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How to get rid of SPAM mails in Gmail? [2019]

By August 27, 2018January 11th, 20192 Comments

In the technology-laden world, we all are dependent upon e-mails, chats, and notifications for keeping up with the latest development in varied departments of our life. Missing out one important mail can cost us our jobs, missing one chat can put our personal relationships on risk and missing an important notification from institutions like a bank and government agencies can land us in legal trouble.

Our mailbox needs to be ultra clean and hold files, information emails and messages, which are highly important and caters to a cause. Accumulating mails in abundance will cost us our time and but also leave us with divided attention; while a well-managed mailbox can cut time and help us focus on the task at hand.


The reaction when we see the continuous spam emails on our Primary Email address xD

BUT no matter how hard we try to keep our Gmail clean and precise, some or other spam mail keeps landing in there. We all have unsubscribed to these mail numerous times but they do not seem to stop at all.

Attackers have become smarter and savvier, which reflects in the kind of spam emails that are being sent. “Spam is becoming an increasingly successful attack vector, with click rates rising from 13.4% in the second half of 2017 to 14.2% in 2018,” says Adam Sheehan, Behavioral Science Lead at MWR InfoSecurity.

Also, have a look at the below graph which shows the spam content categories.


This is how you can stop spam emails in Gmail permanently using Gmail Spam Settings. We bring to you a list of varied paradigms; add-ons, tools, and resources, which will help you, get rid of Spams in Gmail for sure.

Try Unsubscribing

If you have started to receive these spam emails in recent past then it might be possible that you may have subscribed to some innocuous website unknowingly. Try opening one of these e-mails and click on “unsubscribe” at the end and you might stop receiving these unwanted mails.

If this works for you then well and good otherwise we have more options to help you get rid of spam mails in Gmail. Let’s have a look at all of them one by one:

Try Reporting Spam

Yes! This option actually works and can do good to a lot of people out there. This is more or less like community service; once you report a mail as Spam to Gmail; they will look into it manually and work their way around it. If you’re getting emails from websites you didn’t even subscribe to If you never subscribed to the site and still receiving mails and so is the case with a lot of other people then Gmail will surely block the sender and make the world a better place to live for all of us.

To report spam to Gmail all you need to do is select the particular mail and then click on the spam button, which is basically located at the top and looks like an exclamation mark in the circle, like this Report spam

Use apps to organize your Email and list out Spams

For all the professionals who simply cannot bear a single spam mail in their inbox, there are options that cost a bit but are highly effective and one which is free and the best is

Use to unsubscribe out of the multiple lists is a free application and promises to be free forever; this one application is available for desktop as well as the mobile app. Professionals can use this extremely smart app for subscribing out of varied lists with just one click. This app takes time to understand how you interact with particular mails and then does its work. It monitors the least read emails and categories them and then allow you to unsubscribe in just one click.

The app also informs you about the varied lists it unsubscribes you from, so in case it has subscribed you out of an important list then you can restore the status quo.

MailStorm – Paid.

Mailstorm is a powerful application, which provides its service for free up to 5000 messages and then charges a minimal cost for keeping your inbox clean and precise. This Mailstorm is highly efficient because it uses Artificial Intelligence for filtering and managing mails. It clubs similar emails together and allows you to Delete and unsubscribe them in just one click. Mailstorm is one of the best options for professionals if they are willing to get rid of spam e-mails in Gmail.

Once you have used the free trial, you can pay a minimum sum of $4.95 and enjoy access to an ultra clean mailbox.

Use a Third Party Extension

Mailwasher is a third party extension that nabs unwanted spam emails in-between the servers. This is a highly effective way of stopping spam mails from reaching your email address. This one particular extension works really efficiently to stop mails from reaching your sophisticated mailbox. It will identify the pattern followed by the spam mails, categorize and stop it just in the few seconds it has before the spam mail reaches your mailbox.

More than 8 million professionals from around the world are using this third-party extension. Mailwasher is a free extension and it promises to remain this way. Works really fine with Gmail and can be established within seconds.

Protect Your Email Address Against All Odds

It is actually impossible to keep your mailbox spam free because each and every business is moving to the Internet and all of them are going to try every hook and crook techniques to make sales happen hence the only way out is keeping your personal id highly secret and hidden. Do not use your primary email address for signing up for free services and for trials. A lot of these data are often stolen and used for varied other purposes. Setup a secondary email address and use it for your subscription at Walmart and other retail stores.

Bonus Tip: While Subscribing to any of the newsletter or any other untrusted place, just put plus sign(+)followed by a secret tag. For example, you’re subscribing to Mashable then just enter your email like > [email protected], so in this case, if you start receiving spam emails on this address then you can have an idea like Mashable might have sold your email to this spammer. Don’t worry, the email address will be considered as same only even if you put the (+)plus sign.

P.S. Never Click on any link in the email, Always go to the source.

Bonus Video.

Keeping your primary email address safe and hidden will allow you to manage your work, bank accounts, and other important documents highly effectively. If you need to enter the email address for any software trial or services, create a disposable email address on the website like Maildrop or 10MinuteMail.

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  • Mat says: is still new to me. I used to tick spam on spam’s email. The last tip is the best. Dont give your personal email to avoid spam.

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    Thank you! With the help of this article, I was able to filter spam in my gmail. It was very easy to follow your steps as you have explained all the process very clearly.

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