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[2018] Best Prime Day Shopping Tips And Hacks

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Amazon Prime is a subscription service that promises unlimited free deliveries, latest movies, and unlimited music. Amazon Prime came into existence in 2005; the initial reactions were skeptical and people had fewer hopes but it’s been 13 years since and Amazon Prime has been a huge success. Amazon introduced Prime Day in 2015 when this subscription service completed a decade. On Prime Days, Amazon promises to leverage Prime users with access to unimaginable deals and incomparable discounts.


Amazon’s Prime Day 2017 saw an unequaled rise in the sale; reports by Forbes suggest that Amazon saw a hike of 60% in sales during Prime Day 2017. Such a huge volume of sale validates Prime services as a necessity and vindicates its status as a cult.

Small-scale businesses and nascent entrepreneurs are cited to make the most profit during the Prime Day 2017 while echo dot emerged as the highest selling product. Echo Dot is an Amazon Device, which is controlled by voice command and is capable of performing tasks like playing music, streaming news and control other electronic appliances. While the total number of units sold is still a secret but when 2016 and 2017 data are combines, Echo Dot emerges as the highest selling product in the history of Amazon.

Amazon’s Prime Day 2018 is touted to be the biggest Prime Day in the history of Amazon. Amazon has covered huge markets like India in the recent past, which adds up to the hype in the hike of numbers. Prime Day 2018 will be celebrated across 17 countries where Amazon is operating.

Amazon Prime promises the latest movies on Prime Videos before Prime Day 2018

In an order to create the requisite buzz, Amazon has decided to release the latest movies on their Prime Videos platform and get people engaged. Amazon India released a video trailer-promising stream of latest movies like Raazi and Not Our 102 just before the Prime Day to make people aware about the upcoming sale. This unique move is bound to create the requisite buzz and help Amazon sell like never before.

How to Find best prime day deals?

A lot of people have already started with their research and are constantly devouring articles related to prime day shopping tips and amazon prime day shopping hacks in order to make the most of each and every deal. Amazon is going to focus on promoting Amazon Devices during this sale. By providing quality devices at an affordable price, Amazon will be encouraging people to acquire their services throughout the year, turning them into a loyal customer.

Devices like Amazon Kindle, Echo Dot, and Alexa are going to see a huge number of buyers because of the unbelievable pricing.

1. Start by Making a Wish List: Creating a wish list ahead of the Prime day is going to work in your favor. It will not only help you acquire huge discounts on items you need but will also stop you from buying items that you do not need. Anything that is not in your wish list is just not required hence no need of spending a fortune. Creating a wish list allows you to traverse through all the deals at once and see what can be bought and what not.

2. Ask your Alexa for help: Asking your Alexa device “What are the best Prime Day Deals” can actually help you find items that are generally overlooked. The fact that your Alexa is customized and designed to serve a much-personalized experience, it will be able to help you find you deals that actually suits your needs and makes your life simple.

3. Tap the Prime Day Banner: Amazon has started advertising Prime Day and it is going to leave no stone unturned. Tapping the Prime Day banner on Amazon App is going to help you discover some of the highlighted deals. Also, keep checking the lightning deals that’s where you’ll find some good bargains. Use filters to find deals in a specific category.

4. Keep an eye on all Amazon Devices: Amazon Kindle, Alexa, and other Amazon Basics products are going to be on huge discount during the Prime Day. Amazon aims to create a trickle-down effect through these discounts, which is mutually beneficial for you and Amazon.

5. Use Amazon Pay: Loading your Amazon Pay account with cash in advance will not only help you check out faster and grab more deals but will also help you earn an additional 10% cash back. This is one of the best amazon prime day shopping hacks to acquire products before anyone else and also save some more money.

6. Check the coupon and deals sites: A lot of coupon sites are going to be active during Prime Day and help you grab some of the best deals. You will be able to discover these deals before anyone else with the help of these sites. Keep a check on varied coupon sites and you can hit a jackpot. Subscribe to this Subreddit >

One of the best ways of making the most of Amazon Prime is to start with a Prime Membership; if you are in India you can subscribe to the Prime membership for free for a month. Create your wish list as soon as you download the app and then set-up your payment option. Loading Amazon Pay in advance will help you check out before everyone else and grab the best deals.

Are you excited for Prime Day? What are you planning to buy on this Prime Day? Do let us know in the comments.

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