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White Friday 2019 Sale: Here are the Best Deals.

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What is white Friday, and why is everyone going so bonkers over it? Well, White Friday is practically known as the Middle Eastern Black Friday, which happens in the United States. It usually takes place at the end of November, and a lot of customers are presented with various ideas of sales and items which come off at huge discounts. These are those items for which you usually have to pay thousands of bucks. These discounts are presented to the customers based on the demographics which are built-in by the sellers. These demographics are drafted on the basis of the customer’s need for the item and their buying pattern mostly. 


How did it start?

Souq (now an Amazon company) is one of the largest e-commerce websites in Arab, which first introduced the idea of White Friday, and it has been famous ever since. The purpose of a grand scale attracted a lot of customers in bulk, and it helped a lot of retailers in the Middle East to boost their sales at the end of the retailing period. 

But there is a single twist which happens to White Friday, which you won’t regularly see on Black Friday. The retailer who introduced this wanted to take a little spin on this matter, and he altered it so that it could become compatible with the region to where the products were being sold. According to the Muslim community, Friday is considered to be a sacred week of the day and culturally sensitive to the implications that the negative characteristics can ward off.

This is why the sale is taken on Friday and known as the White Friday. And since White is foreseen as an image of peace of cultural unity from all around, the white colour is depicted. Souq had to alter the name due to copyright issues, and this is how the White Friday came into action. 

The main e-commerce player in middle east, Souq had been acquired by Amazon in 2017 for $580 million. With the acquisition of Souq, the World’s largest e-commerce player started their operation in the Middle East too which they were planning for a long time.

Which countries do participate in the White Friday sales?

The white Friday first started in the Gulf countries, which are located in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the United Arab Emirates. There are countries where Souq does not actively manage its corporation like Pakistan, but it takes part in the Black Market. But there are similar ideas which the Pakistani merchants do for them and their whole country. White Friday sale happens to be both on the internet and offline platforms. There are around four days that are taken for the deal to go live, and there is an extension of a day that happens for the customers to get their hands on the best items.

When is the White Friday 2019?

White Friday, the Black Friday of Middle East Countries is kicking from Nov 23 and would end on Nov 29. The White Friday Sale would be live on here.

Best deals on White Friday 2019

Worrying about the sales to be live on White Friday? Well, here are the best deals covered for you.

  1. All the techs and gadgets are here for you. You can get the Delonghi Deep Fryer at a low price and added rate of discounts.
  2. Kingston DT100G3 16 GB USB Flash drive.
  3. 50% off on all the shopping and clothing apparel online.
  4. Cushion covers, which you can get at 100 only.
  5. There are children clothing’s and wears, which will come off at a 60% discount.

Last year, the White Friday sale was mainly giving discounts on gowns and other dressings. But this ear, the retailers are providing a good cut off on the electronic gadgets from your all around. So grab them now when you have the chance.

It is a global trend now!

Thanks to the internet, you will have a lot of items at your doorstep with just some simple clicks. A super sale for all the tech lovers, this year’s auction is going to be fantastic for the prying eyes. For consumers who are looking for great deals, the companies have said that they are going to provide a 70% discount on the products on their selected items. This is conservatively more aggressive than the cuts that were plaid off in the last year. And customers can pay with their credit or debit cards for better convenience on the things that they are shopping.

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