CRM tool CRM tool

The CRM tool offers a task management feature where you can keep track of your calls and calendar and assign tasks to your team.

It also provides credible data for analysis through the statistics tab feature. You can track your drip campaigns and open/click rates. Remember that you can only use data to measure your campaign progress.


As with most tools, you may need to integrate your email tool with other software. For instance, you can use different tools like Zapier to access insightful reporting and data analytics. You can connect to over 5,000+ CRMs, teamwork tools, forms, customer support platforms, social media apps, and more. integration integration


This is where it gets even better. You can use for free and access the tool’s major features. The free account allows you to send emails to 100 prospects and comes with a mailbox warm-up. The free trial version has 50 credits and supports up to 100 email recipients per month. This means that you get 50 domain searches or LinkedIn profile prospects.

However, even as you enjoy the free version, you can only use 10 credits per day. It means you will not access the email finder or verification tool. until the next day. But if you need an email tool to start, I recommend registering for the free plan.

However, if you want to experience the tool in complete awe, look at the priced accounts. It offers a starter package starting at $30/month. This account provides up to 1000 credits, and you can store up to 5000 email accounts.

The Pro account will cost you $75/month and offers up to 10000 email accounts. Unlike the free and starter versions, this one comes with three mailbox warm-ups. Pricing Pricing

You can also contact customer support to inquire about the custom plan. This is for businesses that want to use customized features. offers a 25% discount on annual subscriptions to all plans.

Compare Plans Review: The Platform

The platform offers a lot, especially for B2B businesses. Besides the email finder tool, the software does come with plenty of features to aid lead generation and sales automation. It is easy to use, allows automation, and I found their customer support top-notch.

User Interface

The platform comes with an easy-to-navigate user interface. You can access all the features and tools from the same dashboard. And besides, you can always check out the knowledgebase should you encounter any problems.

I would say that it is one of the most beginner-friendly email tools I’ve come across. It is straightforward, and you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to go about it. You can start generating credible leads in a matter of minutes.


In the world of marketing, time management is of the essence. tool comes with automation features from lead generation to closing a deal. For instance, the bulk email search allows you to access multiple email accounts based on your preferences in a matter of minutes.

In addition, the drip campaign feature allows you to automate campaigns. For example, you can schedule emails based on the prospect’s action. This will save you time and keep your prospects engaged through each buying stage.

Overall, automation leaves you plenty of time to handle more engaging tasks without neglecting your email marketing needs.

Customer Support prides itself on top-notch customer support. And I can agree with this based on my experience with the software. For example, they have a live chat feature that makes accessing customer care agents easy. In addition, you will get tutorials and guides from their resource page.

I wanted to try it myself and used the 24/7 Live Chat button to see how fast I could get a response. It took less than a minute to have a customer support agent respond to my query. live chat live chat

Value for Money offers good value for money. The free account lets you access all the features you need to generate credible leads. It is beneficial for businesses trying to develop or validate new leads.

At the same time, it comes with plenty of other features you would otherwise have to pay extra to access.

Who can use 

Anyone looking to generate credible and verified leads can use the platform. It is an excellent platform for:

  • Salespeople for leads follow up
  • Business developers 
  • Bloggers (for Email outreach)
  • Recruitment companies looking for qualified candidates

Pros and Cons of 

As with every other tool, has a fair share of benefits. It also has its shortcomings. Below, we will look at the pros and cons of


✅ Easy-to-use interface

✅ All-in-one sales platform

✅ Efficient for email marketing for both small and medium-sized businesses

✅ Allows integration with multiple tools

✅ Offers excellent customer support

✅ Email verification lowers your email bounce rates


❌ It offers good value for money, but the plans are a bit more expensive.

❌ You cannot send emails to unverified addresses, which could limit your efforts. FREE trial FREE trial Alternatives comes with excellent features for lead generation and email marketing. However, you can consider these three alternatives if you are not pleased with everything the platform offers.

  • Salesmate
  • Benchmark Email
  • LeadMasterio

These are all cloud-based sales and marketing automation software that compares somewhat with


SalesMate provides excellent leads and email management features. However, it is cheaper than, with its plans starting at $12/month. I also find that Salesmate offers a CRM with many more features than However, has way better customer support and lead generation services.

Benchmark Email

Benchmark Email is a lot cheaper in comparison with Besides, it offers real-time reporting and analytic solutions. However, Benchmark’s email deliverability might be limited if you have used, an email verification tool, beats Benchmark Email, which means that the former offers lower bounce rates. Once again, Benchmark Email offers cheaper plans starting at $15/month. However, I would still choose the forever free plan that provides.


LeadMaster comes with a better CRM as compared to It is a cloud-based tool that you can use to capture and track leads for your business. In comparison to, LeadMaster does offer better automation and analytic features. In addition, it is less expensive and offers plans starting at $10/ month.

Final Thoughts is an all-in-one sales and email marketing tool. It offers good value for money with a FREE trial account. This makes it a beginner-friendly email marketing tool for B2B companies. Bloggers will also find the tool an excellent lead generation and email outreach platform. I’ve found that has the best email tracker out of all the different email marketing tools you can use. In addition, they offer 24/7 live chat for personalized customer support.

I highly recommend for small and medium-sized businesses that are just starting out and want to run strong email marketing campaigns and find new leads.

Go give it a try today! Do share in the comments if you’ve any questions related to


Is Free?

Yes, Snov offers a free trial for all new subscribers to explore their features in detail and experience the software first-hand.

What are the benefits of Snovio?

Snovio helps ensure effective contact management and cold email outreach. Users can verify contacts, find convertible leads, track lead progress, and improve revenue. 

Who is the founder of SNOV?

Oleksii Kratko.

How do I add SNOV extensions to Chrome?

Simply go to Chrome Web Store here and install the Snow Email Finder extension.

What is Linkedin Extension?

Snov LI Prospect Finder is a Chrome extension that lets you find the email of Linkedin users for B2B lead generation.

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