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Send Free Unlimited fake sms with any Sender Id

By July 9, 2011September 30th, 20204 Comments

Hey Guyss !! Today am going to  tell you about an interesting site which enables to send free unlimited fake sms with any sender id mean From Any Mobile Number.You just have to register to the site and you will get 25 free sms.Now you get an idea that after completion of 25 sms you can sign up with new E-mail ID and get 25 more 😀 Yeah,you are right you can do that.Its a great site with many features other than sending free sms to any number with fake  any id(Number) .And one of its important feature is that it sends messages/sms without any Advertisement in the message.As most of the sites do like ways2sms,160by2 etc.So,the receiver will get the sms as it sent from the mobile.Check the last image in this post to know how receiver will get your message.

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  • Enable sending of  free sms from Web to Mobile  and that’s easy in comparison of sending sms from mobile.
  • Enable use of any sender id instead of your’s  mobile number.[love this feature 🙂 Check below How to Send a sms from smsglobal.
  • Enable sending schedule sms .(now you will never forget to send messages to your loved ones).
  • It reports whether your message deliverd successfully or not.Its vey important for online services.
  • Enable sending of sms  with Email.Sms Global will forward it as message to your contact.
  • It have phonebook feature(can save contacts) and Group in which a user can make a group and send message with a click.
  • According a Sms Global FAQ page message normally delivered under  30 seconds.I tested it by sending few message ,they normally got sent within 10 seconds.
  • It also have a great feature of two way sms (You can also receive sms at this portal).
  • Keyword routing functionality, allowing you to configure specific email addresses and auto-reply SMS depending on the text of the sms.
  • Reporting capability of sent message, allowing you to export a list of all SMS sent to your number.

When the message received in mobile it will from the fake id(number)  and without any Advertisement as most sites do.Check this screenshot below-

Note:Don’t misuse this site in another ways Guysss…i think you got what i wanna say 😛

Link of site- Sms Global So,start fooling your friends by sending messages to others with their numbers.And don’t forget to share this trick with them..Enjoy 🙂 You also can Subscribe to us  by Email to get daily updates directly in your Inbox.
Update : According to our many readers SMSGlobal has stopped giving free credit,you have to purchase their credit to send free fake sms.We will update,if any similiar services found.Stay subscribed till 🙂
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